Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Korea

Valentines in Korea

 Celebrating Valentine’s Day Korean Style with Chocolate!

When in Korea, do as the Koreans do. We may not follow all Korean traditions while living here, but we had to try a few! So one of our first experiences was Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Korea. Korean’s have a sweet little twist to Valentine’s Day. It’s still celebrated on February 14th, but the ladies shower their men with chocolates.

The ladies are not left out though, March 14th  is white day where men present their ladies with candy.

Oh, and all the single ladies (and the single guys) have a special day just for them. Black day, which is April 14th, where single people go to a Chinese restaurant and eat a black noodle dish called “jjajyangmyeon.”

I researched that the most affectionate and romantic way to gift Scott this holiday would be to hand make my own chocolates. I did some research from various pins on Pinterest and thought that the chocolate covered strawberries with white chocolate drizzle would be a grand slam.

”CelebratingI thought it would be easy enough to nail this TWO STEP recipe. We have minimal kitchen supplies since we are living here temporarily. Apparently, melting chocolate can be tricky, at least for me. I had to put the chocolate chips into a bowl into a shallow pan of hot water and watch for the perfect amount of melt until I removed the bowl from the heat. It sounded simple and fool proof. However, the end result was clumpy white chocolate that would not drizzle and lumpy chocolate covered strawberries.[/text_output]Celebrating Valentine's Day in Korea - Chocolates

It’s true when people say it’s the thought that counts. They were delicious, but a bit ugly. Scott still loved them. Now I have to wait around the corner and see what’s in store for me for White Day!

How was your Valentine’s Day in Korea? Send us your pictures or comments about how it went in the comments below or to us on facebook and twitter. We would love to hear your stories!