Take a Hike to Nepal Through Our Lens [69 Photos]

Nepal Through our lens
One of our favorite travel goals we were able to check off was visiting and trekking in the mountains of Nepal. No, we did not attempt Everest or base camp but we did have an amazing time trekking through the Annapurna mountains with a group of other travel bloggers and around Kathmandu Valley.

We came for the trekking, but couldn’t help but feel a deep admiration for the people, the FOOD, and of course the views!

Jumping for Joy after seeing the epic sunrise from Poon Hill

We believe it could take a lifetime to really learn about a place, since we don’t have enough lifetimes to do it all, we will just share our favorite highlights and notes from our trip in the photos below.

The People of Nepal

When we travel, especially long distances, the first couple of days we like to have minimal activities and downtime to recover from the jetlag and wander around on foot and get a feel for the place only because we are able to schedule that in. 

Right off the bat, the first thing that caught my attention were the people with their welcoming smiles and bright, brilliant, splashes of color of Kathmandu. 

Take this handsome man for example, and those colors!

Asan Tole Bazaar Kathmandu

I long to get better at portrait photography, but one of the hardest things is asking to take a portrait. It feels so invasive. However, in Nepal, anyone and everyone was excited to have their portraits taken.

Moments later, another scene where the colors, framing, and willing participate line-up. One thing is for sure for portrait photographers in Nepal, be sure to have extra memory and charged batteries.

Asan Tole Bazaar Kathmandu

A huge bonus to everyone happily obliging to take a photograph is that Nepal is a stunningly beautiful country, so you get some really fun portraits. Like the one below.

Or take these ladies in red going to prayer.

Durbar Square Kathmandu

Ladies in Red

The colors are simply beautiful.

Even when all the colors clash, it’s still a fun portrait!

One of my favorite moments though, was when I came up on these two gents playing some game in a rural town outside of Kathmandu. While I waited for the others in our group to catch up, I watched them play. The gent on the bottom left couldn’t stop singing to me and talking to me (even though he spoke no english) and when I showed him my camera, he was so excited to have his portrait taken, he couldn’t stop rocking with excitement and lost it when I showed him a photo of himself.

The people we encountered in Nepal were incredibly warm and friendly and it was such a wonderful experience being able to walk down the streets.

A Glimpse of That City Life

My favorite thing about being in or photographing a new city, is seeing what it’s like at any given point in time. I only get a small glimpse during my short time, but I can’t help but envision what it would be like to live there.

What do the streets look like on a wednesday afternoon.

Asan Tole Bazaar Kathmandu

Where would I get my local cup of coffee, or sit down to write.

Maybe this is where I’d grab my paper and a cup of Joe and chat with a pup.

Or maybe I’d grab a cup of tea with friends on a crate of Coca-Cola

Maybe I’d watch my kids while reading out in the patio.

Or maybe I’d enjoy some peace and quiet and watch the city go by.

I always like to imagine myself living in the areas I visit.

What would I see here during sunrise?

Because I definitely don’t see monkeys every day. Let alone tight rope walking in front of the sun!

What are the unique things to me in this part of the world that are every day things for the locals.

It’s these little things that are the same, but different all around the world. It’s incredibly humbling to see others practice an entirely different way of life that has an entirely different belief system than the one you grew up on. It makes you question why we believe the things we do and reminds you that there is no “RIGHT” way to live.


Neither of us fancy ourselves as much of hikers besides the fact that we did like to do it quite a bit when we lived in Korea because it forced us outdoors and to see parts of the country we called home for two years.

Us Hiking When We Lived In Korea

But there is no doubt that Nepal has some of the most beautiful and most sought after views on earth.

We weren’t ready to try a long trek yet, so instead we did a few smaller few day treks with local guides. A four day Poon Hill Trek, and three, one day trip to Nagarkot and the Kathmandu Valley Rim.

Poon Hill Trek
Poon Hill Trek

Our full group of trekkers. AKA TEAM SHADOW

The Poon Hill Trek was by far the most epic one we did and left us wanting more. We finished this trek already scheming on how to come back and do a longer trek, like Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) or even Everest Base Camp (EBC).

Here are some of our favorite photos from this epic 4 day trek.

Poon Hill Trek beginning

Team Shadow Beginning Photo- Featuring Anna, Mark, OKAY, Scott, Megan, Reshma, Shyam, Matt.

Poon Hill Trek Day 1

Poon Hill Trek Day 1

Typical Tea Houses you stop at long the treks in Nepal

Poon Hill Trek Day 1

More Teahouses/reststops

Poon Hill Trek Day 1

Catching the Light

Poon Hill Trek


Tourist Mode

Epic tourist mode!

Taking ourselves super seriously with Hanna of Hanna Travels and Reshma of The Solo Globetrotter

But it can also be going to a cafe with live music, supporting the local economy, and watching a terrible movie because, why not.


Or admiring how other markets organize and sell their wares.

Exploring parts of other cultures that would seem taboo, like witnessing people burn their deceased relatives bodies in ghats.

Now my Instagram husband shots:

I get to travel the world with the person I love…so I love being that IG husband.

Practice the hobby that I absolutely love…

And work at making it a full time career where I get to be outside creating things

I’m not gonna lie. It’s more challenging than it looks or seems, but it’s definitely something I absolutely love doing.

Plus it makes the lil lady happy. And as the saying goes, a happy wife = a happy life.

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