31 Photos That Will Make You Wanna Go To New Orleans

photos that make you want to visit new orleans

I am so excited that we have been able to start exploring the states a bit more this year. We dream of getting an RV and traveling throughout all of North America so it was a real treat to go to New Orleans of all places.

Lousiana Street

The city is so cute even the streets and roads got name tags!

For me when I think of NOLA I think the Drew Brees and the Saints, Jazz Music, Mardi Gras, and food. Having never been before, I was “Jazzed” (see what I did there?) to go and take some photos.

Jazz for Breakfast

Where else can you have delicious beignets and some world class Jazz at 8:00 am in the morning. #onlyinnola

We only had four days and it rained, so we had to mix the best of both worlds, being full-on tourists and going out and creating some fun photos. It started off with the only clear day so we took a fun long exposure of the Jackson Square at night with some light trails for a splash of razzle-dazzle.

Jackson Square New Orleans

Jackson Square at Night

Before we set off to do all the touristy things and getting content for our blog and first timers to New Orleans, we had one free day to explore at our own will. We are slowly gravitating towards organizing our trips towards food.  Our plan was to eat our way through the Garden district one bite and one photo at a time.

The Garden District of New Orleans

Garden District New Orleans

PRO TIP: When you want to take some fun portrait shots, do it before you eat in New Orleans

Garden District New Orleans

This is us pretending to walk home. Hey We can dream right!


Buckner Mansion New Orleans

Buckner Mansion

Buckner Mansion

Megan actually took this awesome shot. Love the shadows and the ominous mood of the Mansion


Buckner Mansion

We recreated the iconic Abbey road image with Megan at Buckner Mansion.

After hoofing it all the way there our dogs were barking so we hopped on the tram and came back to the best thing ever!

New Orleans Wedding

A New Orlean Wedding! We totally want to do this for our anniversary and you are invited!

The lighting was good and before we changed our clothes and rested our dogs we soaked up the streets.

New Orleans Photo

Disnew Orleans

New Orleans Street

Moody Streets of NOLA

Bourbon Street New Orleans

The infamous Bourbon Street

New Orleans Photo

Shadows and Lines

French Quarter New Orleans

New Orleans Street Photo

Ginger Mint Julep Anyone?

Finding Friends in New Orleans

One of the best things ever when we travel is making new friends. We were lucky enough to meet up with a friend we made from instagram. Yes, we make real friends online. We met up with our Instagram pal who’s know our buddy irl Betty and she showed us some of the best spots in NOLA.

Making Friends in NOLA

Chillin with @bonvoyagebetty

Frenchmen Street New Orleans

Listening to Jazz at the Spotted Cat

She took us to so many great gems and it started raining cats and dogs and we just had the time of our lives with Betty. Although it made the next days swamp tour a bit difficult ;).

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That Swamp Life

But a swamp tour was on my bucketlist and one of the things I was most looking forward to. So we rallied. Luckily we did because the swamps are friggin beautiful.

Honey Island Swamp New Orleans

Honey Island Swamp Slew

Honey Island Swamp Tour

Honey Island Swamp

New Orleans Swamp Tour

Ghost Tour New Orleans

A fun Double Exposure with a Tutorial (coming soon) on our Youtube Channel

New Orleans Ghost Tour

St Louis Cemetery No 1 NOLA

Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau’s Tomb in St. Louis Cemetery No.1

Lafayette Cemetery NOLA

Lafayette Cemetery

Soaking Up All The Jazz From Preservation Hall

Definitely the highlight of the trip for me was sitting in this small room in with maybe a packed crowd of 100 people and sitting on the floor listening to legendary Jazz musicians perform. It felt as if I stepped right back in time. It was beautiful.

This is definitely another one on the list for first timers coming to New Orleans. WE PROMISE.

Preservation Hall New Orleans Preservation Hall New Orleans

After rushing around we really wanted to just stroll around the next day and enjoy the sights and food. So we did a lot of walking, and noticed incredibly beautiful architecture just about everywhere. So we made this fun video/gif/thingy.

Typewriter in New Orleans

This scene is just hipster AF. People will straight up write poems for you in the streets of NOLA.

New Orleans Bar

A great place for a beer.

New Orleans Street

Moody NOLA

American Flag in New Orleans


Check out more of the best things to do in New Orleans for a first time visitor.

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photos that will make you want to go to New Orleans

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