Korea is for Lovers – A Guide to Korean Love Holidays

White Day in Korea

Korea is a dating nation and they have mastered holidays and quirky ways for young couples to enjoy dating. See some of the fun activities to enjoy while dating or spending time with your lover in the ROK.

Love Motels

Seoul Love Motel

A lot of Koreans live with their parents until marriage, therefore they have to sneak around for some one on one intimate time in Love Motels. Love Motels are often rented by the hour (or the entire night) and are fairly inexpensive.

Some of the motels have themed rooms, round shaped beds, karaoke rooms, and Jacuzzis! Sometimes these motels get a bad rep from married men who are sharing these rooms with their mistresses…but let’s focus on the happier times when couples are young and being cute!

We have actually stayed in a few love motels during our travels in Korea. They were cheap, clean, and oftentimes really nice! Sometimes they give you a little ‘bonus’ toiletry pack with condoms and toothbrushes. They really got your back.

Matching Outfits


Korean couples are proud to be in a relationship. So much so, that they want to show it off to the world! It is common to see couples wearing matching outfits or more subtly, some sort of matching accessory.

Whether it’s as little as matching tennis shoes on or the whole shebang, you can tell which youngsters are couples and proud of it. Some find this cheesy, but after being here awhile it really is kind of cute.

There are even some stores dedicated to only selling matching attire! Most underwear stores here also display matching couples undergarments in their windows.

Love Holidays

21/365 Glitter HeartKorea apparently has a holiday every 14th day of the month dedicated for couples and or dating. The most well known are Valentine’s Day, White Day, and Black Day.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in February and is for the gentlemen to be showered with gifts and love.

In March, the girls get to celebrate White Day and be pampered and fed chocolate for a day.

Korea also includes singles on Black Day in April for those who do not have a special someone. How considerate!

Love Locks

Seoul Tower Love Locks

Namsan Tower in Seoul is famous for lovers to have a date night and place a love lock among the thousands of others to symbolize their eternal love at the top of the tower. But this is not the only place you can leave your eternal love around Seoul. In Insadong, at Ssamziegil shopping center, you can leave a love tag on the top floor with a little message like we did!

Love Holidays in Korea

If you are dating someone in Korea, you had better mark and plan your calendar for every 14th of the month! Living here you will see most convenience stores or grocery stores with a special section of candy, flowers, or cutesy gifts for each holiday.

You may have no idea why, or think nothing of it unless you are in the know or dating a local. For those of you wanting to get in on the action or just want to learn about the Korean couple culture, then you better check out our guide below!

3861586189_85c3f9d0bd_o January 14th– Diary Day or Candle Day

Couples use this day to exchange brand new diaries for each other. This is done in hopes each other will have a lovely year together. You will need one of these diaries to also keep track of all their crazy holidays. With many stationary stores here you can easily find a fun, cute character filled diary or journal for your lover.

Some couples also give eachother a candle on this holiday, reason unknown.

Korean Valentine Chocolate

My attempt to making chocolate covered strawberries.

Feburary 14th– Valentine’s Day

Westerners are familiar with this holiday! Except for this time it’s all for the guys!  This day is dedicated solely for the guys. Girls will often buy or even better make chocolates for their lucky lad on this day.

White Day in Korea

March 14th– White Day

Ladies it’s your turn to get some goodies from your lover! This day is dedicated for the girls to get flowers and chocolates from their romantic gentleman.

370040691_6221e631f5_bApril 14th– Black Day

This day is actually for single people! Unlike the other holidays for love, this one is sort of depressing. The singles literally get singled out on this day and eat a black noodle dish called jajangmyun in public while they wished they were in love.

May 14th– Yellow Day or Rose Day

Couples apparently wear yellow on this significant day and exchange roses or flowers. You will see special rose bouquets and flower arrangements for this day at many different stores. Singles also eat a yellow curry this day to let everyone know they are still single, lonely, and hungry.

June 14th– Kiss Day

This is the one day a year couples get to kiss in Korea, just kidding. Kissing in public is considered taboo on all days unless it’s kissing day! This day is also used for an excuse for singles to kiss eachother letting someone know they are interested.

But like all other holidays in Korea, the companies want to make a few extra bucks off these days. Makeup stores will offer a buy one get one free promotion on lipstick and many stores will have specials on breath mints. There are even special kissing events at venues if you’re looking for a good time.

July 14th– Silver Day

This day is just for exchanging silver accessories between lovers. Some couples will exchange matching promise rings on this day as well.

soju August 14th-Green Day

On this day couples are supposed to either take a hike or walk around a green forest together and enjoy the great outdoors. Those poor, depressed singles in Korea are supposed to indulge on soju on this day which comes in a green bottle.

September 14th– Photo Day

On this day couples go to a photo studio and get professional photos or a fun photo booth stand. Many couples go sing it out their love for each other at a noraebang (private karaoke rooms) and have someone take a photo of them from behind singing love songs to each other.

October 14th– Wine Day

Couples enjoy a bottle of wine and romantic dinner on this day, where singles lush out and drink a bottle of wine to themselves.

November 14th– Movie Day

Movie theatres are packed this day as couples flock to the cinema to catch a flick together. Also, Korea has DVD rooms where you can rent out a private living room space and watch a movie. These rooms are for those couples that live at home with their parents and have no privacy with their lover typically.

December 14th– Hug Day

I guess Korea ran out of ideas on this one. Couples run around hugging each other all day and that’s about it. But don’t feel too left out in December as Christmas in Korea is pretty much a couple celebrated holiday as well. Happy Birthday, Jesus, we are in love.

As you can see, being in a couple is highly encouraged in Korea and being single, well sucks according to their list of holidays! Also, you have heard rumors of how Valentine’s Day was created for greeting card companies to capitalize on lovers in America, well companies here take full advantage of the extra revenues they can receive during the 14th of every month!

Some of these holidays can be all fun and games, but consider if you are a westerner dating a Korean that after a year of celebrating all of these holidays you may be expected to get married! One year is not a very long time in western countries to decide whether or not you can stand a person for the rest of your life, but here they mean business! So stay well informed so you do not break any hearts!

Have you celebrated any fun romantic holidays abroad? Share your experience or comment below!