40+ Photos That Prove the Czech Republic is WAY MORE Than Prague

Bohemian Switzerland

The Czech Republic is one of Central Europe’s incredible destinations to visit. It’s no wonder why over 10 million visitors come a year to see the beauty of this country, however of those visitors over 88% visit only Prague.

We get it, Prague is absolutely stunning, gorgeous, and looks straight out of a fairy tale. We are also in love with the city ourselves and love all the amazing things to do in Prague and neighborhoods to explore.

But, what the 88% of visitors who visit the Czech Republic and only go to Prague miss out on so much more.

The country is literally filled to the brim with castles, chateaus, storybook villages, National Parks, and sweeping landscapes.

We have spent ALOT of time in the Czech Republic, mostly because we fell in love and don’t ever want to leave or stop exploring and revisiting the amazing destinations we encounter.

From sipping on wine in the cellars of chateaus in the South Moravian wine country, drinking beer after beer while visiting castles on the beer trail in South Bohemia, to feeling inspired admiring the beauty of Bohemian Switzerland National Park and Bohemian Paradise Geo Park. There is a lot to offer and plenty of cool and unique things to do and see in the Czech Republic.

Since it’s easy to be distracted by pretty pictures to fuel your wanderlust to stay in Prague, we have put together these photos of amazing places to prove the Czech Republic is WAY more than Prague!

Next time you visit, of course, spend a day in Prague, but be sure to plan some travel around this magical and mesmerizing country full of beautiful destinations to discover.

Check out our suggested Czech Republic itinerary and our Czech Republic travel guide for tips and information you need to know before your visit.

Morning mist at Zvikov Castle in South Bohemia

Zvikov Castle in South Bohemia during the morning fog just a few hours south of Prague. Magical inside and out and surrounded by the Vltava River.

Aerial shot of Zvikov Castle

Aerial view of Zvikov Castle surrounded by the beautiful and serene Vltava River. This castle was one of the best naturally fortified castles in the history of the Czech Republic due to its location high on the rocks above the river before the construction of the Orlik Dam which made the water levels rise.

Orlik Castle in South Bohemia

Another castle in South Bohemia, Orlik Castle is perfectly placed on the water. Visitors can take boat rides around the castle and the surrounding landscape.

deer in the park at Blatna Castle

The friendly deer in the gardens of the Blatna Castle grounds. These deer or the descendants of these have been present on the castle grounds for centuries.

Bouzov Castle in the Czech Republic

Bouzov Castle is a magical 14th-century castle overlooks the hills of Moravia and feels straight out of a fairy tale.

Cool finds and unique things to do in czech republic

The Royal Forest Dam is probably the most fairy tale like dam in the world with its castle-like appearance along the Elbe River in the Hradec Králové Region.

Unique things to do in czech republic

Chateau Hradek u Nechanic is a beautiful and unique red castle in the Hradec Králové Region of Czech Republic.

Kromeriz Czech Republic

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the baroque flower gardens of the Kromeriz Castle is an enchanting site to see.

karlovy vary mill colonnade

The beautiful Mill Colonnade in Karlovy Vary, also known as Karlsbad, the spa town in Western Bohemia. There are 5 different natural springs here varying in temperature and health properties you can drink from.

UNESCO Czech Republic

birds eye view of Pilgrimage Church of St. John of Nepomuk at Zelená Hora Vysocina UNESCO site in Czech Republic

The Pilgrimage Church of St. John of Nepomuk by Santini demonstrates beautiful Neo-Gothic and Baroque styles of architecture and UNESCO Site in the Vysočina Region. Besides being an impressive structure this is also a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Learn more about the history and story behind St John of Nepomuk, the martyr saint of the Czech Republic and Central and Western Europe.

Castle Kost Bohemian Paradise

Castle Kost in the Bohemia Region is one of the best preserved gothic castles in the country and filming location for Hanibal Rising.
Castle Hruba Skala Bohemian Paradise
Castle Hruba Skala in the Bohemian Paradise Geo Park area is not only a castle but a hotel in this magical and mysterious landscape surrounded by beautiful rock formations and the forest.
Bohemian Paradise Trosky Castle

The enchanting 14th century castle ruins of Trosky Castle in the Liberc region formed on two volcanic plugs in the Czech countryside.

Bohemian Paradise Prachov Rocks

The 60 million-year-old sandstone Prachovske Rock formations near Jicin. A popular hiking and rock climbing spot in the Bohemian Paradise Geo Park zone.

Cesky Krumlov

Another popular town in the Czech Republic, the storybook town of Cesky Krumlov receives many visitors daily passing through en route to Prague from Vienna or vice versa. We recommend coming in the mornings or evenings after peak visiting hours between 11 am – 4 pm to enjoy this South Bohemian beauty.

Kutna Hora

An aerial view of Kutna Hora, east of Prague and another magical city in the Czech Republic with the gorgeous gothic St. Barbara’s Cathedral.

Kutna Hora

A night view of Barboska Lane with saint statues lined up leading to St. Barbara’s Cathedral in Kutna Hora, east of Prague.

Bohemian Switzerland

The quaint and charming homes of North Bohemia in the Bohemian Switzerland National Park. These style homes are unique to this rural region of the Czech Republic.

Bohemian Switzerland

A boat ride through the Gorges of Kamenice in the Bohemian Switzerland National Park is one of the most tranquil and gorgeous ways to experience the landscape of this region.

Bohemian Switzerland

Europe’s largest natural sandstone arch at Pravicka Brana in Bohemian Switzerland National Park, also a filming location for the Chronicles of Narnia.

Bohemian Switzerland

Sunrise mist in a small village surrounding the Bohemian Switzerland National Park in Northern Bohemia, Czech Republic.

The gothic Saint Wenceslas Cathedral in Olomouc, another impressive city in the Czech Republic in Eastern Moravia.


Possibly one of the most beautiful hospitals in the world located in Olomouc in East Moravia. This is the oldest military hospital in the country and is a running hospital today.

Lednice chateau in south Moravia near Mikulov

Lednice Chateau in South Moravia the wine country of the Czech Republic right along the Austrian border. This castle does not only have ornate and perfectly preserved woodwork from the 19th century on the interior, but elaborate castle gardens to explore. Also, another UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Czech Republic.

Davicky Ruins Czech Republic

The Devicky Ruins in the hills of South Moravia close to the small wine town of Pavlov.

Colonnade at Reistna near Valtice in South Moravia

The Classicist Colonnade at Reistna right next to the border with Austria in South Moravia overlooking Valtice Chateau and the vineyards of the country’s wine region.

Valtice Chateau private chapel in South Moravia

The elegant and ornate private chapel inside Valtice Chateau in South Moravia, another UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Czech Republic. There’s also an unforgettable wine tasting experience in the cellar of this chateau.

View from Holy HIll in Mikulov

The panoramic view from Holy Hill looking over the romantic town of Mikulov in the South Moravia wine region of the Czech Republic.

Megan standing in front of the colorful row of homes in Telc Czech Republic

The beautiful, colorful town center of Telc on the South West border of Moravia in the Czech Republic. Another UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Best Things to do in Trebon

The colorful town square of Trebon in South Bohemia, a spa town with a unique canal system.

Tabor Czech Republic

The quaint town of Tabor in South Bohemia. This view is from the clock tower overlooking the beautiful region in the distance.

Hluboka v Vltavou Castle

Hluboka v Vltavou Castle near the South Bohemia city of Ceske Budejovice.

Czech Republic countryside driving view

If you decide to venture on your own in the Czech Republic by renting a car these are the types of views you will be treated with. This is a view from driving in the South Bohemia Region.

Falcons Nest at Pravicka Brana in Bohemian Switzerland National Park

The Falcon’s Nest is a resort chateau located right next to Pravicka Brana, Europe’s largest sandstone arch in Bohemian Switzerland National Park.

Town Center of Znojmo in the Czech Republic

The magical streets of the small town of Znojmo in South Moravia, the wine region of the Czech Republic.

Chateau Mcely at sunset

Chateau Mcely, a chateau, and 5-star eco hotel overlooking the St. George Forest only an hour outside of Prague.

View of Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul in Brno from Spilberk Castle

Walking on the paths surrounding Spilberk Castle in Brno, the Czech Republic’s second largest city behind Prague with views of the impressive Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul.

Rockclimbers on Doga Rock near Tisa in Bohemian Switzerland National Park

Rock climbers on Doga Rock near the Tisa Rock formations in Bohemian Switzerland National Park.


The gorgeous Vranov n Dyji Chateau perched above the town below in Podyji National Park in the South Moravia Region.

Sunrise Fog over the forest in South Bohemia

Sunrise over the forest of South Bohemia surrounding Zvikov Castle in South Bohemia.

Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul in Brno Czech Republic

The gorgeous Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul in Brno, the capital city of Moravia.

Horse drawn carriage at Karlstejn Castle

A horse drawn carriage makes its way through the town of Karlstejn, where you can see the Karlstejn Castle perched on the hill.

Znojmo wine town in South Moravia

View of Znojmo, a gorgeous wine town in South Moravia from a viewpoint.

Sazava Monastery in Central Bohemia

The Sazava Monastery in Central Bohemia, a well off the beaten path site that has become increasingly popular as it is featured in a popular new video game, Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Zruc Nad Sazavou aerial shot

Zruc Nad Sazavou castle in Central Bohemia.

Convinced that there is more to see in the Czech Republic other than Prague?

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