The Ultimate Two Day Osaka Itinerary

2 Day Osaka Itinerary

The second largest city in Japan is a popular stop for travelers and rightfully so. Osaka is a beautiful city where the old meets the new and modern. Don’t let the size of the city fool you, you can easily see the best of Osaka in a short period of time. Based on our wonderful experience we have put together a two day Osaka itinerary for travelers who have a short period of time or who are headed to Kyoto.

Day 1

Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle

Start your morning by heading to Osaka’s iconic castle. The castle opens it’s doors at 9 am and the park surrounding the park is open all to the public at all times. We really enjoyed the views from the park and spent most of our time here getting photographs and enjoying the scenery. To go inside the castle it will cost you 600 Yen. The inside has been transformed into a multilevel museum that can get quite crowded in the afternoon. The highlight of going inside the castle includes the view of Osaka from the top floor. If you are short on time, skip going inside the castle. We really were only impressed with the view as it was really crowded.

Osaka Castle LeftOsaka Castle Sunburst1-1 Osakajo, Chuo Ward, Osaka, Osaka

9 am – 5 pm, 600 yen entrance fee to castle

If you want to see more photos and find out more information check our visit to Osaka Castle.


Shinsekai Osaka Japan

The area of Shinsekai is a great area to explore around lunch time. This old neighborhood has a shopping arcade full of shops, street vendors, restaurants, and the centerpiece Tsutenkaku Tower. The area itself was inspired both by New York City and Paris and is full of energy. We especially loved the decorative store fronts and lanterns. Tsutenkaku can’t be missed, this tower is in the center of the area and is famous for being in alot of local films. Take a peek from the observation deck and if you’re feeling adventorous try some blowfish for lunch from one of the many restaurants serving fugu.

Shinsekai Osaka Japan

Shinsekai Osaka Japan

Ebisu-higashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka, Osaka

Tsutenkaku’s obersvation deck is open 9 am- 9 pm, admission fee is 600 yen



Shitenno-ji is Japan’s oldest Buddhist temple dating back to 593 AD. Although the temple itself has been rebuilt several times, it’s still an important spiritual place for locals and visitors. The most appealing spot for us inside Shitenno-ji would be the towering 5 storey pagoda. You only need about 15-20 minutes to explore the temple unless you plan on taking photos or participating in prayer.

Shitenno-ji Shrine

1-11-18 Shitennoji, Tennoji Ward, Osaka

free admission

Dotonbori Street & Shinsaibashi Shopping Area

Dotonbori Street

End your evening by sampling all kinds of local delicacies on Dotonbori Street. Dotonbori is a foodie paradise and is worth walking through even if you’re not hungry. There is an energy to this area that we found very appealing. Enjoy the 3D signs on the restaurants like the infamous moving crab. Taste the famous local street eats like okonimiyaki and takoyaki. After you’re belly is full cross the river where the famous Glico running many sign is over to Shinsaibashi shopping area. Here you will find a HUGE shopping arcade full of fun knick knacks and clothing. Expect the area to be crowded, as this area is a favorite spot at night in Osaka.

Dotonbori Street

Dotonbori Street

Dotonbori OsakaDotonbori OsakaDotonbori Osaka

Dotonbori Osaka Ramen

Kinryu Pork

Dotonbori Osaka

1 Chome Dotonbori, Chuo Ward, Osaka

Want to see what visiting and eating your way through Dotonbori looks like? Check out our vlog from one fun filled night at Dotonbori.

Day 2

Asahi Suita Beer Tour

If you’re a beer lover like us then you will have a great time touring Asahi brewery in Osaka. Asahi Suita happens to be Asahi’s original brewery in Japan. Join the free 30 minute guided tour and enjoy a free tasting and snack at the end. Even if you’re not a beer drinker or you have kids you can still enjoy this tour as they also serve their non alcoholic soft drinks during the tasting. Be sure to take the train otherwise you will not be able to enjoy the suds at the end of the tour!

While waiting for your tour time, or after you have a little buzz going on, be sure to check out the nearby shrines! Across from Asahi is the Katayama shrine. There’s also an Asahi shrine and Gyokurinji temple, although both were closed off when we were visiting.

We were lucky to walk up to the brewery and get on the next tour, some are not so lucky. Be sure to call ahead or visit Asahi’s website to make an appointment to make sure you get that tour!

1-45 Nishinoshocho, Suita, Osaka

open 9 am – 5 pm, admission free!

Check out how much fun we had at Asahi Suita brewery in our vlog!

Grand Front Osaka

Umeda Tower Stills1

Enjoy some lunch and and afternoon of strolling around Grand Front Osaka’s shops and restaurants! This bustling part of town also is home to a Panasonic showroom where visitors can check out Panasonic’s latest technological products and things that aren’t even available to the public yet! Make sure you keep an eye on the shops on the street as well, we found a wacky novelty cat store here like nothing we’ve seen before!

3-1 Ofukacho, Kita Ward, Osaka

Sunset Umeda Sky Building

Finish of your day with breathtaking views from the top of Umeda Sky Building across from Grand Front Osaka. This unique looking building is one of Osaka’s most iconic landmarks and impressive to say the least. You can really capture some beautiful photos here even with phone. Make sure you go to the top and enjoy the 360 views of Osaka. We recommend getting in line about 45 min to an hour before the sun is supposed to set to make sure you’re up at the top for this magical time of the day. Even the escalator ride up to the top is cool, so make Umeda Sky Building a priority on your two day itinerary in Osaka!

Umeda Sky Building

Umeda Tower Observatory

Circles & Cities

Umeda Tower SunsetUmeda Tower Sunset

Check out our post if you want to see more photos from the gorgeous sunset we witnessed from on top of Umeda Sky Building!

1-1-88 Ooyodonaka, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

10 am – 10:30 pm, admission 1000 Yen 

Where to Stay

Osaka is such an amazing city and easy to see in a short period of time or on your way to Kyoto. If you want a convenient location to stay during your visit in Osaka, then check out Hotel Sunroute Osaka Namba.  It’s hotel rooms are clean, affordable, and centrally located to our favorite spots in Osaka!

We thought two days was enough to sufficiently explore and enjoy Osaka.

Traveling around the country a bit? Check out this Japan Itinerary to get some helpful ideas.

If you need help getting around check out this info on the Japan Rail Pass!

If you have more time check out 50 things to do in Osaka by Tsunagu Japan!

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  • Raksha

    Osaka is such an amazing city. I loved my visit to Osaka and I have done pretty much all of them that you have mentioned (I must say that you have covered and provided a comprehensive list – loved it!) except the Beer tour (may be next time). Its a great two days itinerary that you have written which people definitely can refer to and see the beautiful city.

    • Thanks, the beer tour was so fun! I think it was even more fun because if it was free too! hahah

  • Ben

    I absolutely love your pictures. What camera do you use? I have never been to Japan but Osaka looks like a lovely place to visit.

    • Thanks, these were all taken on a Canon 60D and various lenses! Japan is amazing!!

  • Oh wow Japan is such a tempting place to visit and your pictures are simply magical! I love the Osaka palace, but then I loved everything else as well 🙂

    • Thanks! We LOVED everything and everywhere in Japan!

  • FlyDriveExplore

    Great post as we really want to visit Japan very soon, thanks for the opening times and prices and also the best time to see things. The city looks amazing.

    • Opening times are a great time to visit, Japan is amazing you’ll have a great time!

  • Such fabulous frames! Loved the sky views, the Osaka castle, vibrant streets and traditional shrines:) thanks for compiling this and making this super useful itineraries for a quick reference:)

  • Punita Malhotra

    Seems like a wonderful two days. i would definitely include a lot of food tasting in my itinerary since I relish Japanese food a lot. Great selection of urban pictures.

    • You can do some of the best food eating in Dotonbori Street!

  • You ignited my wanderlust for Japan once more. I have endlesssly been dreaming of getting to Japan for years and this cements why I really should make it happen already. The Osaka Castle is one of my top must see!

    • Oooh you have to go! It’s such a beautiful country, we would love to go back and see less urban areas and explore the countryside!

  • Mike C

    Ok, I really want to go to Japan now. From the ski fields up north to the stunning landscape photograph opportunities. And now, Osaka. I love your photography here, simply brilliant.

  • I’ve never been to Japan but I’m dying to go. It looks like there’s so much to see and do. And the food… I would go just for the food. As always, your photos are the most.

    • omg you HAVE to go for the food! Stay near Dotonbori!!!

  • That looks a like a perfect itinerary. I love your stunning photos. The one of the crab is really nice. 🙂 I guess I will make sure not to miss the Asahi beer tour even if I have to miss a couple of temples 🙂 🙂

    • haha the best part is that there is a shrine across the street from Asahi you can check out!