Wedding Dinosaur Series – Seoul Edition [13 Photos]

Dinosaur wedding topper

To celebrate our upcoming nuptials, we thought it’d be fun photo series using our fun wedding cake toppers around the world. We knew we wanted to do this, but couldn’t find the PERFECT wedding cake toppers to be the stars of our photo series.

After scouring the interwebs high and low we came across this Etsy store who makes each lovely dino couple to order and knew we had to have them.

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Why Dinosaurs?

Why the heck not?! If anyone knows us they know that we are kind of silly weirdos who try not to take things too seriously. When we were shopping for wedding cake toppers, they all seemed, well boring. We wanted something fun that fits our personalities a bit for this series and also for our big day. If any of you have noticed through photos, Scott actually already has a dinosaur hat (in two colors) and a dinosaur shirt. We aren’t dinosaur freaks or anything, but dinosaurs are pretty damn fun.

We are going back to California for the month of November, where we will get hitched with Scott’s family at an impromptu beach wedding. The entire month of December will be spent in Ohio with Megan’s family where we will have another family wedding on her family’s farm. Then we are going to spend a fun Vegas weekend with our closest friends in January as our final US celebration.

The dinosaurs will be attending all three weddings as well as coming with us as we travel as newlyweds!

The first stop had to be Korea. We ordered these bad boys and had them sent to Korea with love because this is where our new life together all started.

Sure, we were dating before we moved to Korea, but this is the place that made us the couple we are today. Moving to a new country and culture as a couple is the ultimate relationship test, and we passed! We nailed it so hard we wanted to marry each other. So it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t have our first installment of our traveling wedding dinos in Korea.

Dinosaur wedding topperDinosaur wedding topperDinosaur wedding topperDinosaur wedding topperDinosaur wedding topperDinosaur wedding topper

Does my breathe smell ok?

Dinosaur wedding topperDinosaur wedding topperDinosaur wedding topperDinosaur wedding topper

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We think this is a fun photography project to celebrate the beginning of our marriage and travels around the world together! Since we only had them a few days before we left Korea we only got to take them at Gyeongbokgung Palace and Bukchon Hanok Village. We hope you enjoy and stay tuned for more of our wedding dinos from around the world!

What’s even better is this area is one of the best neighborhoods for where to stay in Seoul! Be sure to check it out before your trip!

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