Megan's home state!

Did you know Megan grew up on a dairy farm in rural Ohio? Yep! When we say rural, we mean rural like she had a pet Canadian goose! In addition to this goose, she had ducks, goats, rabbits, dogs, and, of course, cats (lots and lots of cats). Even now when we visit her family, we find ourselves hanging out with their newly rescued kittens.

Anyway, we may be biased, but we firmly believe Ohio is a very underrated state. It gets kind of forgotten about and hardly anyone we know considers it a travel destination! Really, the only time we hear about it is as a place to get out of (aka "Glee" and a bunch of random Internet celebrities who move to LA).

HOWEVER, we feel Ohio has come a long way and has become a pretty cool state since Megan's youth! With the northwest and northeast regions, you've got Lake Erie for a northern border and some very cool city trips in the form of Toledo, Akron, and Cleveland. Mid-Ohio stretches all along the middle and encompasses Ohio's state capital, Columbus. Down in the southwest and southeast you've got scenic hilly terrain and the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. When planning your trip, don't skip a stay at The Mohicans, a very cool treehouse cabin in Holmes County.

As you can see, there's a ton to do in Ohio and shouldn't just be regulated to a US flyover state.

Quick Tips for Visiting Ohio

When to Visit: With its northern midwest location, Ohio definitely experiences some intense winters and has all four seasons. If you want to do more outdoorsy activities, we definitely recommend visiting in the summer and early fall.

Language: English

Currency: The dollar (USD). (1 USD = ~.9 EUR or ~.75 GBP OR ~1.25 CAD)

Card-Friendly? Ohio is fairly card-friendly in all the major cities. It's always good to have some cash on hand just in case for the smaller mom and pop shops.

Getting Around: You'll want a car to get around most of Ohio, though some cities it's easier to do a combination of walking and calling an Uber or Lyft.

Safety: Ohio is a fairly safe state. In some of the cities you'll want to be more aware of your safety than if you're driving through the mountains or farm lands, so just take the normal precautions!


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