Best Travel Backpacks for Every Kind of Traveler

best travel backpacks

Every trip we go on we ask ourselves backpack or suitcase? Whether it be an overnight trip or a 4-month trip we usually end up with backpacks because we love being hands-free when traveling. Not only that but it keeps us in check and usually makes it so we don’t overpack. If you’re looking to go on a trip soon and want to know how many full-time travelers pack for their trips then check out our favorite travel backpacks for every type of traveler.

The Outdoor Enthusiast

best travel backpacks

Photo by Wu Jianxiong

Best Travel backpack for day trips

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Going on a long trek? Then you will need to make sure you drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. That’s why we love Camelbak backpacks with the built in water bladder.yourll up you water and you’re good to go. There are several different sizes to choose from.

I prefer the smaller less bulky backpack. The Camelbak Sequoia 18 is perfect for day treks with a reasonable amount of room for an extra change of clothes, food, and water for the day without weighing me down too much.

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Scott prefers the larger size in Camelbak’s Fourteener 24, like the smaller backpack it has enough room for an extra change of clothes, room for snacks, a larger bladder, and enough room to put his camera inside.

The Everyday Backpack

best travel backpacks

Best Travel Backpack for overnight or short trips
best backpacks for travelers

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Sometimes you’re not going on a long adventure and you just need a great overnight bag. Most bags will work for this, but we are in love with our CabinZero 28L bag. I actually have started using this as my go-to day bag. There are the perfect amount of zipper pouches and a great sleeve for my laptop. The size is perfect and the quality lasts. Better yet, Cabin Zero offers a 25 year warranty. We love to use products that we know are going to last!

The Best Carry on Backpack

CabinZero 44L backpack

Best Travel Backpack for the carry on only traveler
best travel backpacks

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We really would love to transition to carry on travel only especially with expensive luggage fees with a lot of airlines these days! Cabin Zero 44L bag is our go to carry on bag. Not only does it fit almost every airline’s carry on size allowance but these bags can hold A LOT of stuff! There is a space to fit a laptop on the inside sleeve and another pouch for random accessories. And again, CabinZero offers a great 25 year warranty on their products!

Check out our video of how much can actually fit in this backpack, it’s rather impressive!


If you own a DJI Phantom 4 like us then you do not have to buy an expensive drone bag! If you still have the foam box your drone came in it fits perfectly with a little room to spare in the CabinZero 44L bag!

For Long Term Travel

Best Travel Backpack for Long Term Travel

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If you’re going on a long trip we highly recommend investing in a high-quality 65L+ backpack. The size really will depend on how much you can physically carry. We only end up wearing the backpack full of our belongings for short periods of time like walking from a bus to a hotel, so do not let the idea of thinking you will be carrying this on your back at all times scare you. We travel for months with both of our clothes, shoes, and toiletries all fitting into one big backpack and packing cubes, more on those bad boys down below.

For The Photographer

Pike Place Market

Best Travel Backpack for Camera Gear

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This is Scott’s latest and greatest buy and a travel photographer and photographer’s dream bag. He has tried several different camera backpacks and they all end up not being able to carry the weight of his laptop, externals, camera, lenses, and accessories and end up ripping.

Peak Design has come out with this specially designed everyday camera bag. The compartments are great to carry different lenses and camera gear as well as tiny zipper and pockets for smaller accessories like SD cards and batteries. There is a computer sleeve as well making it easy to carry our entire work setup in one bag when we travel.

We have the nice compact size Manfrotto BeFree tripod that can be connected at the back on the exterior of the backpack.

Even better yet our DJI Phantom 4 drone can be connected on the back as well which saves us from having to carry an extra big bulky backpack when we are out exploring.

For The Stylin’ Girl

Best Travel Backpack for a purse

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I love having a backpack purse when we travel. Not only are my hands still free but I can carry all my essentials around for the day on my back and still not sacrifice style. I also love these small purse backpacks because when empty they barely take up any space in your other backpack. I have been traveling the past few years with one of these purses and don’t plan on switching back to a regular purse anytime soon.

Packing Cubes

We can’t travel without packing cubes. Some people prefer not to use them, but if you read enough travel blogs you’ll notice a reoccurring theme, full-time travelers love packing cubes! Keep yourself organized and limit yourself to only pack what can go in the cubes. This has saved me from over packing and honestly, I was able to fit enough clothes on each trip to fit in the cubes. Here are our suggestions for packing cubes!

For Small Carry On Bags
CabinZero Cabin Cube Set

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These CabinZero packing cubes are awesome, smaller than our typical cubes this pack comes with 2 blank size and one larger blank size cube making it the perfect organizer for your carry on bag.

For Bigger Backpacks

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We use three main packing cubes for long trips, one for my clothes, one for Scott’s clothes, and one solely for toiletries. This helps keep our bag organized and saves TONS of space. We still have extra room after putting our 3 cubes in for shoes and big bulky sweaters or jackets. A tip would be to roll your clothes tightly and neatly stack them in your cubes. You will be impressed how much can fit into such a small space plus it keeps you organized.




Traveling out of a backpack is great. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section below. Do you have a favorite travel backpack? Let us know!

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best travel backpacks

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  • This is perfect as I need a new backpacks for everything, a camera bag, everyday pack and a long term backpack. My camera bag is so old that it it is an own pocket for those super old Nokia mobile phones. These are such great tips and I will consider this bags for sure 🙂

    • The camera backpack we featured is AMAZING! Scott is super picky when it comes to a good camera backpack and he used to have a Manfrotto one that he liked but it kept breaking! This one has been a game changer and has great organization pockets.

  • I feel like I need a backpack for all my different travels. Hahhah, I know, I sound so spoiled when I say that. I really like the backpack purse because they match many of the outfits I wear. It feels strange to me when I’m wearing a feminine outfit but have on a masculine outdoor backpack 🙂

    • I hear you! We have quite a large backpack collection, we own all of these! Haha! It depends on what kind of trip you’re taking though! I agree, I love having a backpack purse when we travel. On travel days it goes in the bigger backpack but when we do day trips or are out exploring the city I wear my backpack purse!

  • Patricia Steffy

    I’m seriously eyeing the Cabin Zero 44L bag for my new carry-on. I have a soft carry-on that can fit a lot of stuff, but it isn’t as easy to sprint to a gate with as this backpack. Plus, this looks small enough that most of the time I’ll be able to fit it under my seat to avoid it getting checked when all the overhead bins are full. It looks like a great option!

    • It really is and it fits alot of stuff! It’s a great choice and they have quite a few nice colors and even different styles in that same size!

  • Paige Brown

    What a perfectly timed post! I’ve been pushing it on waiting around to order a daypack / something to carry on flights with my camera + laptop in. I’m gonna have to check out those CabinZero bags. I love the fun colors they offer!

    • they are perfect for a daypack/carryon! We just got that fun color thats mint and pink! I love it!

  • Colby

    I need the Cabin Zero bag like yesterday! I’ve definitely switched to #teamcarryon and this is perfect! I mean 59 items! WOW! Plus it’s cute!

    • Right?! It’s so nice traveling carry on only other than figuring out which toiletries to leave behind! I love how much that bag fits and they have so many cute colors!

  • I legit have a huge obsession over backpacks, its becoming a problem 🙁 Seriously, I already have 15 backpacks and not enough places to take them! Currently obsessed with my big Fjalraven but after seeing what the CabinZero can do, I’m kind of thinking I need to add another purchase into the mix 😛

    • Haha I hear you! We have ALL of these bags in this post! But they come in handy when we get to come home in between trips and pack specifically for those trips!

  • Wow, there are a lot of variance of back backs to choose from your list. I love the big one since I travel on days and weeks sometimes. Very great list and some brands are actually not familiar to me, but the I guess the quality and the durability is really reliable and great. I’ll share this to my friends, Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  • We have brought both on occasion as well. However, we almost always have to have a backpack just because of our camera gear. I