8 Legendary Hocus Pocus Filming Locations in Salem

Ropes Mansion at night during Halloween in Salem Massachusetts

Halloween lovers unite! Looking for all the legendary Hocus Pocus filming locations in Salem, Massachusetts? You’ve come to the right place! 

In case you’ve stumbled upon this post and don’t know what this cult classic holiday movie is, Hocus Pocus is an iconic Halloween movie that first came out in 1993. Loosely based on the actual Salem Witch Trials, this movie takes place primarily in Salem, Massachusetts.

In fact, many famous scenes in the movie were filmed in Salem! Today, fans of the film can see these Hocus Pocus sites in Salem and nearby towns. Even though the movie was shot three decades ago(!), the places where Hocus Pocus was filmed still look very similar to how they did in the movie and even attract fans year round!

If you’ve seen this spooky classic starring some of Hollywood’s most famous actresses like Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker, you may wonder from time to time where Hocus Pocus was filmed?

Although many famous movies are often shot in New York City or Los Angeles, Hocus Pocus has many filming locations in Salem. In fact, this movie was shot in Salem and the surrounding towns for two weeks with the entire cast! Throughout the film, many viewers appreciate this authentic feel and the way that it brings them back into spooky 17th century Salem and the 90s. 

Below are the most popular Hocus Pocus film locations, where you can find them in the movie, and how you can visit these spots. Luckily, all of these spots are relatively close together, making it convenient for anyone that’s visiting Boston to take an easy day trip up or plan a whole Salem getaway around it! 

If you want to dive even deeper into the Halloween spirit, you can not only visit these filming locations but check out the museums, gardens, and movie events that they hold all year long. Since all of these filming locations take place in historic New England, visiting them makes for a great fall activity!

Be sure to see our full guide to all the best things to do in Salem and the best places to stay in Salem to help you plan your visit and what to see and do around finding all the Hocus Pocus sites in Salem! Also, many of the popular tours in Salem cover a few of the Hocus Pocus filming locations too!

Hocus Pocus Sites in Salem

Salem Pioneer Village

Pioneer Village in Salem Massachusetts

At the beginning of Hocus Pocus, viewers can see many shots of what is supposed to be Salem in 1693. However, these shots are actually taken at Salem Pioneer Village, a living history museum that recreates the city of Salem as it was in the 17th century!

You can see this living history museum in the movie’s opening scene before Thackery Binx becomes a black cat. While we see him running through the village, he is actually running through this three-acre museum that doesn’t look much different than it did when it was created!

Salem Pioneer Village opened in 1930 and was the first museum that recreated the iconic city, making it one of the most convenient and realistic Hocus Pocus filming locations! When you visit Salem Pioneer Village, you’ll be able to learn more about 17th-century life in Salem.

To learn more about how to visit the Salem Pioneer Village, check out their main website. Keep in mind that this museum is typically only open on weekends, charges $5 per person, and almost never lets people in after 3:30 PM. Tickets can be purchased on their website or at the gate when you arrive. 

Located at 98 West Avenue in Salem, this museum is nearby many other Hocus Pocus sites in Salem, including Ropes Mansion and Old Town Hall!

Ropes Mansion

The Ropes Mansion in Salem MA a Hocus Pocus filming location

One of Salem’s most famous Hocus Pocus filming locations is Ropes Mansion. Represented as Allison’s house in the movie, this Colonial Revival mansion was used for the exterior shots and many scenes like the trick or treating scene. 

Like many other Hocus Pocus filming locations, Ropes Mansion is a well-known historic site on Essex Street. Today, this mansion is a museum owned by the Peabody Essex Museum!

The garden is open to the public all year long, and they offer tours on specific dates. Although the exterior scenes were shot here and the interior scenes were shot in California, the inside of the house is definitely worth seeing. 

You can see the outside of Ropes Mansion any day, any time. However, this Hocus Pocus hot spot does offer free, self-guided tours on weekends if you want to see the inside! 

Otherwise, you can admire from the exterior which always draws the crowds for a photo in front of this famous and recognizable Hocus Pocus spot, especially around Halloween!

Old Burial Hill in Marblehead


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Many fans wonder where Hocus Pocus was filmed during all of the daytime cemetery scenes. The answer is Marblehead, MA! The daytime cemetery scenes were some of the few scenes that were not shot in Salem.

Instead, they were shot at Old Burial Hill Cemetary. Known as one of the oldest graveyards in all of New England, this cemetery is situated on a peninsula near Salem and is located in a historic town that dates back to colonial times.

You can see the Old Burial Hill Cemetary in many scenes, including the one where the bullies attempt to stop Max while he is on his way home. Even though this cemetery is somewhat far from other locations, unless you have a car, it easily looks like it could be a part of the town in the movie! 

Old Burial Hill Cemetary has three entrances that are open to the public. You can visit Old Burial Hill Cemetary by going up the stairway at Orne & Pond Streets. You can also enter on Pond Street and by Redd’s Pond. Once you get to the graveyard, you’ll have a great, high-up view of Marblehead and the picturesque homes!

Estimated to be home to over 600 Revolutionary soldiers, this cemetery is famous for its well-kept aesthetic, views of the harbor, and view of the water from the top. What’s more, it is always open to the public!

Hocus Pocus House


One of the most famous Hocus Pocus filming locations is the one used for scenes that show Max and Dani’s house. The Hocus Pocus House, as many call it, is located near the Salem Pioneer Village on 4 Ocean Avenue!

This house can be seen in many scenes, including the scene where the witches leave after kidnapping Dani. Many fans love visiting this house to see Max’s iconic attic bedroom exterior!

Although this is now a private residence, many fans still love to visit and take pictures outside. In fact, this house still looks very similar to the way it did in the movie even though it dates back to 1870! However, keep in mind that this is now a private residence. Although it is not closed off to the public, make sure to be mindful of those who live there. 

This iconic house is located in a quaint, picturesque neighborhood, making it great for anyone who wants to take a scenic stroll or immerse themselves in the neighborhood more. 

Old Town Hall

Old Town Hall in Salem on Halloween

One of the most well-known Hocus Pocus sites in Salem is Old Town Hall. Like many of the other Hocus Pocus filming locations, Old Town Hall is located on Essex Street.

This site can be seen in the Halloween the party scene and the “Put a Spell on You” scene. In fact, many claim that the song can still be heard echoing from the back of the building at night!

Today, Old Town Hall is a national historic site that hosts the Salem Museum and many performances of Cry Innocent! Old Town Hall also hosts many community events, farmers’ markets, and re-enactments of the Salem Witch Trials. You can take a virtual tour of this filming location on the Salem town website.

Salem Common


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The Salem Common is another one of the famous Hocus Pocus filming locations! Also known as Washington Square, the Salem Common is the park that viewers can see in the scenes that take place outside of Max’s high school.

Although many of the Hocus Pocus film locations are far away from one another, the Salem Common is actually right outside of the exterior location where they shot Max’s high school!

Many of the outdoor scenes throughout the movie were shot at the Salem Common. Today, each year during the Haunted Happenings, Hocus Pocus is shown here as a part of the Haunted Movie Series!

Phillips Elementary School


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Phillips Elementary School is where Hocus Pocus was filmed during all of the exterior shots of Max and Allison’s school. So any time viewers see an exterior shot of the high school, it is really Phillips Elementary School!

This elementary school ended its time as a school in 1992, right before the movie started filming! Today, the building is a condo complex where people live.

Although the building is no longer open to the public, it still looks just like it did in the movie and can be viewed from the outside. It is also right next to the Salem Common and is a short walk from Ropes Mansion, making it a great spot to see multiple filming locations at once!

BONUS: Count Orlock’s Nightmare Gallery 

Although Count Orlock’s Nightmare Gallery is not one of the Hocus Pocus film locations, it is a museum that fans of the movie love and is worth mentioning!

Located at 217 Essex street near many other Hocus Pocus filming locations, this museum is open in the summer and throughout the month of October as a haunted house!

On top of the well-known haunted house, this museum showcases many exhibits on horror, sci-fi, and fantasy films.

Hocus Pocus witch costume for Halloween in Salem Massachusetts

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