17 Stories about Random Acts of Kindness from All over the World

Random Acts of Kindness

Everyday our screens are filled with negative news from all over the world. Lately, it’s been easier and easier to feel down and pessimistic about travel and the future.

While there are tons of bad things going on in the world it is important to not let that fear over run your life. It’s important to know that there are good and bad people no matter where you are. But it’s so easy for us to only focus on the negative. Why?

Being travelers our friends and families back at home tend to worry about us more. Even when there’s much more violence right in their own backyard. There’s something about the fear of the unknown and being so far away from being able to do something that scares them more for our safety just because it’s not at home.

We wanted to share some positive stories travelers have experienced throughout the world to show kindness exists, and it exists all over the world.

We have teamed up with a group of excellent travel bloggers to share their stories about experiencing random acts of kindness from around the world to restore some faith in humanity.

Perhaps it will even inspire you to notice or help someone out who looks like they are lost or could use some assistance! Let’s pay it forward. Being kind isn’t hard. Helping someone who looks lost or confused could go a long way.

The Time Our Bike Broke Down in Laos

Thakhek LaosWe were in central Laos riding on a motorbike from the infamous Konglor Cave back to Thakhek where we had a flight the next day. About 15 minutes after passing a town our motorbike’s fuel line broke. It was hotter than Hades and we hadn’t seen a car pass in quite awhile. We realized we were in a real jam and decided to not panic and start taking turns pushing the bike back towards the town we passed seeing how we had no map and no idea how far we were from a town in the direction we were going.

We kept calm and kept taking turns pushing until one truck stopped. A local man and his wife came out while their young son stayed in the truck and watched. None of us could understand eachother, but he knew we were in trouble. He rearranged his truck to fit the bike and hauled us to the nearest town to get help. Even working on the bike with the mechanic until it was fixed.

After everything was all said and done, our bill cost us a measly $4. We thanked and offered our generous family money for the ride and helping us out. They were reluctant to take it, but you could see the happiness that filled their eyes.

They didn’t have to stop, they didn’t have to help us, but they did. That’s something that we both will remember the rest of our lives and hope to pay it forward one day.

One Random Act Turned into A Life long Friendship

Random Acts of KindnessIn 1999, I was on my first trip to Europe on a bus tour through Munich when I became very ill and had to be taken to a hospital. While I was waiting in the hallway of the hospital on a gurney a male nurse approached me.
He introduced himself as Detmar, knowing I was a foreigner and an Australian, he asked if there was anything he could do for me. It turns out Detmar was looking to pay a favor back to an Australian.
Detmar was in Australia 2 years earlier with his wife and she got ill one night. After unsuccessfully looking for a hospital, a local man closed his pizza shop and assisted in taking Detmar’s wife to the emergency room which was 45 minutes away.
I ended up being in the hospital for 10 days in Munich. During that time, Detmar visited me every day looking after me, his wife bought me books to read, and on my discharge, Detmar drove me to the airport to catch my plane. Since then, I have returned to Munich three times and stayed with Detmar every time.
This random act of kindness has given me a life long friendship.
This story was provided by Mark Wyld, a life long traveler and family man. To follow Mark and his family’s adventures check out their Facebook page!

Saved from a late night Cuban Crisis

Random Acts of KindnessImagine driving around a small non-touristy town in Cuba late at night in the dark looking for a room to spend the night and nothing is open. Well, that is exactly what happen to us when traveling to Cuba this past April.
We found ourselves in the town of Caibarién it was pitch black and we couldn’t find a room for the night. Thankfully a local saw us knocking on doors and driving around. He asked us if we needed help and next thing you know he was calling every guesthouse in town on his phone. Thankfully he found us a room for the night and he even hopped in our rental car to make sure we found the place.
The locals in Cuba were some of the friendliest people we’ve ever met traveling. If the man’s random act of kindness didn’t happen that night I have a feeling the 4 of us would have been sleeping in the car…
This story was provided by Hannah Lukaszewicz, a digital nomad traveling the world with her husband Adam. These two run the visually stunning travel blog, Getting Stamped. Follow their latest updates gorgeous photos and videos on their Facebook and Instagram accounts!

A Free Lift in Nepal

Random Acts of KindnessNever have I met a people more abundant in goodwill than the Nepali.
Some backstory: Tim and I arrived in Nepal during a fuel crisis last November, only six months after the cataclysmic earthquake that left so much in ruin.
Albeit the difficulties, there was no lack of generosity.
Because of the fuel crisis, we had to resort to traveling sitting on the packed roofs of buses. Men would come to our aid to help lug our heavy packs aboard, then made sure Tim and I had ample space.
One ride in particular, there were three college students on their daily hour-long commute. We all had the same stop and when it came time to pay, the driver signaled that the young boys had taken care of our fare!
These students, usually the most economically strapped in society, gave to us visitors as a gesture of gratitude for visiting their country despite the circumstances it was facing. It was a very humbling moment for us.
This story was provided by Izzy Pulido, a wanderluster and travel blogger over at The Next Somewhere. She is currently living in Vietnam with her boyfriend Tim, stay up to date on her adventures by following her Facebook page!

The Cowboy Who Saved The Day in Chile

Random Acts of KindnessI experienced a random act of kindness in Chile during my year-long, around the world trip. I was camping with my friend in Torres del Paine National Park. We went hiking and my friend Annelis, was very fit and used to hiking. I was not.
While on a hill, I fell behind her. I was breathing heavily, sweating alot, and had a red face. A gaucho, or Chilean cowboy, came our way on his horse. He offered to give me a ride for the last leg of our hike.
I ended up climbing on the tall and beautiful brown horse. I felt really grateful and relieved I didn’t have to walk on. I was able to enjoy the beautiful view of the national park from the back of a horse.
This story was provided by Anja Beckmann, a traveler and blogger from Germany. Follow her journey on her blog, Travel on Toast and get her latest updates on her Facebook page!

Kindness comes from all ages

Random Acts of KindnessIn Bagan, Myanmar, we hired a scooter to get around the temples in Bagan. On our way back we took a ‘shortcut’ that got us lost.
To make matters worse we hit a rock on the road. After hearing a loud bang we pulled over and the back tyre was completely flat.
We had no idea what to do.
Luckily a boy cycled up to us stopping to put his hands on his head and let out an “oh!” He was about 4 and didn’t speak English but still wanted to help.
He used hand gestures asking us to follow him up a hill to his house where he explained our problem to his dad. His dad then repaired our puncture and directed us back to the main road.
We are so grateful for meeting such a kind boy and his dad. We wish they receive the same luck and kindness in their lives.
This story was provided by Nicola and Chris from the travel blog, Two Dream Catchers. Follow their latest updates from their blog and on their Facebook page!

The Man Who Closed his Business to Help My Ill Father in Istanbul

Random Acts of KindnessI was probably 15 at the time. My father and I were stumbling around Istanbul trying to read signs that might have well been gibberish as we tried to find a doctor or at the very least a pharmacy. We paused so dad could catch his breath on a bench.
A vendor was selling roasted chestnuts nearby so I went to buy some. He noticed my father and gestured asking what was wrong, I tried to explain in English and then in French that he was ill.
I’m not sure how, but he understood me, abandoned his cart, and guided us between the winding streets of Istanbul to a tiny pharmacy tucked in a corner. His refusal to take any money for his help, and his selflessness in our time of need touched as, and has served as reminder that kindness can come from the most surprising of sources.
This story was shared from Eman Zabi, a world traveler who loves getting lost at every destination. Follow her travels at her blog, Get Lost, and follow her on Facebook!

The Time My Wallet Came Home in Korea

Random Acts of KindnessAfter realizing I’d lost my wallet on a night out with friends in Seoul, Korea, I was devastated. I called every establishment that we’d ventured to that evening, but to no avail.

I came home one evening to a note on my apartment door from the post office informing me they’d attempted to deliver the wallet during my work hours. Since I wasn’t around, the note specified that the wallet was waiting for me at a police station near my apartment.

I couldn’t believe it, so I asked one of my Korean friends to call and confirm the information. Sure enough, it was true! Apparently, someone had turned it in and the post office was able to track me down because my address was listed on the back of my Alien Registration Card. I picked my wallet up the next day and was pleased to discover everything was just as I left it.

If it hadn’t been for the inherent kindness of Korean culture, I don’t think this would have happened. Koreans have an insanely unique respect for other people’s belongings, and for that I am forever grateful.

This story was provided by Laura Nalin, a world traveler and current American expat living in New Zealand. To stay up to date on her adventures check out her blog at Willful and Wildhearted.

An Impromptu Tour Guide in Macau

Random Acts of KindnessWhile walking along Macau, confused and trying to find the Guia Fortress, a local man kindly approached me to offer help. I explained where I was going and instead of just pointing me in the right direction he took me there. We had a pleasant conversation along the way but once we arrived he politely excused himself and carried on with his day.
After I had finished exploring the fortress I walked back down the hill to my next stop. Only to find myself again confused with which direction to go. As I was walking down the hill I bumped in to my new friend. Not only did he take me to my next stop, he ended up showing me around Macau for the rest of the day. It was his day off from work and he had no other plans.
Later he said I had to try a local delicacy. Perfect I thought, this will be my chance to pay him back for his kindness. But he did not want anything from me. I later found out that the reason for his kindness was because when he used to come over to England for work he was treated so well by the locals he loved having the opportunity to repay that kindness to another English person, me.
I will never forget the kindness I received from him!
This story was provided by Claire, an English travel blogger who shares her stories on her site, The Curious Explorers.

The Little Old Lady Who Helped Us Find Our Way in Ecuador

Random Acts of KindnessEcuador was a massive surprise for my partner and I. Besides the Galapagos Islands, we didn’t know anything about the country. It turned out to be our favorite from the eight countries we visited in South America. Besides the beauty of the cities and nature, we loved the people.

We had some of the best and most genuine experiences with Ecuadorian people. One of them happened in Quito, on our way to the teleferico. We were at the bus stop, but there was no information indicating the direction, so we did what we normally do: we started asking people. Amongst them, there was an old lady who understood our Spanish and decided to help us.

She not only told us which bus to take, but she also stopped it and told the driver where to drop us off. We had tons of experiences during our six months trip to South America, but it is this act of kindness that I’m most fond off.

This story was shared by Cristina, a traveler who loves fashion and finding places off the beaten path with her boyfriend Bertrand. Be sure to follow their latest adventures at Hidden Gems the Blog! Follow her Facebook page for the latest updates!

Saved from being Stranded in Thailand

Random Acts of KindnessOn a scooter trip in northwestern Thailand, we ran into big trouble. We were 13 kilometers from Ban Rak Thai when my scooter died in the mountains just before sunset. A short time later, two young scooter-driving Thai border guards stopped followed by a pick-up truck driven by a Thai couple. They heaved my dead scooter into the back of the pick-up and drove us into town.

The Thai couple didn’t speak English but stayed with us until we had a hotel and they were sure we would be OK. As they were leaving, I wanted to thank them for their random act of kindness and my friend suggested a gift – the sarong I bought earlier that day at the Long Neck tribal village. As I presented it to the woman, she hugged me with tears in her eyes. Without their kindness, we may have been stranded for the night.

This story was provided by Andrea Whitaker, a world traveler and American expat currently in Taiwan! To read more about her journey check out her blog at Andi on an Adventure! Also, check out more of Andrea’s updates on her Facebook page!

The Taxi Share in Kuala Lumpur

Random Acts of KindnessI was in Kuala Lumpur and had got lost walking around suburbia when a thunderstorm decided to hit. I took shelter in a taxi rank and thought I would give up on the walk. There was already a young man waiting at the taxi rank when I ran in.
After 10 minutes of us waiting for a taxi he turned to me and asked me where I was going. I told him and he said me too, do you want to share?

Another 10 minutes went by before a taxi pulled into the rank. He turned to me and said ok, and opened the door for me. We both got in the taxi, it was only a short ride. When we got to the end he paid. I offered him some money but he turned it down.

We got out and went our own ways. If he hadn’t had shared his taxi with me I could have been in the rain for another 20 minutes waiting for another taxi to come along.
This story was provided by Deasha Waddup, a travel and fitness enthusiast who runs the blog Travel N Fitness! Check out her blog for some great tips!

Generosity at the Bus Station Colorado

Random Acts of KindnessI went to visit my friend in Denver from Boulder, Colorado. He dropped me off at the bus station around midnight. I left my wallet and my phone in his car and did not realize until I had to board.
If it was not for a lady in line who helped me pay for my bus ticket, I would have been stuck in the bus station until the next morning.

It made me feel lucky and blessed. I was so happy there are good people with a huge heart ready to help whoever needs it. That experience inspired me to help others in need.

This story was provided by Jazmin Andrade, and Ecuadorian traveling the world with her American husband, Steven. They run the travel blog, Travel to Blank together, follow along their journey on their blog, Facebook, and Instagram accounts!

The Selfless Ride in Novia Scotia

Random Acts of KindnessI was WWOOFing on Cochrane Family Farm in Nova Scotia, and there was a lovely French couple who were there at the same time as me. They stayed in their own camper van outside the house, but we spent the days working together.

We were supposed to leave one day apart from each other, they were headed to another farm while I was headed to Halifax. They decided to wait a day for me so that they could give me a lift to Halifax.

That was a 1-2 hour drive from where the farm was located! It was really sweet of them, and if they had not given me a lift, I would not have been able to find my way from the farm as there was no transport out. There is good in this world.

This story was shared by Andrea Chan, a solo female foodie travel blogger at She Roams the World! Check out her blog and Facebook for her latest adventures!

The Taxi Driver Who Went Above and Beyond in Istanbul

Random Acts of KindnessWhile on holiday in Istanbul I had suddenly fallen really ill. We were at an ancient hookah bar that we had to try, because this place was 200 years old.  While we were there, my stomach got really upset, I wanted to throw up.  Suddenly I became pale and started shivering, that was my cue to go back to our hotel.
But the problem was, there were no cabs and I wasn’t in a state to walk at that moment.
We saw a small boutique hotel near by and asked if they could help us with a taxi. But, obviously a hotel would charge us extra to get to our destination. Meanwhile, while I was struggling to walk and hunt for cabs, this man came by and asked us where we wanted to go.
I told him we needed to get to Taksim, where our hotel was, and by surprise he was a taxi driver. His cab was parked a walk away, so he had me wait while he grabbed his cab so I didn’t have to walk.
He didn’t try to charge us extra or take advantage of our situation. He took us back safely to our hotel by the regular taxi meter. Not only did he save me from an extremely uncomfortable night, he even suggested some teas I could drink that could make me feel better.
This act of kindness from a sweet old man made me feel like this world isn’t such a bad place after all.
This story was shared by Aditi Boghani, a Mumbai girl who moved to London and has documented her life in the city as well as her travels. Follow along her journey through her blog, Big City Girl.

Saved from a long night at the Airport in New Orleans

Random Acts of KindnessBack when I was 18 I embarked on my first work abroad experience in the US. Everything was throughly planned. Visa in hand, bags packed, meeting with the employer at the airport were all set.

What could possibly go wrong?

 More than people think. As the agency was going to pick me up from the airport, I didn’t even bother to check for other options in case something happened. Which it did.
After an eventful Dallas-New Orleans flight, we landed at 1o pm to a completely deserted New Orleans airport arrivals lounge except for a couple of families and a limo driver there was no one.
Jetlagged and still slightly in shock from the flight, I asked the limo driver if he could call the company for me. He did but who’d be there at 10 PM?
After a while, I decided to sleep at the airport and figure things out in the morning (that was before smartphones and free wifi btw). I had already settled into my airport bench, when the limo driver came over looking for me.

He wanted to tell me, that if I wanted he could give me a ride to a hotel he knew around the corner on his way home. It was a very small deed but at the time it felt like the whole world to me. I’ll never take anything for granted again or go about without a plan B!

This story was provided from Henar Gomez, a Spanish globetrotting girl who runs the blog Wander Wings! Check out her page and like give her a like on Facebook!

The Loyal Driver in Cambodia

Random Acts of KindnessI had planned my dream photographic trip to Vietnam & Cambodia, only to have it dissolve in front of my eyes day 3 into a month long trip when I accidentally turned so hard that my brand new wide angle lens fell into a pond of water next to a temple I was photographing. To make it worse, a mere few hours later, I dropped my camera and lens as I was getting off a motorbike, breaking the lens at the attachment ring.

I was oh so grateful to have met an awesome Vietnamese motorbike driver earlier on that day who had given me his number if I ever needed a ride somewhere. I called him in a panic because I was stuck with what to do, and he willingly drove 30km + outside of his city to meet me and help me get my lens fixed the very next day! I can’t even begin to wonder what I would have done without his help! He literally saved the day (and my dream trip) and I can’t even think about how much money I potentially saved if I were to buy a replacement camera then and there!

This story was provided by Rafiqua Israel, a travel and lifestyle blogger in Cape Town, South Africa. You can follow her journey on her blog, Rafiqua Israel Express.

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Random Acts of Kindness