Exploring Bohemian Switzerland with Northern Hikes

After exploring Czech Republic for 30 days we were still in awe when we made it to Bohemian Switzerland. Bohemian Switzerland is one of Czech Republics most beautiful national parks and it completely blew our mind. We spent 4 nights and three days nestled at the bottom of the entrance and explored all the nook and crannies with our local friend Marek, who also runs Northern Hikes, a popular hiking company in Czech Republic.

Our goal there was to shoot a hybrid hyper-lapse and video of some of the most iconic and breathtaking spots in Bohemian Switzerland.

We wanted to maximize our chances of seeing sunrises, sunsets, and stars. Our first night on the park we watch a beautiful sunset with Marek overlooking the small, charming town nearby.

That night, I drove into Germany to try and shoot the stars over the Bastei gate. Unfortunately, there was pretty much a full moon and lots of clouds. So I slept in the car until sunrise to shoot this little sequence.

Bohemian Switzerland
That day we had a really fun enjoyable hike up to the arches. Where we got some fun photos and ended the day the most Czech way we could with a pilsner.

The next morning we met back up with Marek who took us to one of the most breathtaking locals sites where we froze our butts off until this incredible sunrise.

Bohemian Switzerland Bohemian Switzerland Bohemian Switzerland

Followed by another beautiful hike into the gorge where we took a wonderful boat ride to one of the most stunning and peaceful settings we ever saw. This is a fun Cinemagraph we shot there.

All in all I think we spent an hour easily at this spot, testing out some photos, shooting a time-lapse and just soaking in this spot.

As we continued we got a tiny bit of rain that only made the experience even better. Rain or shine traveling through the gorges is absolutely breathtaking

Bohemian Switzerland.

For sunset, we went to another incredible vista overlooking a neighboring town and caught some vivid rainbows.

For our final day we went to the Elba Sandstone Canyons and even though it was a bit rainy for a part of it we explored this incredible landscape, shooting footage, getting instagram photos and having a complete blast. The terrain is unlike anything we’ve ever seen and is constantly changing over millions of years because of the weather. Absolutely incredible.

Bohemian Switzerland Bohemian Switzerland

Overall we absolutely loved it, and are dying to go back during the winter to see what it would look like covered in snow.

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Our Gear

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