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We spent a total of six days in Singapore and it just wasn’t enough. This swanky city is something unlike anything else in SouthEast Asia. As a matter of fact it doesn’t feel like you’re in Southeast Asia at all. Everyone speaks english and you see people from all over the world living here like this place is one big melting pot.

Our first days were spent walking everywhere by foot. Our dogs were barking pretty hard at the end of everyday. What made things more difficult would be that the Grand Prix was here during our visit, which made it difficult to walk around as the race track was smack dab in the middle of where everything is near Marina Bay Sands and Raffles.

Here are our impressions of Singapore.

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Because of people from all different backgrounds living in Singapore you can easily find delicious food from all over the world. We especially loved the food courts where you could eat top notch food for as little as $2 per person. That’s not bad at all!

We found ourselves obsessing over the Indian food and ended up being our go-to almost daily as the Indian stalls kept calling us back for more. We also were big fans of the Thai stands where we would each eat a big, savory bowl of green curry – a back to back hit for us! Even the Chinese food was incredible! We really didn’t even have a mediocre meal here, every meal was a knockout.

Singapore also has a food court hawker stand that has 1 Michelin star! We screwed the pooch by waiting until our last day to spoil ourselves with our first Michelin meal to find that the stall is closed every Wednesday! Rats!!

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People & Diversity

SingaporeWe loved being able to communicate with people here at ease. Seeing how everyone speaks english, this made it super convenient for us. We found locals to be friendly, if you asked for help someone would gladly try to at least answer you.

It was interesting to see so many different cultures living together in the same city. It’s been awhile since we have seen so much diversity somewhere. Even though most ethnicities stick to living in their own enclaves in the city.

We loved being able to explore areas like Little India and Chinatown and being able to visit and admire all the different temples. We also loved exploring the markets and doing research for future meals around the food courts!

The City

SingaporeThe buildings and architecture here are something to truly admire and are unlike anything else. For example, Marina Bay Sands is unique in that it’s three high rise buildings connected by a giant observation deck with a killer infinity pool. Then you have the Gardens by the Bay, which is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, where giant super trees grow plants vertically that generate electricity. Those same super trees put on a daily light and music show from that same energy as well! We really loved the show as well, the music for the Garden Rhapsody show, “Journey through Asia,” was brilliant and it was interesting watching the lights dance to the music.

We also loved walking around and looking at the unique high rises that all had something different. You’d see some that give off the appearance of different layers twisting around as if you were to twist your Jenga block tower, buildings that had full on jungles growing out of it, and buildings that had an ombre effect of colors on the entire side of the building to name a few examples. We don’t think there was one ugly building here, if there is one you don’t notice it against all the awesome ones!

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Singapore ChinatownAnother aesthetic aspect we loved about the city would be the colonial architecture mixed in with all the madness of new, modern high rises. We loved the old colonial shop houses tucked away near Chinatown, where we actually stayed one night. This area was charming and it was really cool to see the juxtaposition between the new modern buildings and these delightful old colonial shophouses.


SingaporeWe loved Singapore. We actually loved it so much we wanted to reconsider living here. We thought about living here before and doing a teaching contract but decided not to pursue it as the minimum teaching contract is two years. We don’t want to commit two years to one place. After visiting we did reconsider that thinking for just a second. The only negative about Singapore would be how expensive things can be, we would love to come back down the road with more of a budget to enjoy more of the finer things in Singapore like staying at Marina Bay Sands or the historic Raffles Hotel. That being said, we will be back Singapore

Have you ever been to Singapore? What were your thoughts? Share in the comments below, we’d love to hear all about it!

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