Shopping all things Kawaii in Harajuku

While in Tokyo, you’re bound to come across a place where all things are kawaii (cute in Japanese) and this magical place is called Harajuku. Shopping in Harajuku is unlike any other shopping street in the world. This action packed street is full of one eye treat after another if you are a fan of bright colors, kitty cats, unicorns, cutesy girly fashion, dressing up like a doll, etc. You may even feel like you entered the world of Lisa Frank one step into any one of the many stores here.

We came to Takeshita (funny name, we know) Street, also known as Harajuku looking  to witness the infamous “Harajuku girls” and crazy fashion. We were told by a local, who was unimpressed with our plans to visit this area, that shopping in Harajuku was more for young people. I don’t know if he thought we were aging poorly, or that it was for little girls.

His opinion didn’t matter though. I wanted to experience shopping in Harajuku for myself!

We came towards the evening and were sad that we only saw two girls dressed up like dollies. There were no colorful wigs, fun costumes, or whacky shoes on the street EXCEPT for two girls. We came to the conclusion that it had to be the time of day we visited.

While we were disappointed in not seeing tons of eclectic and colorful street fashion on girls walking the streets, we ended up finding that Harajuku’s wild fashion reputation did indeed exist in EVERY SINGLE store!

Store after store you could find bright colors, crazy cat shirts, wild dinosaur skirts, unicorn kimonos, puppy pajamas, sushi earrings,  you name it. This had to be the highlight of the entire night, shopping in Harajuku!

What was even better would be the fact that most of these items were reasonably priced. We found Japan to be a bit more expensive with exception of Harajuku!

While exploring the area, we discovered a cosplay shop that sold a themed dress for everything. This is exactly what I imagined Harajuku to be like. Except, to own one of these dresses it would run you anywhere from $200 – $400. Yikes! To be fair, each of these dresses are quite unique and most are handmade. I would have to be a die hard fan to invest in an outfit like that. Luckily, there are rental options.

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Whether you are coming for the infamous shopping in Harajuku or just to people watch, this is place to go! You really can’t be bored here, if you are then you’re not paying attention to what’s around you! Check out our video of our experience of shopping for all things kawaii in Harajuku!

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