Explore the Philippines Through Our Lens [23 Photos]

Poon Hill treks in Nepal

We were both so excited to be able to visit the Philippines. It was the last stop before we got married and one of the best trips of the year. More on how the Philippines changed our lives in another. This one is just to focus on our favorite photos from the Philippines, which by the way did you know the Philippines are made up of over 7,000 islands. Talk about awesome.

Tell me this doesn’t look like paradise.

Our first stop in the Philippines wwas a trip to Taal Volcano. A volcano inside a volcano. Not too many of those in the world.

Taal Volcano

A volcano inside a volcano

Taal Volcano Philippines

Love this in B+W

The Philippines was our first taste of “FAM” trips. Fam being short for family familiarization. I seriously thought it was short for family trip tbh.


We headed to the Visayan Charms that consist of Bohol, Cebu, and Baligasag.


Chocolate Mountains in Bohol Philippines

The huge chocolate mountains of Bohol

Bohol Philippines

Stained Silhouettes

Bohol Philippines

Honk Honk


My favorite photo of the Philippines!

PhilippinesMy arms can’t reach


PhilippinesSail Away Sail Away Sail Away

Girl snorkeling in Cebu Philippines

Megan the Mer-woman


Clothes off Pose off

After the fam trip we got the opportunity of a lifetime. We met up with Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet and got invited to tag along with Boom and Sean, and got to see Vigan and Ilocos Norte



I love seeing the transportation in diff countries.

Some Damn Delicious Empañada’s

Philippino Church

Church in Vigan

Ilocos Norte

There are some things that have been high on my bucket list and while it grows everyday I have always wanted to go sand-boarding. I had no clue it would happen on this trip so it was the ultimate surprise. We even made a fun vlog about our sand dune trip in Ilocos Norte.

Of course we had a photo shoot in the sand pretending we were on Mars.

San Dunes in Ilocos Norte

An ad for Martian Sandboards anyone?

Sand Dunes in Ilocos Norte

Ad 2 for Martian Sandboards

Sand Dunes Ilocos Norte

Walking on Mars


Siren in a lighthouse


Patterns Shadows and lines oh my

Ilocos Norte Philippines

Hanging out in Ilocos Norte with Sean and Boom of OAP

This has been one of our favorite trips to date by far. It was such an amazing learning and eye-opening experienc and a great time making new friends.

The Philippines really is a beautiful country and we cannot wait to come back and explore some more of the iconic destinations like Palawan and Boracay.

Hope you enjoyed these photos and if you are interested in learning more about the Philippines I recommend checking out Our Awesome Planets incredibly helpful site on the Philippines.

If you enjoyed these photos or know someone planning to travel to the Philippines take a moment we’d love it if you’d share this with them!

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