Peggys Cove Lighthouse in Peggys Cove Nova Scotia


Our friendly neighbors to the north!

From Vancouver to Toronto to Montréal and all around, we love visiting Canada both in the summer and the winter!

The best way to plan your trip is to split up the country by its provinces and territories.

In Québec, you've got the incredible Saguenay-lac-Saint-Jean, which sees an average of 93 days of snow a year, the storybook city of Québec City, the capital city of Montréal, and the famous Mont Tremblant among other cool spots all around. Don't forget to get poutine here - this is the province where it all began!

Another of our favorites is Nova Scotia. In the summer, plan a road trip and get to know the different towns like Halifax and Lunenburg. 

And of course, don't miss the underrated Winnipeg in the province of Manitoba.

Really there's so much to do and see in Canada that you can't go wrong wherever and whenever you go!

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QUICK TIPS for visiting

NOTE: Canada is absolutely massive and each province is so unique to the next. Check individual province and city guides for more specific information.

When to Visit: While Canada does have four season, it is generally on the colder side, especially the western provinces. The best chances of a warm, sunny trip will be August.

Language: English & French (in Quebec)

Currency: Canadian Dollar (CAD), 1 CAD = ~.75 USD, ~.6 GBP,  ~.7 EUR

Card-Friendly? Canada is extremely card-friendly. You should be fine using your card wherever you go.

Plugs: Canadian plug-types are A & B (similar to the US, Japan, and sometimes Vietnam). Definitely get a universal adapter with surge protection, especially if you intend to use any hair tools.

Safety: Over all, Canada is a fairly safe country though all major cities have the same safety issues as major metropolitan areas around the world. Always be mindful of your belongings and practice normal safety precautions as you would anywhere.


Megan walking in the walkway of the Canadian Museum of Human Rights in Winnipeg
Megan sitting at the dock in Lunenburg in Nova Scotia
Megan looking at the village in Mont Tremblant in winter during snowfall