Make Extra Money When You Travel – Grabr Review

grabr review

Did you know you can make some extra money when you’re on your next vacation?! Sounds too good to be true right?

We just discovered Grabr, an interesting start-up app with a concept that allows people to generate some side hustle income when they’re on their next trip and help fund their vacation!

Whether you’re headed to Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Moscow, or anywhere you can earn extra cash on your next trip and meet new people as well!

In this article, we are reviewing the Grabr app’s concept and introducing it to our readers in case this is something you’re interested in trying to help make extra cash when you travel.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored and done in partnership with Grabr

But First, What is Grabr?

Grabr is a global travel and shopping marketplace online platform that allows travelers to partner with shoppers looking for unique items from all over the world, where they travel!

The goal is to help people save money and get foreign goods delivered to them quicker. Basically they want to be a crowdsourced speedy delivery service to help people get the items they want and allow anyone who can deliver the items to make extra money!

Basically, there are two different types of users, a Grabr Traveler and a Grabr Shopper.

As a Grabr Shopper, you can shop for unique items that might not be available in your country or they are extremely expensive. For example, did you know electronics are incredibly more expensive in Europe than in the United States?

With Grabr, a shopper can find items they want, for example, we recently fell in love with Händlmaier mustard from Regensburg, Germany on our recent trip this last spring. While you can find the original sweet Bavarian mustard at some specialty German supermarkets in the US, we can’t find our favorite, their extra spicy mustard.

As a Grabr Shopper, I can put in my request for this product along with the reward I’m willing to pay for it to be delivered in unused luggage space on a traveler either passing through Regensburg or someone from Regensburg!

As a Grabr Traveler, you can make money, up to $1000 per trip on higher-end items, by delivering products people want from where you’re at by fulfilling orders!

As a Grabr Traveler you will have to deliver the product yourself, so always be sure to make sure you do this in a public, safe space. Once the shopper receives their order you get paid through the app, there is no in-person money exchange for the safety of both the Grabr Shopper & Grabr Traveler.

Using Grabr Review

All of this takes place in the Grabr Marketplace. This is where Grabr Shoppers and Grabr travelers can make offers, order items, and negotiate with each other on details via their in-platform messaging platform.

Like Airbnb, we always recommend users to use the native messaging tool in the app they are using to protect you if there is an issue where Grabr support has to get involved!

Also, be sure to check out Grabr Collections. There are collections from popular products, Cyber Monday deals, and even an occasional charity or social enterprise. For example, Grabr has even partnered in the past with a charity in Brazil to receive and send common goods like sheets, clothing, school supplies and more for children who need it.

Grabr has also partnered with a few other travel companies like airlines, Uber, hotels, and more where Grabr users get special discounts.

*Note that if you’re a shopper and the item is damaged you get a refund.

*Be sure to do your due diligence and research before agreeing to deliver an item to a country that it isn’t breaking any of the local laws and don’t travel with any items you haven’t purchased yourself.

Is Grabr Safe to use?

We recommend to always follow Grabr’s guidelines for your safety. Payment is never done in person, always through the app after the product is delivered.

Users are to set up the meeting location, instead of having a meeting location at your home we suggest meeting in a public space like a café.

Use Grabr to also view any legalities, regulations, or warnings for delivering items to certain destinations.

If any transaction causes any safety issues, Grabr’s policy is to remove the user who caused the problem.

Check out Grabr here to see if this is something you’re interested in trying on your next trip or interested in using if you’re looking for a unique item from another country!

Sign up is easy either through your Facebook account or with your email.

If anyone gets their hands on that hot mustard in Regensburg, Germany let us know!

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grabr review grabr review