Explore The Beauty of Nepal [VIDEO]

As we continue improving our craft and climbing up the travel blogging ladder we are starting to be able to do some more exciting adventures.

Our trip to Nepal has to be one of them. We talked all about how we got this gig on our post featuring our favorite photos of Nepal.

The main goal of the trip was to shoot a video of our experience and I’ve been wanting to learn more of the film-making aspect of our videos since we typically just shoot time-lapses and hyper-lapses. It was time to integrate regular speed and slow motion into the video and see what we were able to do combining all the different media types together in one video.

We were traveling at a breakneck pace during the trip and often times just staying a night in each hotel and traveling all day. This meant all of the shooting had to be done on the fly. We were on a press trip with other bloggers and they all had their agenda, we had tons of hiking, and the company we were with also had the things they wanted us to experience. So it was really just a shoot, shoot, shoot and see what works out.

Overall I am pretty happy with the video and think it turned out well. A couple things I learned while editing is I need to get more variety of shots. Meaning tight shots, medium, and wide angle shots of even the same thing. I also should have gotten more people involved. I get nervous asking to photograph/film people and really need to improve on that. I aim to get more comfortable with this in the future.

I’d love to hear your feedback, maybe it was something you liked or disliked. Whatever it leaves a comment here or on Youtube, I’d love to hear it as it may help me see things a bit differently and improve in the next video.

Thanks for watching and as always if you liked this post, please considering sharing.

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