What’s Up Next for Bobo and Chichi? 2016 Edition

It’s crazy to think that in just one week this whirlwind of a year will be over and we will begin the next step of our journey. We are experiencing an overwhelming amount of mixed feelings as the day gets nearer. From the more obvious bouts of excitement to serious anxiety and nerves about actually taking the next step.

We thought it would be fun to share our plans in case you are interested and or are going to be in the same area’s as us. We’d love to meet up. Or if you have any great tips or must see places to recommend to us, we’d love to hear all about them!

So here’s our plan in a nutshell.

We’re taking one year off to go and travel.


Exciting, Crazy, Nerve-wracking are all the things that rush through our heads when we think about it.

It sounds surreal to know that neither of us will have a paying job for at least an entire year. Even though this isn’t our first long term trip this one just feels a bit different.

The Rough Itinerary



We will be in Japan visiting the major cities. Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo. 20 days total with the majority of it being spent in Kyoto.

You can expect some fun photos and time-lapses from that leg of the trip. Who knows, Megan is really interested in doing more vlogging and Japan has all the things that make Megan Purr like a cat. IE

-Ramen & Sushi

-Beautiful Architecture

-& Cats.

So I expect we will be pretty heavy in the vlogging department. So if you like that kinda stuff be sure to sign up to our youtube channel.



If you don’t know us we are huge fans of Studio Ghibli and especially the film Spirited Away. While we aren’t going there just for Jiufen, this one area where Hayao Miyazaki got his inspiration for scenes in the film from, but we hear from everyone how beautiful Taiwan is and how delicious the food is.

We plan to do some hyper-lapses all throughout this trip and really hope we can incorporate the Studio Ghibli theme in some capacity.
Kuala Lumpur


We go to Kuala Lumpur for a couple days before spending a week in Penang. We are excited to get back to the beaches and are looking forward to dipping our toes in the ocean and taking advantage of the drone for some hyper-lapse shots as well.

This part of the trip will probably be a bit of detox at the beach. Expect lots of sunset shots!

It may work out to where our friend Pete DeMarco, who is an incredibly talented and inspiring photographer, may be able to meet up with us and show us around some great photography spots while we are there. We are keeping our fingers crossed that the schedules work out.


Scott’s been before and absolutely loves this city. We considered moving here before coming back to Korea but weren’t sure we wanted to commit to a two year contract. This should be food, vlog, and hyper-lapse heavy.

This place has so much good food and scenery that we will most likely be eating delicious food and then walking or rolling our way to the next eatery to burn off all them delicious calories.




Just a quick stop in Jakarta before we catch a flight to meet our friends we met traveling throughout Laos on our last trip, Katy & Emil. We met randomly on a tiny commuter bus from Luang Prabang going to the sleepy town of Nong Khiaw. We hit it off instantly and ended up altering our plans to travel with this cool couple for another week.

We’ve stayed in touch since and have been able to work out this trip where we will do a 4 day jungle cruise in Borneo and witness orangutans in the wild!




After jungle cruising, we are going to spend one more week with our buddies Katy & Emil beach bumming and enjoying the gorgeous island of Bali.

We have one more week after they leave where we will be detoxing, catching up on some work, and doing any last minute wedding planning from abroad!




We will be attending our first ever travel blogger conference in Manilla called TBEX. We are excited to meet more like minded people and learn more information to help grow our blog and skills. We are lucky enough to be able to attend TBEX with our friend Izzy from The Next Somewhere. We all have become great internet pals and she happens to be one of the nicest, genuine people we have met! Her family is from the Philippines so she will be our tour guide for the first few days, which we couldn’t be more excited about.

After TBEX, we will be debating where to spend our time. We will have two weeks and are trying to decide which two of these three places we will be spending a week each in, El Nido, Coron, and Bohol.





This whole month will be spent with family and friends. You can still expect photos, vlogs and updates. Especially since we are GETTING MARRIED! Woot woot. Our plan is on the wedding day to go to our favorite secluded beach. One that only locals know about and have an impromptu wedding right there on the spot.

We will be doing road trips on Petunia (my dad’s vespa). If you like weddings, us, or photos you will definitely enjoy this part. Be sure to like us on facebook for updates on this.



Getting married round 2. That’s right we’re getting married again. This time in Megan’s home town of Ohio. Doing it on the farm. We hired an incredible photographer and are ecstatic about not only having a bohemian wedding in California, but having an ultra moody wedding in Ohio. It will be winter with possible snow in the forest and will just be fun as hell.

Megan’s family owns a ridiculously huge farm that we will be shooting drone videos, hyper-lapse, and just all kinds of fun stuff while we are there. Get ready for photo overload during this time.


After Ohio we may do a roadtrip to Philadelphia and New York to visit friends. All that is to be determined.

But we will be doing a third wedding in Vegas with our closest childhood friends only. This should be epic as we are all finally not completely broke and haven’t seen eachother in a couple years.

I don’t think a single photo will make it to this blog. Haha maybe a few.

11th Stop ???????? – 9/???????


After the weddings we will detox in South America. We are excited to meet a friend who is doing a doctorate program off of Venezuala ( island name). We will be visiting him at the end of his program doing some travel with him. We are super proud of him and wish we were able to visit sooner but it just didn’t work out. Not sure where we will be but we will be laying low just not trying to spend much money after all the craziness that is getting married and waiting for him to go on break.

12th Stop 9/???? -10/????



Stay tuned for the rest, we haven’t quite gotten that far ahead but will most likely end up in South America. Well that’s the plan for now at least. We will see what happens.

Even though this has been our goal all year long to save up and do this trip, we would be lying if we were telling you we aren’t terrified. The fear is real. We are afraid of failing, of blowing all of our money that we have worked so hard for this year. We deal with self-doubt of creating a name for ourselves in both the travel blogging/photography worlds.

But this has been the plan all along, and while we are experiencing a big gut check at the moment, we are going to take this challenge head on, together. We’ll see how it all unfolds and write about it here.

Whether you have advice, want to cheer us along, or wanna live vicariously through us you can do so by either letting us know in the comments below or following us on your favorite social media account.

Share the inspiration.

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