The Best Backpack Lock for Travelers

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We are huge backpack travelers, just about every trip we have ever been on has been with a backpack. Whether we are doing long term, short term, budget, or luxury travel we like to secure our luggage with a backpack lock. We work from the road, so it is very important that we are able to lock up our valuables since they are our lives.

We always travel with all of our camera gear, two computers, external hard drives, and of course important travel documents like our passports. Even if we are in a place that nothing is going to happen, we like to lock up our valuables in our backpack with our backpack lock for peace of mind.

We are going to share with you an item that has been a part of our travel family since our very first trip. This is not only an item we can’t travel without but something we highly encourage any traveler to purchase.

The PacSafe Bag Protector is the best product on the market for keeping your valuables safe, here is our review.

Pacsafe Bag Protectors Features

These backpack locks are basically portable safes and every traveler should own one. There are also different sizes and products to choose from. PacSafe uses the finest material, patented eXomesh® anti-theft technology, adjustable stainless steel backpack lock, and a small carrying case for when you’re not using it.

The bag protectors are adjustable and will work around your bag even if it’s almost empty to completely full. You simply wrap the bag protector cage around your backpack and find something secure to fasten it to.

When you’re not using it you can easily fold the bag protector and backpack lock and neatly store it in the small carrying back easily fitting at the top of your luggage. This product is absolutely genius.

Tips on How to use it

backpack lock

Our Big bag locked to the bed in our room

There are a few different ways we use our Pacsafe Bag Protectors backpack lock depending on where we are or if we are in transit. Here are our tips on how to most efficiently use the backpack lock.

We only use the 85L PacSafe Bag Protector backpack lock on our big backpack.

In Transit

We would NEVER use our backpack lock or pack our valuables in our backpack when flying. Not only will the bag protector most likely get cut off by security. We always keep our valuables on us on flights in our smaller day backpacks and never let them out of sight.

When in places like SE Asia where taking long bus rides are common, we will put the PacSafe Bag Protector around the backpack and tie up the long cord around the backpack and lock it with the PacSafe backpack lock to the rest of the bag protector cage so that no one can get into our bag. We typically do not store valuables in our bag in transit anyways, but sometimes there are electronics or accessories that have to get placed in there on shorter trips.

night bus

Cool as a cucumber on a night bus knowing our belongings are safe

Typically on bus or train rides your baggage is kept somewhere out of sight. For example, on most buses in SE Asia our bag was stowed away underneath the bus. After hearing a few horror stories about someone sneaking into the bottom of these buses to loot through unsuspecting traveler’s bags we were spooked. The bag protector helps ease your mind that if you happen to be on one of those unlucky buses or train rides with someone who has sticky fingers, at least your bag will be really hard to get into.

We strongly advise to always keep your valuables on hand and never out of your sight while in transit though. Even if your bus stops for a bathroom break, take your backpack with your valuables with you. We have witnessed people coming back to the bus with their valuables missing because they left it at their seat.

At your Accommodation

PacsafeWe typically do not lock up our bag when we are staying at a luxury hotel. They have a good reputation to withhold and it is very unlikely an incident would happen here, especially if the rooms have safes. We do try to tuck away any of our valuables if we do end up having turndown service or someone clean our room, but typically we put up the do not disturb sign not only for eco reasons but to keep anyone from touching our computers or camera gear.

When staying at more budget guesthouses or hostel options we would never leave our valuables out. Since we do not want to carry our laptops around while site seeing it leaves us with very few options to keep our stuff safe. We end up pulling out our packing cubes with our clothes from our big backpack and instead fill it with our expensive electronics, valuables, and passports making sure we use some items of our clothing to help cushion our belongings.

Once the bag is packed we close it up and put the PacSafe Bag Protector around the bag. We find something in the room that cannot be moved easily like the base of a sink or toilet, pole, or even the hinges of a door where we weave the long cord around until we can lock the bag up with the backpack lock.

Sometimes you have to get creative with where you lock it, but once your bag is secure any potential thief will most likely avoid your bag since it would be a hassle for them to try and get into your goods.

This seems like alot of effort everytime you leave the room but it really only takes us a few minutes and is worth it if its going to protect your valuables.

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Peace of Mind

Honestly, I am not sure if we have ever been in a situation where we would have been robbed or someone wanted to go through our bag. If a thief has a will, they have a way. But most thieves are opportunistic meaning if the window is open they will take it. By having a metal cage with a backpack lock on around our bag it looks like too much of a hassle to try and break into our bags. This is especially true when we are traveling on long bus rides and all of our luggage is on the underside of the bus.

The PacSafe Bag Protector backpack lock gives us a sense of security that at least our bag isn’t as easy of a target. If someone is going to go through our bags, they will want to do it quickly, our bag will slow them down.

You can shop for the PacSafe Bag Protector and backpack lock on Amazon here. 

This review was written without any incentives and we are not affiliated with PacSafe, we just love this product. The views and opinions expressed are based on personal experiences when traveling.