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Greetings to all of our fans! We have some exciting news to share, for anyone who has been following us actively on Facebook and Instagram may have noticed we were at the New Media Film Festival this week in Los Angeles. Why you may ask? Because of our hyperlapse video, “Come Walk With Us Wedding Edition,” was selected to be featured under the New Media category in the festival!

This whole experience has been really fun and Scott is too humble to talk about it himself so I am experiencing a proud wife moment and going to gush all about the experience.

We found out a few months ago that Scott was selected, we kept it quiet as we have never really been a part of anything like this before. For those of you wondering what this festival is all about, the New Media Film Festival brings together and puts the spotlight on individuals creating videos combining new technology and storytelling.

This is the seventh year for this festival and the judgings panel includes industry leaders from the Grammys, Marvel, HBO, BMI, and more.

New Media Film Festival

Our First Red Carpet Experience!

We were a bit nervous to attend as we weren’t sure what to expect, and as I mentioned before we had never been a part of anything like this before. But the experience ended up being a blast, the even is three days long in total but we only were able to attend the night of our premiere including tons of other talented individuals and videos.

There were several different categories of films playing including Drone, Pilots, Shorts 1, Web Series, Documentaries, Trailers, New Media, STEAM, Docs, Animation, Student, and Digital Comics.

Scott’s film was under the category New Media with one other film. For those of you who may not know, Scott’s video is made up of tons of photos (over 25,000) traveling through seven different countries leading up to our wedding in just under three minutes.

You can watch it below.

Besides being excited to be featured on the big screen at the Landmark Theater in Los Angeles, we were in awe of the other films being played as well. What I found to be incredibly awesome was that everyone else Scott was being featured next to where either already big in the industry or went to school for years to learn their trade and techniques.

Scott and his hyperlapse photography skills were self-taught.

where it all began

During the last months of our first year in Korea Scott saw a film that would inspire him and light a fire that turned into a deep passion of his. Not many people are doing hyperlapse photography now, but back around three years ago, it was even less present. The film that would inspire him was by his photography idol, Rob Whitworth.

We had exactly three months left in Korea and Scott gave himself a deadline to make the video, “A Day in Seoul,” before the day we left. The only problem would be he barely knew how to use a DSLR, let alone figure out how to do an incredibly advanced and technical style of photography.

I first handily witnessed him become completely engulfed with a passion and tirelessly try over and over again until he got it right. There were times he would go shoot the same scene over and over again, day after day until he got it how he wanted it.

There were times I thought Scott was going all Howard Hughes on me, but at the same time, I admired how much tenacity he had and how much drive he had.

During the times he wasn’t shooting, he was learning online, and practicing, and practicing some more.

After those three months, he achieved his goal and completed filming A Day in Seoul before leaving on our last day.

After his first film, he went on to continue practicing and making hyperlapse videos improving his craft and getting better and better, and getting quicker at making them finally leading up to, Walk With Us Wedding Edition.

a fun backstory

I didn’t know this until Scott proposed to me in Hawaii, but he is a hopeless romantic. He actually wanted to learn hyperlapse photography to make an epic proposal video for me featuring all of our travels after living in South Korea together. After leaving Seoul our first time, we traveled for 8 months through SE Asia and kept making small hyperlapse clips along the way.

There were days I didn’t want to be in the videos, but Scott insisted it was important that I was in them. Haha, at the time I really didn’t think anything of it other than he loved having people in his films, looking back it was more obvious why he wanted me in the films!

Fast forward to our second year teaching in South Korea. We went to meet his family in Hawaii on our vacation. We were on the Pillbox Hike in Lanikai when Scott wanted to do a quick hyperlapse sequence. This was actually the moment he proposed.

After completing the video later that day with the final clip it went viral being featured on NBC LA and Good Morning America.

I was completely in the dark as to why Scott really wanted to learn hyperlapse photography until that day!

so whats next?

We are currently working on a commercial hyperlapse gig for a local company who owns different property in the area including outdoor lifestyle malls and retail property. We finished our first hyperlapse with them and are working on two more. Hopefully, we will be able to share it in the future, for now it’s only meant to be shared internally for the company for leasing.

Scott also completed his hyperlapse ebook and is figuring out how to make more tutorials and a course for all the people who have become interested in this style of photography as well.

Be sure to check out his Hyperlapse website at – by visiting and signing up for his newsletter you can get the first chapter of his ebook for free!

We have also been invited to speak about Hyperlapse photography at another TBEX conference in Killarney, Ireland this October.

We are also always looking for new opportunities and are looking for ways to create this style of video for tourism boards and travel companies to blend all of our passions together!

Back To the Film Festival

So, now that you’re up to date with us we would love to share some of the highlights from the New Media Film Festival with all of you. We were awestruck by some of the talents that was featured and the incredibly talented people and their ideas and storytelling on display.

We only can share highlights from the night we attended, but in hindsight, we wish we had planned to go everyday and just watch all of these film entries for hours.

Here are some of the films that really stood out to us and are talent to watch out for in the future!

3D Films

The film festival started off strong with two 3D film entries, both of which knocked our socks off. We popped on our 3D glasses and watched both of these submissions, AEON by Director Derek O’Dell and Chrysalis by Directors Ina Conradi and Mark Chavez.

AEON was an abstract immersive audio-visual experience with pulsing music and eye stimulating graphics that went along with the audio showcasing the power of energy.

Sadly, I couldn’t find the actual video but only the audio that went with it. Even if I did have the link to the video you would be missing out unless you had a giant screen and the 3D glasses to feel the entire experience.

The other 3D film, and another incredible piece of art was Chrysalis. I have found the trailer for the video, but you will have to use your imagination and pretend you have 3D glasses on. I wish I was able to share the full experience with you but this is all that is available online. Also, keep an eye on both directors Ina Conradi and Mark Chavez as they will be featured throughout the year at different exhibitions throughout Asia and even Europe.

Because of the privacy restrictions, please make sure you visit their Vimeo page if the video will not play below.

Web Series

Another stand out feature for us was the comedy web series Sidetracked featuring E.D. Brown. The series started by getting funded on Indie GoGo and they are working to get this to be a full series. E.D.’s character is based on real life experiences from being a personal assistant for a celebrity, each episode will feature the same story but from a different character’s point of view.

Think of it like the movie, “Crash,” but in a comedy series.

Be sure to subscribe to E.D.’s Youtube Channel for more videos and to stay up to date on the series. Unfortunately the clip we saw isn’t available and embedding options have been turned off.

The next stand out web series would be Supa Supa, by French directors Steven Briand & Julien Jourdain de Muizon. Features  a story about geeky gamers done in a really fun visual way. I really don’t have the words to describe this other than you just have to see for yourself. Best yet, there are a ton of other videos on their YouTube Channel to check out too!

S.T.E.A.M. Videos

I have no idea what S.T.E.A.M stands for other than an incredible animated film was featured in this category that we both fell in love with. Shoot for the Moon by Director Hannah Roman is about a young girl escaping her neglectful caregivers and her struggle to regain power, joy, and happiness. The fun Q&A after this set of films revealed that this films setting was inspired by her inlaws real life space camp.


Another mysterious category to us that we don’t know the meaning of. In this category what really was a stand out film would be the 1 minute video called,”What If,” by Josh Liveright. Sadly, I couldn’t find this ANYWHERE on the internet so you will just have to take our word for it and hopefully it will surface on the internet one day, because it really does have the potential to go viral. The video shares a common road rage scenario, and when you think it’s going to take a violent turn with a man pulling out a gun, he actually pulls out an adorable kitten. Instead of violence, both people became happy with a cute cuddly kitten. The whole message behind their series is instead of spreading hate, we should be spreading love.

The description on New Media Film Festival explains it best:

“What if we could solve our issues through tolerance, acceptance, compassion, kindness and love? WHAT IF is a series of short films made by three concerned dads who combined efforts to offer an antidote to violence and hate.”

 We look forward to seeing more.

The last in this category and the last film we will share is, “Ode to Lesvos,” by Director Talal Derki in Greece. This inspiring story is also a tear jerker and I ended up crying during the feature. Oops! It’s about a small village of fishermen and old ladies on the island of Lesvos who receive thousands of Syrian refugees without question and with open arms during the summer of 2016. Even though they had very little themselves it didn’t stop them from doing what was right and helping others in a time of desperation and need.
Their selfless, kind, and loving efforts landed them a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize.
Needless to say, this film is moving, inspiring, and evokes hope for the human race. Grab a box of tissues and enjoy this masterpiece.

We can’t say enough how honored we are to be featured with all these talented people. It’s amazing to see all of Scott’s hard work, determination, and creativity to be moving in the right direction. There are those days we question following our dreams and worry about our future. This small victory was a step in the right direction and we feel like we are straying off that lateral path that seems impossible sometimes to move ahead and upwards. I’m sure we will feel this way again in the future, but for now we will celebrate and enjoy this special moment!
Be sure to follow along our journey to see where we end up next! It’s amazing to have such a supportive and engaged audience who cares about what we do. Each of you who comments, likes, or takes the time to message us inspires us everyday. Thankyou to everyone who has supported us along this wild journey of the unknown!
And a special thanks to both our families for your love, support, and understanding of our unconventional lifestyle.
We love you all!

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