Road trip to Ilocos Norte with Our Awesome Planet: Part 1

A couple weeks ago we spoke about Hyperlapse Photography at a travel blogging conference called TBEX in Manila. During the conference we listened to Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet do a great talk  about building your brand. Of which he explained the importance of video and introduced his world class videography team and their videos. Being a video lover I oooooooooed and aaaaaaawed over the videos they were working on and couldn’t believe my ears when Anton mentioned that he wanted to partner up with any bloggers/video creators that were at the event.

It seemed way too good to be true but I thought what do I have to lose I might as well introduce myself and see if they wanted to do something after the fam trip TBEX had organized for us.

After chatting with Anton and meeting his entire film-making crew I was excited at the opportunity to go and travel with them and get a glimpse of what they do and learn from them. For an aspiring filmmaker the opportunity to see how an incredibly talented crew worked and operated it was seriously like a dream come true.

We will talk more about the entire experience in the weeks to come but one of the things we wanted to do was document our trip from our point of view through a couple vlogs.

All in all, we did a six day 600+ mile road trip with them going from Manila>Vigan>Laoag>Baguio>Manila.

OAP team members Boom Garcia and Sean Snow showed us an incredible time during the trip. Our first stop was Vigan where we shot a hyperlapse and stayed at the amazing Luna Hotel. 

When we finally made it to Laoag and new we would be there for a couple days we decided to vlog the experience. We hope you enjoy and would love your feedback on the video!

If you ever head to the Philippines be sure to check out and if you are travel blogger heading to the Philippines they are extremely supportive of other bloggers and looking to collaborate with others big or small.

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Scott Herder

Scott has been traveling with his Fiancé Megan since 2014. Prefers slow travel, beer, spicy food, and motorbikes. When Scott isn't thinking about travel he is either shooting hyperlapse or speaking about hyperlapse photography at international conferences. I love travelling and learning. Currently trying to learn how to take better photographs, use this website, and begin travelling the world. Life goals to have Anthony Bourdain's job and travel through India on a motorbike!

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