Geisha Hunting in Kyoto Japan

Since we were staying in Kyoto for 10 days we thought it might be kinda fun if we saw a geisha. We talked about it and were both pretty intrigued with the whole idea and agreed we would head to Gion a couple times over the course of the trips to see if we could spot any while we were wandering around. We ended up seeing two, one of which we got on camera at the end of the video.

The entire video takes you through a day of sight-seeing which includes eating the best dollar sushi we’ve ever had, riding bicycles while listening to Queen (epic montage in the video), and getting completely thunderstruck.

Check out the video above to catch Megan get thunderstruck by a geisha!

Fun facts about Geishas:

The first Geisha’s were men called Honkos. How’s that for a name?

It typically takes 2 hours for a geisha to get ready.

You thought student loans were bad, becoming a ggeisha takes years and apparently can cost a couple hundred thousand dollars. Yikes!

They typically wear wigs because that hairdo makes them go bald.

Not prostitutes. You pay for their “time.”

Tips for Finding a Geisha in Gion

If you find yourself in Kyoto, Japan and wanna give yourself the best opportunity to find these Kimono Cuties, the best bet is in Gion around the teahouses. This is where they work.

Get there about an hour before sundown and scout out the most expensive tea houses. If you camp out by a couple you may be lucky enough to see them arrive. Their shifts are typically only a few hours. While we never saw one arrive, we did see a couple leaving. One literally walked right next to Megan and to my surprise Megan about freaked the heck out. You can see her lose it in the video. It’s pretty funny really.

Post Geisha Gawking Grub

There is no doubt you will be famished after the arduous task of Geisha Gawking, we can’t recommend this okonomiyaki spot enough. Here’s the spot from the video. You will love it. Huge thanks to Nicole from WeeGypsyGirl on giving us such a great recommendation.

We hope this gives you a little infotainment about Geishas and if you have ever been please share your two sense in the comments below!

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