Bobo & Chichi Update: December 2016

Bobo and Chichi

Hello Everyone! So perhaps you noticed our one month hiatus on the blog, or perhaps you didn’t! Since beginning our blog we have always published twice a week except for that time we were living on an island in Cambodia without running water and electricity for two months and last month!

So What’s going on?

Well, after spending a wonderful month in the Philippines attending the TBEX (Travel Blogger Exchange) conference and traveling around with the awesome crew of Our Awesome Planet, we came back to the US for two and a half months for the holidays and our weddings!

We thought we could handle the jet lag, catching up with our loved ones, and still keep our blog running at full speed. Wrong! We needed to take a timeout to focus on being home for once and getting ready for our weddings over the next two and a half months.

Since we are having more than one wedding and we have been doing planning from abroad we really didn’t know what we would do without both our parents who took care of all the hard work while we were making our way home! Thanks guys!

Anyways, other than our closest friends we haven’t given our readers an update on what we have in store during the time that we are home.

Why more than one wedding?

Since Scott is from California and I am from Ohio it was really difficult to pick which place we would have the wedding since one side of the family was going to have to take off work and travel across the country. This puts a lot of pressure on family so we decided we wanted to do more of a small, intimate wedding for each family only rather than a large wedding with everyone we know.

This was actually a really tough decision because no matter how you plan for this you always end up leaving people out who would love to be a part of the celebration. In this case, we were leaving out our friends. So, we decided to do something for them too that I will talk about later on in the post.


Our first stop for the entire month of November was California! It took us about a week to catch up for jet lag and to get into the rhythm of things back at home.

Before coming home we imagined that everyday we would be blogging, doing daily adventures, catching up with our family, and getting ready for our wedding all at the same time. Boy were we wrong! We didn’t realize it but we were actually exhausted when we got home. We needed some R&R so this is when we decided to take our break and focus on catching up at home and the first big day.

Our wedding ended up being a blast and everything we imagined it to be! We got married on the small beach in Laguna Beach where we spent many of our early days of dating. My old apartment used to be just on top of the steps of this hidden Southern California gem and growing up I always wanted a beach wedding so this location was a no brainer.

We crashed the beach with our closest family members on Scott’s side of the family, plus my parents, and were married by Scott’s older brother Chris. Afterwards we had a backyard reception that was beautifully decorated by Scott’s mom complete with a taco cart making the evening a smashing success.

What you may not notice in the photos is that the day was actually rainy. It seriously never rains in California, but it decided to rain on our outdoor beach wedding and backyard reception. Luckily the rain stopped for the quick ceremony and Scott’s parents were able to save the reception with some wonderful tarps! We found it to be a bit funny since it happened to rain on the same day Scott proposed to me as well.

San Luis Obispo Coast

Madonna Inn

After the wedding, we celebrated Thanksgiving with Scott’s family and took a mini honeymoon roadtrip up the coast of California to San Luis Obispo and stayed at the famous Madonna Inn!


We arrived in Ohio on December 1st and are staying until the end of the month as we celebrate Christmas and wedding #2 for my side of the family.

For those who didn’t know, I grew up on a dairy farm in rural Ohio. Growing up I had cows, pigs, ducks, goats, rabbits, dogs, cats, and even a Canadian goose! I saved from getting run over on the road when he was just a little gosling. Perhaps that explains why I freaking love animals and act like a crazy cat lady every time I see animals while we travel.

I also haven’t been able to come home for Christmas since I graduated college back in 2009, which is a crazy long time! Before we were Bobo & Chichi in Korea, I used to be in the fashion industry as a buyer. Every year we were swamped during the holidays and they were a blackout period for vacation at the company I worked at.

Once we moved to Korea, again it was impossible to come home for Christmas.

Christmas in Korea

Scott’s Christmas Fridge in Korea

So, needless to say I am pretty jazzed about being home for Christmas. Not to mention, my mom is a professional Christmas decorator so she does a pretty fine job of making the house feel like something out of a Christmas carol.

Growing up in a house that always gave you the Christmas feels makes you miss it when you don’t have it even more. Especially after spending the last three Christmases in Asia, where it’s just not the same. We tried our best with decorating in Korea, but still is just not the same.

Now to the wedding!

A photo posted by Ben Adams (@iambenadams) on

Our wedding in Ohio was last Saturday and it was incredible.

We got married in the old wooden barn next to my parent’s house. My mom was recruited to do her decorating magic and turn the place into a rustic winter barn wedding like something you’d see on Pinterest. My brother officiated the brief ceremony, even though we were already technically married.

We have received a few photos already from our incredible photographers at Style & Story Creative, but stay tuned for when we get the rest!

After the wedding, Christmas, and New Year we will make our way back to California to prepare for the final wedding!

Las Vegas

Now back to our beloved friends, since we are having two intimate family only weddings we decided to give ourselves a way to celebrate with our closest buddies by going to Vegas and doing a party wedding with them!

Here we will be married by one of Scott’s closest friends, Jake. He is going to marry us on the strip in an Elvis costume. Haha, just kidding…. Or are we?

We will party the night away and celebrate with our wedding cake of choice, a pepperoni pizza!

You can expect this night to be full of champagne, penny slots, poker, games, and a Las Vegas scavenger hunt. For those who are interested in knowing a fun fact, I am obsessed with penny slots and could entertain myself on them an entire day! Don’t worry, I have never lost more than $40 in an entire weekend at Vegas before! (I better not jinx myself). If you don’t want to press your luck then you can always get online and do some practice on online casino sites. On some, you can learn by playing games for free! Win, win!

And this will be our final wedding celebration!

What’s after the wedding?

We don’t want to leave you guys in suspense but we aren’t 100% sure yet! We are in the works of planning some press trips and perhaps even heading to Jerusalem for the next TBEX event! None of these are fully planned yet so we don’t want to make any announcement until it’s final.

In the spring, we are still planning on heading to Central & South America to visit a friend, but all of those plans are so far in the future we haven’t started yet!

So to all our new and loyal readers, we want to thank you for following our journey and stay tuned for an exciting new chapter of our lives!

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