Exploring The Old City of Jerusalem Through Our Lens (30 Photos)

Jerusalem Old City Through Our Lens

Megan’s said it in her post Impressions of Israel, but it’s worth noting again. Jerusalem is one of the most beautiful cities either of us have ever been to and was a dream place to photograph. I could wax on about this beautiful city forever, it’s definitely at the top of my list for it’s iconic beauty, insane diversity, and it’s incredible history.

Israel, and specifically Jerusalem, was where I have made some of my favorite images and time-lapses and I wish I could spend an entire year just documenting the stories these walls have seen and will continue to see, for any photographers Jerusalem must be on the top of your list. Allow me to take you on a visual tour through Jerusalem and show you what we saw in the beautiful old city as well as share some things we learned along the trip.

The Tower Of David

I am intentionally starting off and ending with my two favorite photo series, photos from the Tower of David, and the Dome of the Rock which is probably my favorite thing ever! For now at least ;). Those photos are at the end.

Our first stop of the trip was to visit the Tower of David and see the iconic views. From my days learning photography in Seoul, I am a huge sucker for rooftops. So when the Director of the Tower of David contacted us to have a private sunset tour and shoot off the roof it was an obvious hell yeah.

View from Tower of David in Old City of Jerusalem

My first time seeing the Dome of the rock in Person

View from Tower of David in Old City of Jerusalem

Perfect Lighting

View from Tower of David in Old City of Jerusalem

A Korean Plays a Traditional Instrument on top of the Tower of David

On the top, while we were taking some stills and prepping for our holy grail time-lapse of the city, it was a real treat to meet someone from Korea. It always reminds us of our fond two years living in Seoul and how got started in this strange world of travel, photography, and blogging.

The audio from the video above was the actual audio of the city, captured from my iPhone. It’s just beautiful. This was a breathtaking way to be introduced to the city and be given a wonderful history lesson that really allowed us to appreciate the city even more. If you ever get a chance to visit Jerusalem do yourself a favor and go to the Tower of David.

It was night time when we were leaving and the Tower of David was still just as beautiful, and there was something Caroline Shapiro, theDirector of the International Public Relations, who gave us a tour, said that stuck with me. “Wouldn’t it be amazing to see what these walls have seen.”

It made me think of time passing and this magnificent structure still standing, so we stuck through the cold and took a few more images, specifically trying to capture the movement of time with these walls.

Tower of David Citadel

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Tower of David Jerusalem Old City

As we were leaving we got a glimpse of the night spectacular, which when we heard what it was, ( a light show on a wall) we weren’t dying to see it. But when we caught a quick glimpse on our way out. We asked to come back and see it.

Tower of David Night Spectacular

It looked so cool. Of course, I had to make a time-lapse of it.

It was a ton of fun getting to see the Old City of Jerusalem from above, but after that, it was time to explore the streets of the Old City. I mean after all it’s the most important religious site in the world and one of the most culturally diverse, complicated, and most breathtaking places we’ve ever been. How can we not dive in?

The People Inside The Old City

We did a lot of exploring on our own to prep for our hyper-lapse workshop and just aim around aimlessly. But one of the best parts about going with TBEX was we got options to choose our very own tours and meet people that lived or were merchants inside the Old City, which allowed for some more fun and candid portraits. Something I would like to continue to improve on.

We met the man below, who in my humble opinion is the most charismatic man in all of Israel. This guy is THE GO TO GUY when it comes to garments and textiles in the middle east. One meeting with him and you’ll know why. He’s charming AF.

Thread of Gold Man

The Most Charismatic Man In Israel

Of course we had him pose like the photo above

We also got to meet a man working the loom for local Jewish clothing. I can’t explain it but there is something so fascinating about seeing someone work the loom.

Old City Jerusalem Loom Old City Jerusalem Loom

Afterward, we were humbled to visit a blind craftsmen workshop where only people who are blind were working speedily with their hands. This day they were making brooms and allowed us to take these photos.

Old City Jerusalem Blind People

A blind worker in Jerusalem prepping the bristles of a broom

Old City Jerusalem Blind People

A blind worker in Jerusalem assembling the bristles into a broom shaft.

It’s easy to feel bad for ourselves or think less of others. But these guys were just like you and me, going to work, cracking jokes and enjoying themselves. It’s a powerful reminder to be happy and to be grateful for the things you do have.

The Streets of the Old City

No doubt one of our favorite things was actually just roaming around the streets of the Old City. Neither Megan or I are religious, but walking around in these walls you just felt the emotion and the power that this special place holds for so many people of different religious backgrounds. Whenever we had downtime, didn’t know what to do, or were killing time we grabbed a camera and walked around. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Old City Jerusalem

Old City Jerusalem

Cats of Old City

Old City Jerusalem

Cats of Old City

Wailing Wall in Old City Jerusalem

Old City Jerusalem Old City Jerusalem


Old City Jerusalem

Door of the holy church of sepulchre

View of the Dome of the Rock

Secret View with the Dome of the Rock

This brings us to my favorite thing to photography in Old City. The Dome of the Rock.

I was excited because Gary Arndt of Everything Everywhere and a keynote speaker at TBEX did a photo walk where he allowed anyone who wanted to come take photos with him and his plan was to visit the Dome of the Rock and the Holy Church of Sepulchre. I had to prep for our hyper-lapse presentation but wanted to go for at least as long as I could. We headed straight to the Dome of the Rock and these are my favorite from that session. I’ll save my favorite for last.

Dome of the Rock Dome of the Rock Dome of the Rock Dome of the Rock Dome of the Rock Dome of the Rock Dome of the Rock Dome of the Rock

Dome of the Rock

Of course we did shot part of our hyper-lapse here as well. Here is a small clip.

We hope you enjoyed these photos as much as we loved our time and opportunity to visit Old City of Jerusalem.

All photos and time-lapse videos are 100% the property of boboandchichi and cannot be re-used without our permission.

Watch Also: An epic hyper-lapse through seven countries in under three minutes.

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Jerusalem Old City Through Our Lens

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  • gorgeous pictures of that fab city!!

  • Jerusalem is such a unique city with ornate architecture. I can’t wait to visit one day!

  • I am in love with all the photos. It really made me want to get on the next flight to Jerusalem. I too probably would not be so interested in the night spectacular, but after watching your video I was so impressed and mesmerized.

    • I know there is no cool way to describe the night spectacular, in fact we almost missed it! I am so glad we didn’t it was really an awesome experience.

  • Kavita

    What a stunning collection of photos, you’ve really captured so much beauty and detail. I love the portraits in particular, they are so striking, and love the character that is shining through.

  • That’s so interesting you met someone from Korea playing the Korean traditional instrument. That’s not something I would imagine there. Nice you got a little taste of your time in Korea!

    • I know! It was a sweet surprise! He was really good too, I took a video I have no idea why we never shared it!

  • Caitlin Nguyen

    Your pictures are incredible! It’s nice to see a different side of countries and people in the middle East than what we see in the media. Not only is the city beautiful but the people looks so nice.

    • We loved meeting and speaking with the locals, especially during the local craftsmen and merchant tour through Old City. Everyone we met was so charismatic and interesting. We also met some amazing friendly people in the West Bank, showing again that the media is very one sided when it comes to Palestine.

  • Laura Nalin

    Your photos are absolutely incredible. It’s funny as I knew immediately that dude was Korean without even reading it because I saw his “DRUNKEN” hat! Haha!! The architecture there looks so stunning – I love the combo of the blues and gold. It’s magical and I’m certain I gotta get there ASAP!

    • Hahaha the Drunken hat does give it away! The entire city is incredibly photogenic and rich in history!

  • Oh my word these photos and that time lapse! I’d love to go to Jerusalem someday– so much history in one place. I LOVE that you met a Korean. Every time I’m out somewhere and I hear someone speaking Korean, I immediately feel a little safer and more at home.

    • Haha it’s funny how when we hear hangul now even in a crowded place it’s all we can here! It does strangely have a “home” feeling to it even though we were never really fluent in Korean! We have been feeling nostalgic about Korea lately too!

  • These images are beautiful! They convey so much about the city and have a sense of calm running through each and every one. Its such a nice contrast to what the western media shows of the middle east.

    • Thanks! It makes it especially unique that Christianity, Judaism, and Islam all share Old City peacefully!

  • Wee Gypsy Girl

    I always love your photography but these photos are something else! Israel is a place that I’ve always felt a bit wary about visiting but I would love to see it one day- it’s so rich in history (and I want to eat hummus until I pop!) Such a small world that you met a Korean guy there- hope you caught him off guard by giving him an “anyeonghaseyo!” haha.

    • Thanks Nicole! Israel is a complicated place, we tried our best to be open minded and also visit/experience/and meet locals in Palestine as well. Old City is a really unique place as in this one area of Jerusalem 3 major religions all share this holy spot peacefully. Too bad more of the world can’t be like that one small area! And hahaha we were surprised to run into a Drunken hat!! He was surprised to hear we lived in Seoul for 2 years!