Is the Langogo AI Translator A Traveler’s Best Friend?

One question we get asked a lot about our travels is how we communicate in the many countries we visit when we don’t speak the local language. In some countries, like South Korea or say the Philippines, we are lucky because a lot of people speak English. But most places we go there are language barriers, we rely on hand gestures, body language, pointing, and facial expressions with a lot of patience to try and figure out what’s going on or how to communicate what we need.

We have been pretty lucky so far but have been in a few situations where we really could have benefited from having a translator. With technology and new AI translator devices it couldn’t be any easier to communicate in other countries.

We have never used one of these live AI translator devices before that we keep seeing videos for, so when Langogo reached out to us asking us to review their new AI translator device we were excited to put it to the test during our trip to the Czech Republic where we have great difficulty trying to even pronounce local words.

Check out our review of the Langogo AI translator.

*Disclaimer: we were asked to review the Langogo AI translator for the Langogo indiegogo campaign. You can find more information and pre-order the Langogo AI translator device here.

What is a Langogo AI translator device?

Langogo calls itself the first AI pocket translator with global wifi where you can speak like a local in 60+ languages and stay connected wherever you travel. Made for travelers to be able to communicate all over the world in less than 1 second right at your fingertips with a built-in AI voice assistant.

Some features include:
  • -live translations in 60 languages
  • -global wifi hotspot in over 72 countries with eSIM technology with 2GB of data included in your purchase
  • -real time 2 way translation
  • -noise canceling
  • -AI voice assistance
  • -acts as a wifi hotspot for up to 6 devices
  • -has its own in device assistant Euri to answer questions

Our Experience:

Langogo AI Translator device

We were impressed with the live translations on the spot and how easy the device is to use. I am not going to lie this was a really fun device to play with seeing how we have been traveling around without a translator for so long and struggling even to order food at restaurants, this made communicating so much easier and knowing that our food wasn’t going to come out wrong was also a nice feeling!

Besides at restaurants, we can see this device being handy when we are lost or need directions to places or heaven forbid if there’s ever an emergency and we need to communicate something we will have our Langogo to help us.

The design is sleek and fits in your hand easily, we really appreciate that it doesn’t take up too much space in our pockets or my purse.

The device does not provide offline translation. If you’re on a plane, unless you’re connected to the in-flight wifi, the device will not work. 

How to Use Langogo:

You simply turn on the device and it automatically connects to the best local network with Langogo’s built-in Cloud-Sim Card or connect it to your Wifi.

For the eSIM you will not have roaming fees but will be charged by what the  4G carriers in the area’s rates are after your first 2GB of data. This SIM card is built into the device and since it connects to the best local network and connect to your cloud where you will have your data package/rates.

To translate, press the translation button and be sure to set which language you will be translating to and from. Speak into the device and it will translate on the spot.

Besides the translate feature you can also use the Euri feature, the built-in AI assistant to answer your travel related questions from what the weather is to exchange rates.

This works great for conversations and random questions you may have while traveling. However, this will not be a solution for translating movies or live events or speeches in real time.

Overall Thoughts

So is this new translator device with AI technology a traveler’s best friend? For around the $200 range this could be a really handy device to travel with and use as a global hotspot if you do not have a good mobile plan for traveling or want to bother with buying local SIM cards.

With that being said, depending on where you are traveling and what their 4G data plans are like this could add up. Some big cities and destinations around the world have public wifi, Starbucks, or other local places you can connect to if this is a problem for you, but it could be an inconvenience if you find the data to be too costly for your travel budget.

Something to know is that many of the current 60 languages are different dialects of English and Spanish. However, the database will grow over time and more languages will be available with time.

While we don’t think this will solve every communication problem we run into when we travel, this will help communicate easier on a day to day basis when hopping countries around the globe. It is exciting to see new technology like this get released and become available making everyday travel and life easier.