Trebon Czech Republic

Best Things to Do in Trebon Czech Republic

Another day and another charming town in our Czech Republic itinerary! This time in the South Bohemia region, we stopped to enjoy all the best things to do in Trebon, Czech Republic. We couldn’t help but admire the beautiful colorful buildings, be in awe at the top of the watch tower, and feel relaxed wandering through the castle garden park.

Trebon Czech Republic

What we thought was just an hour stop easily turned into five hours. Little did we know you could actually spend an entire short holiday here on a wellness retreat, playing golf, or just hanging out with your entire family.

The town also has an interesting history. This includes a genius fresh water system to farm their local delicacy, carp. After discovering this small town had a lot to offer we couldn’t help but be intrigued by its interesting character.

Best Things to Do in Trebon, Czech Republic

Trebon Czech Republic

Check out all of the best things to do in Trebon, Czech Republic!

Get the best vantage point in Trebon

Best Things to do in Trebon

Connected to the Old Town Hall in Trebon’s city center is the unmissable watch tower overlooking the entrance to the city for centuries. For 30 CZK each (or 60 CZK for your entire family), you can climb the nearly 100 foot (30 m). Get a bird’s eye view of the eye appealing town center as well as the surrounding wetlands.

View the pretty Baroque and Renaissance facades to all the buildings below. While this may not be the tallest tower you can climb in the Czech Republic, it is the best way to see the city!

Trebon Czech Republic

As you climb the narrow stairs, you will pass through the bells and get a small workout. We were told by our guide that there are sometimes events held in the evenings inside the watch tower. Most recently there were local ghost stories and legends told by candle light inside the tower as well as mystery games to be solved by children for a small prize.

We were sad we didn’t get to experience this for ourselves. Perhaps during our next visit, we will be able to experience an event inside the Town Hall Tower.

Check out the Castle and Garden

Trebon Czech Republic

Once home to the famous Rosenberg family, famous for their flower symbol all around the city and country, the castle is one of the unmissable things to do in Trebon, Czech Republic. You can take a guided tour to see the elegant interior or just explore the exterior of the castle walls on your own.

Be sure to wander around the castle garden park in the back. There are paths, benches, and many trees where you can enjoy a peaceful break during your day or days in this small city.

Learn about the Golden Canal System

Trebon Czech Republic

One of the best things to do in Trebon Czech Republic is to visit the Stepanek Netolicky House Museum. Here you can learn what makes this town such a unique place.

Located right in the town center, this home gives you the background information on the genius fish pond system put in place in the 14th century by Stepanek Netolicky himself. It’s also a fun place if you’re traveling with kids.

All the waterways around and in the city are a part of an intricate man made system to keep fresh water for their fish farming. A local Czech delicacy is carp and most of it comes from Trebon thanks to the golden canal system.

It’s actually quite fascinating to learn about! The system is so unique, that chances are we’ll see it added to the list of Czech Republic UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the future.

If you explore the upstairs of the museum, there is a gallery and interactive exhibits aimed towards children. While we were visiting there was a really cool animation exhibit in place with tons of coloring stations, cartoons, and local legendary animated characters artwork on the walls. The exhibits are always changing but made for the entire family to enjoy.

Have a beer in the local Brewery

Trebon Czech Republic

The local Regent Brewery is a must when visiting Trebon. We are a sucker for trying all the local beer here, and why not? Each town seems to have their own, and we have been sampling our way through the country town after town.

The impressive brewery’s buildings still represent the history of brew making in the country. While there is some modern equipment, the exterior of the buildings are beautifully preserved stone and brick.

Beer in Trebon dates back as early as 1379. Regent Brewery also has a lovely restaurant, a terrace that overlooks the moat around the castle walls, and even a fountain full of beer! There are tours that you can take of the brewery as well with tasting.

Take a trip around the world

Trebon Czech Republic

Did you know you could take a trip around the world in an hour? The pond with the island right outside the castle wall’s name is Svet translating to, “world.” There is a 12km path that goes entirely around the pond and a boat ride that takes you entirely around the pond in an hour! This gives it the fun catch phrase of “going around the world in an hour.”

We thought this was incredibly cute, but also found this area to be beautiful and a great place to go to get some fresh air and exercise. There were tons of people riding their bikes and walking around the path. The entire area around Trebon is protected land area (PLA). Locals and visitors love using this spot to check out the local wildlife and beautiful views of protected land.

If you continue around the world about a kilometer from town you can witness the gorgeous hexagonal neo-gothic Schwarzenberg Tomb.

Go to the local theater

inside Trebon theater in Czech Republic South Bohemia

Another one of the best things to do in Trebon, Czech Republic is to visit the local theater. We have been finding that the theaters in the local towns all have their own unique character.

After being blown away by the incredible and famous Baroque Theater in Cesky Krumlov we didn’t think we could be impressed by another.

Trebon Czech Republic

We were wrong. The Theater of J.K. Tyl was also incredible to see. Even though it was under construction while we were visiting, this seemingly small turquoise and blue theater somehow holds over 300 people.

We loved the color and the detail inside. While it’s not fair to compare theaters here, we do think each theater we have seen has a character and personality of its own. We would love to be able to sit and watch a show from one of the box seats in the balcony one day.

Trebon Czech Republic

Also, connected to the theater of J.K. Tyl is the modern theater where other performances such a marionette puppet shows and plays are held. Be sure to ask the information center if there is a show during your stay as they have live performances every two weeks.

Eat Carp

Trebon Czech Republic

As we said earlier, the local dish is carp. Something you normally wouldn’t eat anywhere else but is specially farmed in the region for consumption and considered a delicacy.

The fish are caught and put into a special pond where their food and environment are controlled for prime conditions for human consumption. We also learned that the fish has to be prepared and cut just right, it’s considered an art passed down families for generations. If you cut the meat incorrectly the meat goes bad.

While most Czech citizens enjoy carp on Christmas day, you can find this dish daily at many restaurants in town. Almost all of the carp in the country is supplied from Trebon, especially on Christmas.

We enjoyed our delicious carp meal from Šupina, one of the most famous spots to enjoy the local dish. Start off with the traditional fish soup and getting the carp dish with the potato salad for your main. We were pleasantly surprised at how much we enjoyed this meal, even if it had a lot of bones to pick through. It is definitely one of the best foodie things to do in Trebon Czech Republic during your visit.

Enjoy dessert and coffee

Trebon Czech Republic

Treat yourself to a little dessert and coffee after that delicious carp meal at Trebon v Marcipanu. Here you can enjoy sitting right in the heart of the town center while indulging in some fine homemade chocolates accompanied with a nice espresso or cappuccino.

We were drooling at the selection of chocolates and it was tough to just pick a few. Good thing it was a hot day and those chocolates would have melted in our car otherwise we would have bought way too many! This is the perfect pick me up in the afternoon.

Go back in time

Trebon Czech Republic

If you want to enjoy a meal or drink and feel like you’ve gone back in time we recommend Kelley’s Tavern within the castle walls. You enter a dim candle lit restaurant that makes you feel like you’re in a dark medieval castle even in broad daylight. The entire place has an alchemist theme with displays of potions and bottles in the corner.

Each table is only lit by a candle and even the waiter has a period costume on. We loved the unique atmosphere here and were told by a local that this is her favorite lunch spot every day because of their delicious meals, great prices, and fun vibe.

Peek inside the church

Trebon Czech Republic

You can’t miss the Church of Our Lady and St. Giles and the Augustinian Monastery while wandering the streets of Trebon. The gothic church dates back to the 12th century and is worth peeking inside. Be sure to take off your hats gentlemen and avoid entering during mass.

Inside the church, you can admire the exquisite gothic details from the back of the church where the organ is to the incredible ceiling and the elaborate pulpit. One of the most notable landmarks inside the cathedral is the Madonna statue.

Our guide referred to her as the famous Trebon Madonna. Apparently, her face made her one of the most beautiful Madonna statues of her time and dates back to the 14th century. The Madonna on display is the original.

Enjoy the spa

We were surprised to hear that one of the most popular things to do in Trebon, Czech Republic was visit the spa. The area attracts an impressive amount of local and international tourists for its spa centers. The spa culture here dates back centuries and is thanks to the nearby wetlands and their unique ingredient, peat – a nutrient rich mud like substance.

People would travel far to be treated in the local peat baths to heal their ailments. We were told that this became so popular that it was actually quite difficult to even be treated because the demand was so high.

Fast forward to today where there are several different spas that offer the mud bath treatment as well as other spa services like hydrotherapy and massages. Many people come to Trebon just for relaxation and even golf.

One of the most famous is the Bertiny Lazne spa located just outside the city wall along one of the golden canals. We got to sneak a peek at the facilities and were instantly bummed we didn’t know about this in advance and book ourselves a day at the spa. We will be making sure to fit this in our things to do in Trebon, Czech Republic on our next visit.

Attend the International Animation Festival

The month of May hosts one of the best things to do in Trebon Czech Republic every year. This is when the city hosts their annual Animation Festival known as Anifilm. The festival has been going on since 2010 and attracts international guests and entries.

Animated films in the festival range from students to animations on television. The festival also includes Gameday which is a similar festival for video games.

Take the kids to the House of Nature

Another one of the best things to do in Trebon Czech Republic with families is to check out the House of Nature on the castle grounds. Inside you will learn all about the local biodiversity. The entire place is decked out with nature inspired decorations and stuffed animals from the region.

There are more interactive activities for kids to enjoy including a small game for children to play and learn the local fish from the golden canal system and a giant hollow oak tree you can actually climb inside.

Explore the nooks and crannies of town

Best Things to do in Trebon Czech RepublicBesides admiring the beautiful town square, we recommend taking at least an hour to walk up and down the different cobblestone streets in Trebon. You will find many little shops, restaurants, cafes, and more adorable buildings throughout the entire city.

We felt like we were walking through an adorable gingerbread village with the intricate and colorful house fronts. We were both imagining which one we would pick to live in if we could have any one for ourselves. Besides, we always like to do a little extra exploring on our own anyway. Getting off the beaten path is exactly how you find hidden gems.

Tips for Visiting Trebon, Czech Republic

Trebon Czech RepublicIf you are uncertain of where to go, what to do, or want additional tips or information be sure to check out the information center in the town square. The staff there is extremely friendly, helpful, and speak great English. They will provide you with pamphlets and brochures as well as any suggestions you may be looking for.

How to Get to Trebon

If you are driving, we recommend parking right outside the city walls in one of the paid parking spots. Do NOT park anywhere that has a blue sign for parking with RESERVED on it, this is for local citizens only and you do not want to end up with a boot on your car! The parking is inexpensive and you have to pay with coins.

Nearby Trebon

Jindrichev Hravedc

If you are looking to explore a bit outside of Trebon we recommend visiting Jindrichuv Hradec, another amazing quaint town with a castle to explore. We arrived on a Sunday, and unfortunately, the town was pretty much closed up for the day off. However, there were many different restaurants, bars, cafes, and shops to enjoy if you arrive on any other day.

The castle complex was also large and worth taking a walk through. We showed up poorly timed at about 15 minutes before the castle closed for the day and missed out on the tour inside. You’ll also want to check out Europe’s largest moving nativity scene while you’re in town!

Where to Stay in Trebon

Trebon Czech Republic

Whether you are just passing through and need a place to stay for the evening before making it to your next stop or you are spending a mini getaway here for wellness and relaxation here are some of the top picks for any budget in Trebon.

$ Apartments Radka

A great budget friendly choice just a few minutes walk from the city center. The location is quiet and there is even a kitchen you can enjoy cooking your own meal or breakfast in. These private rooms are spacious and comfortable making this the best bang for your buck in Trebon.

You can check availability and rates here.

$$ Penzion A Restaurace U Míšků

The front of this place looks like a colorful cookie with its beautiful Baroque facade and just around the corner and steps away from the city center. Enjoy the spacious, clean, and comfy rooms and delicious restaurant. There’s even an indoor pool and fitness facility to enjoy any season.

You can check availability and rates here.

$$$ Apartmány Šupina

Enjoy the luxury apartments right between the city center of Trebon and the wellness centers. You’re less than a 2-minute walk to the city center and tucked away far enough for peace and quiet outside of the square. Be sure to check out the fine dining restaurant attached to the apartment for the local delicacy, Carp. The apartments are fully equipped with modern furniture, decor, and a new bathroom to make you feel cozy and at home during your stay.

You can check availability and rates here.

For more places to stay in Trebon, check the map below:

Trebon Czech Republic

If you love colorful storybook towns be sure to also check out Telc and Tabor, both amazing towns we experienced during our time! You also don’t want to miss our massive Czech Republic travel guide to help you plan your trip!


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