Our Story

We are Scott Herder and Megan Indoe, a couple from North America who are trying to figure out how to see the world, save money for a house, and become digital nomads.

We are currently able to afford a lifestyle of travel by living in a different country for a year and traveling locally and then taking six months off at the end of the year to travel wherever we want. BUT IT WASN’T ALWAYS LIKE THIS.

Until we boarded a plane for South Korea in 2013, we were living a life in a cubicle, climbing ladders by day, Netflix and wine binging at night. We weren’t miserable or unhappy with our lives, but since we were always watching NatGeo’s Amazing Planet almost every flippin night we knew there must be more out there. I mean Netflix was literally showing us that there was more.

The push came when we were both feeling overwhelmed with life. Scott coming to grips with the fact that he couldn’t save for travel and a house at the same time. While Megan had finally gotten her dream job only to end up hating it. We both made the move from our comfortable apartment on PCH in Laguna Beach and unnecessary possessions to a small apartment in Seoul, Korea. We began this journey to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones, save money for a house, and most of all fulfill our dreams of travel.


We’ve trekked with the Black Hmong in Northern Vietnam, chased down waterfalls through the back country of Laos, embraced our inner hippies working on an island in Cambodia for two months and so much more.

Trekking in Sapa


In summary, we went from thinking we would never be able to travel and save money to now being on the brink of buying a home and continuing our journey. This is our lifestyle now and we have no intention of stopping.


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During this journey we have discovered two new passions that we didn’t know existed. Photography and blogging. Thus this blog, bobo & chichi, was born. While we are still new and trying to find our voice, if you like exploring foreign lands with some awesome photography, we will do our best to fill your appetite. We also share some of the ups and downs we go through, like the time we moved into the apartment from hell and then got the world’s smallest couch.



We are currently on the last year of our three year plan. To save 75k for a house (hopefully that we don’t have to live in) and to have traveled for a solid year during that three year timespan. In the first 20 months we’ve saved 35k and traveled for eight months! Not a bad start. With 18 months left to go we are now back in Korea after getting our dreams crushed in Vietnam. The goal is to save the last 40k and travel for at least four more months before we buy a home and GULP, figure out what’s next.


We would love to connect with you and invite you to come travel with us on our journey. We are working on writing some more personal stuff so you can get to know us better, but until then let us know if you have any questions that you would like to know about us. Sometimes we get shy :).

Come travel with us