5 Handy Tips for Staying Fit and Working Out While Traveling

Working Out While Traveling

Let’s face it, staying fit and working out while traveling can be tough. There are so many easy excuses why you can’t exercise while traveling. And if you’re only going on a one or two week vacation, it probably isn’t a big deal. But, when you are traveling for months you can feel and notice a big difference if you’re not consciously putting in that extra effort to squeeze in some cardio or a workout.

This was a challenge for us when we started backpacking. We did a half marathon then stopped exercising for about three months. We noticed a huge difference not only in the way we looked, but more importantly the way we felt. We were always tired and experienced a never ending sluggish feeling. Quickly after realizing our lack of working out while traveling was why we felt so crappy we decided to take action and do T25’s 25 minute workout videos in our hotel everyday before leaving for a day of festivities. This was a game changer in the way we felt and looked and it ended up being something we realized we can’t travel without! With access to gym less workouts, we decided to make it a priority to never fall off the wagon again and to keep fit while traveling always a priority.

Today we have a helpful guest post from Jacqueline Minnick of the travel and fitness blog, Not Quite Indiana Jones to give us 5 handy tips for staying fit and working out while traveling that anyone can do! You can check out her site for more equipment less workouts to help you stay fit and feel great on the road!

1. Don’t Stop Being Active

Working Out While TravelingSomething that I hear again and again with backpackers is that they “don’t have time” to exercise or that they’re “on vacation” so they shouldn’t have to worry about working out while traveling. Whether your travel plans are for a week or 10 months, I can’t stress hard enough how important it is for people to not become sedentary while traveling.

A good way to avoid this is to stay active wherever you are traveling to. Just walking for 40 minutes a day along the coast or signing up for rock climbing are great alternatives to laying on a beach all day. Trekking is a great activity that you can do almost anywhere, one of my favorite spots was in in Sa Pa, Vietnam.

 If trekking isn’t for you, you can always try out another activity like rock climbing!  Running is also an easy option, enjoy sightseeing the city while getting in your daily cardio! Check out my favorite running spots in Vietnam!

2. Eat the Right Foods

Working Out While TravelingAfter 4 months of travel, I have found that there are times when I am just craving something unhealthy like a burger or fries and I have to indulge. What I don’t understand is how some people eat like that multiple times in a week!

Not only is Western food unhealthy, but it can also be expensive when traveling in places like SE Asia. Make more health conscious decisions and save your money by eating local food along with fruits and vegetables, eating the local cuisine is also much cheaper! One of my favorite spots full of healthy options was in Hanoi, Vietnam! 

3. Find Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

Working Out While TravelingAfter traveling for a while, I have noticed that if I completely neglect strength training, then I feel more tired, sluggish and weak. To counter this, I have been making equipment-less workouts for backpackers who most likely have no access to a gym while traveling and only have limited space to work with. Check out my latest “Beach Bum” workout that anyone can do, anytime, anywhere, so no excuses!

4. Party Less

Working Out While TravelingWhile I am traveling, I tend to avoid drinking since as a solo female traveler, it isn’t always the best idea. Also, it’s not great for your health AND that drinking tab adds up! I would much rather save my money to go to another city or fund another trekking tour. The choice is up to you, so you decide what is more important to you: one night of fun or how you will be feeling 48 hours after that one night.

5. Surround Yourself with People Who Motivate You

Working Out While TravelingThis point is related to number one since I feel like so many people I meet while traveling value partying way more than their health. I enjoy occasionally going out, but I don’t want to only have wasted party pics to show for my travels. Instead of encouraging keg stands, I think that backpackers should start motivating each other to do hand stands and be healthier! So corny, but keep in mind I was an elementary school teacher.

About Jacqueline

Jacqueline MinnickJacqueline Minnick is a Chicagoan who taught in Seoul, South Korea for two years and she is currently trying to find the next place she’ll call home. While she isn’t blogging about travel and fitness, you can find her stalking food porn on Instagram or people watching.

Fun Fact! We actually had to pleasure of doing the Angkor Wat Half Marathon with Jacqueline 2 years ago in Cambodia!

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Working out while traveling