Road Trip Essentials You Need For Your Next Adventure

Road Trip Essentials

Are you a road trip lover or plan on taking a road trip adventure anytime soon? Then you will want to check out our guide for things to take on a road trip including the best road trip essentials and road trip must haves! Don’t leave for your next big trip without checking out this list of awesome items that will make your drive smooth sailing or more comfortable!

Things to take on a road trip

Road Trip Essentials

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Reusable Waterbottle

Besides being a road trip essential this is an item you should just have everywhere you go! We love using reusable water bottles as they cut down the use of plastic, plus it is said leaving a bottle of water in a hot car is dangerous.  Besides that very important feature, they also can keep your liquids cold or hot! This S’well vacuum sealed refillable water bottle can keep water hot up to 12 hours and cold up to 24 hours. Don’t leave home without one! Shop here.


Sunscreen is an important thing to bring on a road trip. Not only are you most likely to make stops along the way and adventure outside of the car, but you need to protect your skin from UVA light rays while you’re inside the car as well! Most cars windows have protection against UVB light rays, but not UVA which is harmful and can cause cancer. So don’t forget to slather it on! We recommend getting a natural biodegradable sunscreen that’s also good for the environment. Shop here.

Car Deodorizer

Being in a car for long hours for multiple days in a row can lead to odors and excess moisture in the car creating mildew! That’s where this road trip must have and road trip essential comes in handy! This 4 pack of carbon activated bamboo charcoal purifies the air and removes odor to keep your car fresh and breathable! These are better than those stinky little tree air fresheners that are so strong they can give you a headache. Besides combating odor, these handy little things to take on a road trip also help keep excess moisture out of the air. This pack comes in fours so you can put one under each seat! Shop here.

Biodegradable Wet Wipes

One of the best things you can take on a road trip to always stay fresh in case you have to go a few days without a shower, this is especially for road trippers who camp, or you just feel gross after a long day in the car and want to feel a bit refreshed then you will want some biodegradable wet wipes. We like this biodegradable option because they are better for the environment. And this is the perfect road trip must have if you absolutely need to leave them behind because of a road side emergency bathroom break you can bury them and they will dissolve in the earth without any added harmful chemicals. Shop here.

Dry Shampoo

This next road trip essential is for the ladies or men with long locks! If you’re driving a lot and aren’t stopping at nice hotels along the way then chances are you won’t have many opportunities to wash your hair! That’s where dry shampoo comes to the rescue and is an awesome thing to take on a road trip! I actually travel with this even when I stay at nice hotels, sometimes I just don’t want to hassle with washing my hair. Shop here.

Travel Shoe Bags

These travel shoe bags are a road trip must have to keep your car from getting stinky or dirty from your shoes! During the road trip you are most likely going to make stops and if it happens to rain or you get dirt all over your shoes from a walk or hike these bags are a life saver. These bags will help you not only keep organized but also keep your clothes and car from getting dirty. Shop here.

Another awesome thing to take on a road trip with these travel shoe bags are the smaller charcoal bamboo deodorizers. Throw one of these in your shoe bag to help keep your shoes stench free and to help prevent mildew and excess moisture! Shop here.

Car Trash Can

There’s nothing worse than having trash all over your car, one item quickly turns into several pieces of garbage and all of a sudden you feel claustrophobic in your car! Well, at least this happens to me! This garbage can for cars is the perfect thing to take on road trip and a road trip essential! This garbage can can hang from your center console, is leak proof, and has adjustable straps. Don’t leave for your next trip without this road trip must have. Shop here.

Road Trip Electronics

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Suction Cup Phone Holder

This is a road trip must have for navigating on your smartphone! Not only does the suction cup stick to the window but it leaves you hands-free while you navigate! You can choose where to put the suction cup so you can still charge while you drive. We would have loved to have this when we were road tripping for directions or navigation. Besides being a great thing to take on a road trip it’s nice to have all the time! Shop here.

Magnetic Phone Car Mount

If that last phone holder isn’t something you’d like because it sticks on the window, then you can get this next road trip essential which holds your phone on the air vent in your car. The set up is easy and there are four strong magnets to hold your phone in place for hands-free navigation. Shop here.


It’s always smart to have a flashlight in your car which makes this road trip essential a no brainer. My parents always made sure I had a flash light in my trunk in case my car broke down at night. Plus, flashlights are like duct tape, they come in handy all the time even when you need to find something under the seat in the car. This is one of those things you need to take on a road trip! Shop here.

Dual USB Port Car Charger

This is one thing to take on a road trip to ensure your smartphone and USB chargeable electronics don’t run out of battery life! This dual port car charger is fast charging and displays the car voltage with a blue LED light so you know the health of the battery while driving with his a road trip must have! Shop here.

Road Trip Camping and Sleeping Gear

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Inflatable Car Mattress

Whoever invented this road trip must have is a genius. This inflatable car mattress fits most car models, comes with a quick fill air pump, 2 pillows, and is a road trip essential! Don’t have tons of camping gear? This has got you covered since you can just sleep in your car! We bought one of these last year and haven’t looked back! Shop here.

Travel Pillow

Need to take a nap while your friend takes the wheel for a bit? This next thing to take on a road trip is calling for you then! We just learned about this incredible travel pillow from a friend who let us try theirs out! This might be the most comfortable travel pillow on the market! Not only is it small, portable, and washer machine friendly, but it is scientifically proven to hold your neck in a better and more comfortable position than a U Neck shaped pillow. Shop here.


What better way to do a road trip then to find somewhere remote and sleep under the stars in a tent? This two-person tent by Coleman is a perfect thing to take on a road trip. It’s designed to have an easy 10 minute set up so if you’re rolling up to a spot late it’s super easy and quick to get your house for the night up and going and can withstand wind and rain. Shop here.

Sleeping Bag

This is a perfect thing to take on a road trip if you plan on camping! This lightweight, portable, waterproof, four-season sleeping bag is a great all-around product with rave reviews on Amazon. Besides being super comfortable it’s also machine washable making it a great road trip essential to have on your next adventure. Also, you can completely unzip and use as a picnic blanket if you make a stop on your drive! Shop here.

Are you traveling with your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife? You can get this double sleeping bag for a more intimate experience! Shop here.

Scrubba Laundry On the Go Bag

This road trip essential is perfect for longer journeys and adventures! This is something you can take on a road trip to get your laundry done on the go! This is a modern take on the old-fashioned style of washing clothes! Simply throw your dirty clothing in the bag with water and soap, close and scrub around. After, you rinse and hang to dry! It’s the world’s most portable washing machine and perfect for campers and road trippers. Shop here.

Portable Cooler

This is a road trip must have! Pack your snacks and drinks and keep them cool using a portable cooler. This is a thing to take on a road trip because you never know when you may get hungry. You also can prepare food for if you plan on camping or having an impromptu picnic. Eating fast food on the go makes you feel crappy if you have it meal after meal, this gives you the ability to stop at a grocery store and load up on some healthier options. We love making cheese and meat plates on the go! Shop here.

Solar Power Light

This is an important thing to bring on a road trip if you plan on camping! This solar power charged light can be charging through your windshield or car window as your drive and give you light at night! Besides being a lantern there’s also a flashlight and USB charging port on the side. This is a great 3 in 1 road trip must have! Shop here.

Road Trip Must Have Just in Case Items


Gas Can

You never know when you’re going to need this road trip must have and honestly, you should always have one of these bad boys in your car all the time anyway! What if you run out of gas and you have to walk a few miles to the next town, you’re going to need a gas can. We recommend getting this smaller 1.25 gallon gas can with a no spill nozzle that’s easy to carry and store in your car. Shop here.

PacSafe Portable Safe

This is not only a great thing to take on a road trip, but good to bring everywhere you travel. Keep your mind at ease when you leave the car with small valuables with this portable safe by Pacsafe. This 5L bag has a  360-degree eXomesh stainless steel wire mesh embedded into poly canvas fabric to help prevent thieves getting into your belongings. This size is perfect for tablets, small electronics, and cash that you may not want to have on you at all times during your road trip when you leave the car. This portable safe also comes with a TSA lock for you to lock to something that won’t move in your car. This is a road trip essential in case your car gets broken into! Shop here. 

Steri Pen

This is a great just in case road trip essential to have on hand if you end up camping or are stranded for some reason without clean drinking water. We have a Steri Pen and love having it on hand.This UV water purifier destroys more than 99.9 percent of harmful microorganisms, including Giardia, bacteria, viruses and protozoa. Plus you can save plastic if you use this regularly with your reusable water bottle. Shop here.

First Aid Kit

Another thing you should always take on a road trip is a first aid kit. You never know when you might get injured or cut so having one of these road trip essentials in your car can save you! We recommend this nice portable kit includes 92 pieces in this compact bag making your traveler ready for just about anything! Shop here.

Roadside Emergency Kit

Do not leave without this road trip must have! This is an important thing to take on a road trip in case you break down or you run down the battery on your car. This kit is complete with a first aid kit, jumper cables, reflective safety vest in case you end up broken down at night, knitted gloves, emergency rain poncho, reflective warning triangle, bungee cord, PVC tape, toolbox, tow rope, safety hammer and tool set, dust mask, and snow shovel. Shop here.

Rain Poncho

Another road trip essential is a rain poncho. Whether you’re getting out of the car to do some exploring or need to do some roadside work on the car you will want to have a rain poncho in case of a drizzle or full-blown storm. This reusable, lightweight, packable rain poncho that doubles as a tarp or picnic blanket making it an awesome thing to bring on a road trip for picnics too! Shop here.

Snow and Ice Scraper

This next item is a road trip must have if you plan on driving through colder temperature places that get snow or ice overnight. You need a snow and ice scraper to get your windshield ready for driving for full visibility. This ice and snow scraper also comes with a brush for snow. Shop here.

Key Chain Screwdriver

You never know when you may need a screwdriver so this next road trip essential will go with you wherever you go on your keychain! This two-piece screwdriver set is designed to look like keys! There is one standard flat head and Phillips screwdriver in this set. Shop here.

Miscellaneous Road Trip Must Haves

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Keychain Bottle Opener

Imagine finding the perfect sunset spot and you’ve bought a beer to drink while you enjoy the view but you don’t have a bottle opener! This road trip must have will get you out of that jam! This shark keychain also is a bottle opener! Shop here.

Corksicle Canteen

This next thing to take on a road trip is for the wine drinkers! Besides being great for storing hot or cold water, Corksicle canteens also can hold an entire bottle of chilled or room temperature wine and keep the temperature! The design is shatterproof stainless steel that keeps drinks cool for 25 hours and hot for 12 hours. Pack your wine for that perfect picnic spot on your road trip! Shop here.

Don’t forget a wine opener either! Shop here.

Playing Cards

Another road trip must have includes options for entertainment. Whether you end up camping or staying in a hotel this is a fun way to spend some downtime on your road trip with your pal. We love the game UNO, but having a regular deck of cards you can play many more games! Shop here.


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