Eating Our Way Through My Birthday

N Seoul Tower Restaurant N.Grill

Celebrating holidays and birthdays abroad often leaves you missing your family and friends back at home. Luckily for me, I have my bestfriend with me and he knows how to … Read More

Chuseok Special Tasty Tuesday: Songpyeon


We just experienced our second Chuseok in Korea this fall. Chuseok is the Korean Thanksgiving, and just like the American Thanksgiving, Korea has its staple, traditional foods they serve on … Read More

Chrysanthemum Bread or Gook Hwa Bread

Korean Dessert Bread

This week’s Tasty Tuesday is crowned to this tiny, flower imprinted pastry bread. It goes by chrysanthemum bread or gook hwa bread. These delightful snacks are filled with either a … Read More