5 Reasons Why Seoul Forest is a Great Place for Dates in Seoul

We try to go on dates every week. From our weekly Wednesday date nights to some fun we have to do these things while in Korea. The problem is we also are hellbent on saving as much money as we can for travel as soon as December rears its head. So we are constantly trying to find fun things to do, that don’t cost a lot of money. Which brings us to Seoul Forest.

If your wallet is looking empty and you have a date coming up or perhaps just want to find something to do that doesn’t cost a boat load then Seoul Forest could be your answer. Although it looks more like a park than a forest, there are some great activities you can do that give you a little taste of nature or peace and calm within the hustle and bustle of the city.

What is Seoul Forest you ask? Basically 5 big parks connected together and one of the best things to do in Seoul. It is Korea’s goal to make Seoul Forest at the same caliber as London’s Hyde Park, or the Central Park in New York. Alright enough small talk lets find out what you should plan to do with your date at Seoul Forest.

Feed the Deer at the Ecology Forest

The main attraction from children to adults is to visit the deer at Seoul Forest. It’s not often you get to be up close and personal with wildlife in Korea, unless you’re at Everland or the zoo. Seoul Forest has about 50 Sika Deer and Chinese Water Deer that you can get up close to and feed.

They have a small vending machine near the bathroom where you can pay 1,000 won to get a cup of feed. If you are lucky, you will find a friendlier little Rudolph that will just stand there and let you pet him through the fence!

This is a perfect place to bring a date because it is a fun experience for the both of you and you don’t have to worry about what to say next. Just talk about the deer and your in!

After that it may be a good idea to rent a bike to explore the rest of Seoul Forest.[/text_output]

Pro Tip
Make sure you pour a little food in your hand and offer it to the deer otherwise they will steal your entire cup of feed!

Rent a Bicycle

Seoul Forest Bike Rental

Couple biking through the forest.

A nice feature about most parks in Korea is that there are bicycle and walking/running paths. Seoul Forest is a great place to rent a bicycle for yourself or you and a friend on a tandem bicycle to get double the fun! Ride around the park or veer off onto the Hangang River path. Eitherway, a leisurely bicycle ride is always a great way to get active and see all of the park and one of the most romantic things you can do!

Rentals are per hour single 3,000 KRW (~$3) or tandem bicycle 6,000 KRW (~$6)

For some serious bonus points, or just to make a really awesome date. Use the bike ride to scope out some spots to have a picnic under the trees in Seoul Forest.[/text_output]

Pack a Picnic

This is a perfect place for a date. Plus you can save some serious money (unless you’re eating street food) and look like a thoughtful, romantic lover by packing a homemade meal. We found that makgeolli paired with peanut butter & jelly sandwiches are a scrumptious combo. Both things are cheap, simple, delicious, and great for picnics!

There are various areas to lay down a blanket or cloth and set camp for you and your special someone where you can just sit and relax. One of the more popular areas to picnic nearby is the area where all of the sculptures are in the park. Admire the art in the park.[/text_output]

For and even better time pack some games or a shuttlecock set. You won’t regret it unless it is a windy day!


Swing over to the playground in the cultural art park and impress your significant other by climbing into the belly of the beast.

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Seoul Forest

This impressed Megan beyond belief.

You can also use this opportunity to show off your fun side and hit up the slides.[/text_output]

Butterfly Garden 

Seoul Forest Butterfly Garden

Beautiful speckled winged butterfly

Wander into the Butterfly Garden to see gorgeous, colorful species of butterflies. You can witness the different stages of the butterfly transformation from their larva stage until they emerge from their cocoon if you are lucky. Also some of the types of butterflies are rare such as the African Monarch and Alpine Black Swallowtail. The butterflies make great photos and memories for everyone.

Seoul Forest Butterfly Garden

Stunning orange butterfly.

Take a Bingsu Break


Green Tea Patbingsu from Beans n Berries

At the end of the day, you might be hot, tired, or both. So why don’t you head on over to what we think is the best Bingsu in Korea, which is of course Beans & Berries.

If you are not sure what Bingsu is check out our post to find our more about Bingsu. But really, just look at that mouth watering photo and you know you will want some. To get there from the park, just look up and start walking to the two huge buildings that tower over the park. You can find beans and berries on the first floor in the left tower.

Whether your looking for first date options or just looking for a fun way to take your sweetheart out on a date without breaking the bank we think Seoul Forest is the perfect option you. Not only is it free, but it’s easy to get to and offers a completely different experience than most options available to you in Seoul. So pack a picnic, call your date, and head on down to Seoul Forest! It will be fun, we promise.

If your looking for other fun dates in Korea, maybe consider heading to Insadong for the trick eye museum.

How to Get to Seoul Forest

Seoul Forest Station (Bundang Line) Go out exit 3 and walk for 5 minutes
OR Ttukseom Station (Line 2) Go out exit  8 and walk for about 15 minutes

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