A Charming, Rainy Day in Kromeriz, Czech Republic

Kromeriz Czech Republic
Kromeriz, Czech Republic turned out to be a completely different experience than what we were anticipating, and we mean that in the best way possible.

During our solid and jam packed Czech Republic itinerary, we’d been spending day after day on tours through one historical city after another as part of our collaboration with the Czech Tourism Board.

When we were planning for Kromeriz, we expected to do more or less the same. However, due to some traffic in Brno and quite a bit of rain, we found ourselves away from the usual tourist circuit!

How to Spend a Rainy Day in Kromeriz, Czech Republic



City Center of Kromeriz

A Late Start

What we thought was a 45-minute drive ended up being 1.5 hours. This made us late meeting Mr. Urbanovsky, a friendly Moravian local who was waiting to show us around his beloved city.

Feeling terrible that we were late, he greeted us and was super kind and understanding. Because we were late we missed almost an hour window of site seeing before the rain would come in.

Kromeriz Czech Republic

The Flower Garden & Bishop’s Palace

We hustled over to the Flower Garden, part of the Kromeriz Bishop’s Palace complex before the rain came crashing down on us. This is one of the Czech Republic UNESCO World Heritage sites, so it’s definitely a must see!

We had just enough time to see why the local slogan is, “a town of captivating beauty.”  Of course, we had to pop up the drone (Walter is his name) and snap a few pictures before the wind speed picked up too much.


The gardens were closed to the public this day to prepare for a big event over the weekend. This is rare as the gardens are usually open to the public.

However, Mr. Urbanovsky knew someone who would grant us access so we could see and experience the grand gardens for ourselves.


We were in awe. The beautifully patterned and exquisitely manicured gardens were a form of art. The symmetry, the perfectly maintained hedges, the colorful designs of flowers, the immaculate colonnade, to the ornate interior of the rotunda sitting as a centerpiece in the middle of this extraordinary garden complex.

We even saw large rabbits hopping through the maze of hedges. It sort of made us feel like we were in a scene of Alice in Wonderland.


Walking through a mysterious looking archway of trees with perfectly framed fountains at the end felt like a fantasy.


It was no wonder why this beautiful mix of French and Italian style Baroque garden is a UNESCO site.

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We were told by Mr. Urbanovsky that this is one of the best preserved historical gardens in Europe which is why it was named a UNESCO site.


The Town Square

Just as we almost made an entire lap around the complex the rain started coming down. We made our way back to the town square where we were supposed to see the staple attractions in a town like the castle, watch tower, wine tasting in the cellar of the chateau, and cathedrals.

However, instead Mr. Urbanovsky improvised and showed us the personality of Kromeriz instead.

U Zlateho Kahouta

He first took us to U Zlateho Kohouta right on the square. This 4-star hotel also has a backpacker hostel, a café, and an amazing terrace. The terrace overlooks the entire square including the St. Maurice Church and the clock tower to Kromeriz Castle.

We came for the view and a coffee to warm us up on this chilly beginning of an autumn rainy day.

Cerny Orel Pivovar

Afterwards, we sipped local beers and sampled what Scott and I describe as the best chocolate we have ever tasted at The Black Eagle Brewery (Cerny Orel Pivovar) next door on the square.


Mr. Urbanovsky is one of those friendly locals everyone knows in town. He wanted to show us the local microbrew. What was going to be a quick 10 minute stop ended up being an hour sampling! We also got to see where the lovely owners make their award-winning beer and Belgian chocolates.

Cerny Orel also is a hotel and pension. Talk about having all amazing things in one place, great beer, delicious chocolate, and a place to sleep in a prime location.


Why You Should Make Time For Smaller Towns

As we were sampling the beer we ended up having a discussion with Mr. Urbanovsky about how we would have totally missed out on seeing such character and personality if we decided to only visit the country for a few days only staying in Prague.

We do love Prague and would never skip it on a Czech Republic visit. However,  if we would have only visited the large, well-known cities, we wouldn’t have gotten to absorb what else this country has to offer!

It’s smaller towns like Kromeriz or Telc and individuals like Mr. Urbanovsky that will leave a lasting impression on us from our entire month-long visit.

While bigger cities like Prague or Cesky Krumlov are easier for tourists, we highly recommend taking a chance and getting off the beaten path. There’s something to be said about towns not designed for foreign visitors.

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Getting a Local Feel

You know the places. The ones where the best restaurants close early. Next to nothing is open on Sundays. Sometimes, you may only find hot dogs for breakfast. Cafes only open up midmorning. And, of course, menus are only in Czech, so ordering your meal is a bit like playing roulette! You really do feel like you’re getting a glimpse into a life unlike your own.

If you feel more comfortable with a guide, you can always try reaching out to the local information center. Almost every town has one. See if they can arrange a local English speaking guide to take you around like Mr. Urbanovsky did for us in Kromeriz.


At the end of our day in Kromeriz, Czech Republic, we weren’t disappointed that we missed out on all the town’s historical and beautiful monuments. We were excited to have experienced the local personality, witness the background of a local business, and make a new friend along the way.

Where to Stay in Kromeriz, Czech Republic

Even though we had a set schedule we couldn’t stray from, if we could we would have ended up staying at least a night in Kromeriz. If you decide to do the same, we recommend both hotels we stopped at.

U Zlateho Kohouta

U Zlateho Kohouta or The Golden Rooster is a beautiful 4-star hotel with a great rooftop terrace overlooking Kromeriz city center. Not only does this hotel have a great location but the rooms are large and spacious.

Check rates and availability here.

Cerny Orel

Cerny Orel also has a great location and is a hotel & pension. This is a great option as it has rooms for just about any budget. What we loved is that this hotel also has the incredible chocolatier and microbrewery all in one spot! You won’t need to leave for anything here!

Check rates and availability here.

For more places to stay in Kromeriz, check the map below:


What do you think of Kromeriz? Let us know!

For more tips on planning your visit, don’t miss our Czech Republic travel guide.

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