Does Korea’s Hangover Icecream Really Work?

Megan recently saw on Buzzfeed that Korea has a hangover ice-cream called the Gyeondyo-bar (which  translates to ‘hang in there’). So naturally this was the perfect excuse to let loose. I mean, c’mon ice-cream that cures hangovers, how has this not been invented before?!

I mean seriously.

We put these hangover bars to the test!

First we planned our weekend.

Saturday was for fun and drinking, Sunday was for doing an activity outside for the entire day in 90 degree heat. We figured worst case scenario we would skip it.

For Saturday, we went to one of our favorite spots, Everland and enjoyed a night out in Gangnam. After 5 bottles of soju (split between 2) and 6 beers we hunted for the hangover bars. As you can see in the video we were completely oblivious to the fact that they were only sold at the convenient stores called WithMe.(which are not as ubiquitous as 7 Eleven, GS25, and CU in Seoul)

Eventually we found it the magical hangover bars.

The Taste

So how did the hangover bars taste? It’s undecided. We both had completely different reactions.

Megan who loves grapefruit couldn’t stand the flavor at all. She can be see so eloquently saying “Imagine being swallowed whole by a grapefruit and then having to eat your way out of it for the rest of your life. You won’t be a fan of grapefruit anymore after that experience,” in the video and giving hilariously faces in disgust.

Meanwhile, I on the other hand, hate grapefruit flavored stuff and could not taste any flavor whatsoever. The store had a 2+1 deal going on at the time so I actually ate two of them since Megan hated them so much.

We both agreed that whether we liked it or not if this did in fact prevent us from having a hangover it would be worth it.

Does it Cure Hangovers?

The verdict here is that yes it did cure our hangover. We woke up at our normal time feeling well rested and ready to rock. Both of us probably felt at about 90% which was pretty freaking neat if you ask me, considering how much alcohol we consumed. The folks in South Korea have seemed to do something awesome and seriously figure out how to get rid of hangovers in the best possible way.

Whether you like the taste or not will most likely vary widely. However it’s definitely worth a shot.

Have you heard of or tried the hangover ice cream bar in Korea? If so let us know what you thought of it in the comments below. We are dying to hear from others who have also tried it to get a better idea of it worked for you!