10 Wonderful Things to See in Würzburg Germany (Travel Guide)

aerial view of Würzburg Germany

Looking for the best things to see in Würzburg, Germany? You’ve come to the right place. Würzburg holds a special place in our hearts, and while we’ve only been twice, we definitely will be returning over and over again anytime we are in or around Bavaria.

It’s the perfect destination in Germany for wine enthusiasts, beer lovers, and fans of beautiful historic towns. Located within Franconia, a region within Bavaria known for its wine. And while wine is in the forefront of this city, it is still in Bavaria and a great beer destination too, especially for festivals. Although, maybe some locals might disagree. For the international or American traveler though, you’ll find plenty of beer here too.

From historic landmarks, to cultural attractions including UNESCO World Heritage designated sites, and more – here are our picks for everything you’ll want to see and do while in Würzburg, Germany!

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Brief Background of Würzburg, Germany

beautiful colorful homes along the river in Würzburg Germany

This incredible Franconian town has its first records dating back to 1000 BC as a former Celtic territory. Famous for its historic wine region dating back over 1000 years, you’ll find local dry white varieties like Silvaner across restaurants and wineries to try served from uniquely shaped wine bottles known as a Bocksbeutel bottle.

In addition to being a prestigious central European wine region with ancient vineyards, Würzburg, Germany is also considered the gateway to Germany’s Romantic Road.

And much of what you see in Würzburg today has been restored or rebuilt from WWII. During the final days of the war in 1945, around 90% of Würzburg, Germany was destroyed in a 20 minute bombing that was a symbolic attack to break the spirit of the German people.

In places like the Würzburg Residence, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you can compare photos from 1945 to today to see the extent of the damage and the work that was put in to restore and rebuild. 

Things to do in Würzburg 

Tour the Würzburg Residence

Room of Mirrors in Würzburg Residence in Germany

One of the most fascinating things to see in Würzburg Germany is the Würzburg Residence or Würzburger Residenz. This is the Baroque palace and was the former residence of the Prince-Bishops of Würzburg, Germany.

Completed in 1744, Würzburg Residence is still considered one of the finest and most ornate examples of a Baroque Palace not only in Germany but the world which landed it a UNESCO World Heritage Site and offers daily tours through a few of its 300 rooms covered floor to ceiling with gorgeous details from frescos to tapestries and Bohemian chandeliers in the Baroque, Rococo, and Classicism style rooms.

The completion of the palace took nearly 60 years and some of the highlights on the interior include Neumann’s staircase with a gorgeous ceiling fresco representing different continents across the world.

Our favorite room was the Room of Mirrors included on the tour of the palace. We were shocked to learn that this room was completely destroyed at the final days of WWII in 1945 but were able to recreate the room with different photographs and a piece of mirror that survived the bombings.

The entire room is covered from floor to ceiling with painted mirrors in Rococo style. We were just blown away by the sheer detail and beauty of all the mirrors in the room.

You’d never be able to tell how much damage was done after WWII here today, that’s why you can look at photos in an exhibit here that covers the restoration of the palace. It’s quite jarring to see how much was actually restored and you wouldn’t know by looking alone.

An interesting fact would be that they are known for their own style. Because of the different artists that worked inside of the palace from different countries in Rococo style, the work done by these artists in collaboration inside the palace has become its own style known as Würzburg Rococo.

After your tour, you can explore the Court Gardens at Würzburg Residence which are absolutely stunning and one of our favorite things to do in Würzburg on a beautiful day. The way the gardens complement the residence, designed in a way that frames the structure is an art in of itself.

Walk Along & Drink Wine on the Old Main Bridge

Megan and Scott drinking wine on Old Main Bridge in Würzburg Germany

One of our favorite things to do in Würzburg, Germany is sip on wine with a view on the Old Main Bridge. Also known as Alte Mainbrücke, this bridge connects the old town to the former fishermen’s quarter.

As we walked along the bridge we felt a striking resemblance to Charles Bridge in Prague (a smaller version, of course) with all the statues, including statues of saints and other significant and notable rulers or gifts of rulers, leading across this footbridge. You’ll even hear locals describe it in this way too. 

From the stone bridge, you can see a great view of Fortress Marienberg and the Franconian vineyards.

A fun fact, the saints on the bridge are actually from a tradition started in Rome known as the “Bridge of Angels.” Prague’s Charles Bridge did have saints on Charles Bridge before Würzburg, Germany but if you trace back the core of the bridge, the Old Main Bridge here actually is older than the Charles Bridge.

The current bridge was started in 1476 and finally completed to its current state in 1703 replacing a Romanesque bridge that was here before it. The dozen statues weren’t added until later in the 18th century around the late 1720s after Prague already added saints to Charles Bridge.

While the bridge itself is a thing to see in Würzburg, one of the best parts is this becomes a hangout and gathering for locals on warm weather nights. You’ll see people gathering with a glass of the famous local Franconian wines bought at the shops on the end of the bridge near the old town enjoying the view of the city and a fantastic sunset over the river.

You’ll pay a deposit for the wine glass that you get back once the empty glass is returned. A great way to enjoy this activity is to purchase the Würzburg Wine Pass which serves as a voucher that gives you access to 3 wine tastings including the wine tasting on the Old Main Bridge!

This was easily one of our favorite memories and things to do in Würzburg because we have never done anything like this or been to a place that just allows you to drink wine along the bridge. That’s not even considering the great views you have too.

Fortress Marienberg

Fortress Marienberg in Würzburg Germany

Another historic highlight of Germany in Würzburg is Fortress Marienberg on the hill overlooking the city on the other side of Old Main Bridge. Towering above the city is the original castle for the prince-bishops and served as this for over several centuries.

However, the history goes much deeper than that, dating back to 704 AD this is where the first church in the city was placed. By the 13th century, there were walls built around the church becoming a fortress. 

And like the Würzburg Residence, this historic site was also badly damaged during WWII and was completely restored to its former glory. That restoration was completed in 1990 and the Fortress is currently closed to the public, so you can either enjoy witnessing its beauty from the city or keep an eye out for when they finish their current renovations!

Visit Würzburg’s Wineries

The old wooden wine barrels at Juliusspital in Würzburg Germany

Even though Würzburg, Germany is technically in Bavaria, beer country, it’s actually not really a ‘beer town’. While yes, I would say you can still find a good beer here, Würzburg is famous for its Franconian wines. 

One of the best things to see in Würzburg, Germany is to visit the different wineries and try the local wines. Würzburg, Germany is in Franconia, which is the heart of the wine region here in Germany. The wine in this region has been being produced for over 1000 years!

There is even evidence and documentation from the year 777 that there was a winery here in Franconia given to Fulda Abbey by the famous Charlemagne. The point being, that this is an ancient and famous wine region and we were shocked to learn this!

Today the wine culture here is still very prevalent and you can see vineyards below Fortress Marienberg as well as surrounding the city. Franconia is mostly known for its white wines including the local specialty Silvaner.

Of all the wines we tasted, we would say that the white wines here are very balanced, dry, and easy to drink.

Unlike the popular phrase, aging like a fine wine, the wine in this region is supposed to be drunk within 1-3 years after its initial production for peak freshness and flavor.

Another notable trait about the wines from Franconia would be the unique bottle you can find them in. The bottle, known as a Bocksbeutel, is used for the best Franconian wines and is even protected by EU regulations. The bottle is flat and very round at the base, some even have a special raised seal on the side of the bottle to ensure the quality.

We just wish we would have left enough room in our suitcase to bring a few bottles back! Here are a few places you can drink the local Franconian wines in Würzburg, Germany. Especially since the wine prices here are very reasonable.


exterior Juliusspital winery and hospital in Wurzburg Germany

One of the most memorable places to drink wine in Würzburg is at this gorgeous complex that serves as a hospital/winery. Hospitals and wineries don’t seem to go hand in hand but here they do.

The winery actually funds the hospital and home for the elderly. The hospital is still functioning today, but dates back to 1576 by the Prince-Bishop of Würzburg, Germany at the time. 

The tour takes you through the underground cellar where there is one of the most impressive displays of large wooden wine barrels, some are so large that they look like the size of some studio apartments!

This was one of the few places that wasn’t hit as hard during the bombings in 1945, locals used the cellars for safety and refuge during the bombings.

It was really hard not to purchase a lot of the wine here, they were all very great dry whites, the kind we love and the bottle was so unique to us.

Be sure to explore the grounds and gardens here, the architecture is stunning. Since our first visit, they also had a new tasting room that offered great places to sit and relax while enjoying and shopping Juliusspital wine.


Megan wine tasting in Wurzburg at Burgerspital winery in Germany

Another great winery in Würzburg is Bürgerspital. They not only have a winery, but a great restaurant, Bürgerspital Weinstuben that’s the perfect spot to enjoy dinner after an afternoon of wine tasting.

This is considered one of the oldest and largest wineries in not only Franconia but Germany as well as has been awarded with many awards both domestically and internationally.

Just like Juliusspital, Bürgerspital too uses its profits to fund several homes for the elderly and a geriatric rehabilitation center and clinic.

snacks from Bürgerspital Weinstuben in Wurzburg Germany

We love that while we are enjoying these fine Franconian wines, you’re helping the local community with each sip!

This isn’t just unique to Würzburg either, during our first trip around Bavaria we visited a few breweries that also help fund elderly homes. It’s a nice way to help out the elderly population.

Weingut am Stein

views of Fortress Marienberg from Weingut am Stein in Wurzburg Germany

Located on the most famous vineyard in Würzburg, known as Würzburger Stein, is another one of the best wineries you can visit on your trip. Located just outside the city center on the vineyards that overlook the city is Weingut am Stein.

Don’t be fooled by the winery’s modern buildings, this winery is not only on historic vines but has been in the Knoll family for five generations. This winery incorporates biodynamic principles and make their wine using modern concrete eggs and steel tanks, along with the wooden barrel, these techniques are the same principles Romans used to make wine. 

In fact, if you can join a tour of the winery you’ll see the wooden barrels they use along with amphoras to make wine next to an example of what Romans made their wine 2,000 years ago side by side for comparison.

You’ll notice they don’t use the local wine bottle here, and in addition to having great local varieties and wines like Silvaner, they also offer wines you won’t find elsewhere in Würzburg’s wineries like their Pure & Naked sparkling wines (which are lovely!).

You’ll want to stop by and enjoy a tasting from their stunning tasting room and enjoy the incredible views of Würzburg below. And if you’re hungry, they do have a restaurant on site that we highly recommend eating at. We did a round of shareables with friends and it was a great accompaniment to the wine.

Staatlicher Hofkeller

wine party at Staatlicher Hofkeller cellars in Wurzburg Germany

Another historic winery and one of the best things to do in Würzburg for wine enthusiasts is visit Staatlicher Hofkeller at the Würzburg Residence, one of the oldest wineries in the world.

Here you’ll find a shop selling wines from this historic winery that dates back to 1128 spanning 30 generations! It was the Prince Bishop who established a monastery for wine-making here and created the Bavarian State Winery that has been continuously operating since.

The historic cellars span what’s estimated as a 49,000 square feet labyrinth under the Würzburg Residence! Speaking of the historic cellars, they sometimes host events down here which is a really special experience if your timing works out. During our visit, there was live music, lights, and a dance party with wine!

To learn about these, check out their event page, the same place you can also book cellar tours and wine tastings.

Visit the Cathedrals & Churches

interior of Wurzburger Dom ceiling in Wurzburg Germany

One of the best things to see in Würzburg, Germany are the churches, cathedrals, and chapels in the city! You’ll also spot a ton of Madonna and Child statues throughout the city as you’re wandering too.

Our favorite religious structure for aesthetics was St. Mary’s Chapel or Marienkapelle in the central market square. I mistakenly thought this massive red and white chapel was a cathedral, I was corrected by a local. The façade is gorgeous and unmistakable.

However, this chapel has a bit of a dark history. During the plague of the 14th century, the mass deaths were somehow blamed on the city’s Jewish community. This got violent and they replaced the synagogue with this chapel in its location.

The most notable cathedral in the city is Würzburg Cathedral, also known as Dom Saint Kilian, a Roman Catholic cathedral and the seat of the Bishop in Würzburg, Germany. This is also the final resting place for the previous Prince-Bishops of the city and worth visiting the interior.

This was another building that was badly damaged in WWII, but it has since been rebuilt.

Käppele, or Little Chapel on the hill on the other side of the river. You might notice this chapel off in the distance and recognize the unique towers. Leading up to the chapel on the hill are the 14 stations of the cross. You can even see these from the distance as the look like little buildings on either side leading up to the main chapel.

Visiting requires a little more effort, but is a great thing to see in Würzburg, Germany if you have the time.

interior of the Wurzburg Residence Chapel in Germany
The Chapel at Würzburg Residence

And while you’re visiting the Würzburg Residence, it’s worth asking about Hofkirche, or Court Church of Residence Würzburg, this chapel is also a stunner and we were able to visit on our guided tour of the residence.

Visit a Beer Garden

the view from the Alter Kranen beer garden in Würzburg Germany

Even though Würzburg, Germany is famous for its Franconian wine that doesn’t mean you won’t find some of the fine German beers here as well. After all, you’re technically in Bavaria!

While you won’t find these beer gardens open in the winter, they do open up in the spring, with the exception of Alter Kranen which has an indoor area open all year.

While there are quite a few beer gardens to enjoy and we think these should be high on your list for things to see in Würzburg, Germany we picked our top two picks. So grab a beer, sit back, and relax in one of these fine beer gardens.

Alter Kranen

Alter Kranen, or the Old Crane beer garden is located along the river right next to the Old Main Bridge. Located quite literally at the Old Crane which was used to lift goods easily off boats in the river and is one of the landmarks in Würzburg, Germany.

The outdoor seating area is quite lovely surrounded by trees and along the river. This is the perfect place to grab a beer, or two, or three, and even grab a good beer snack like a pretzel.

And even if you’re visiting off season or a rainy day, you can enjoy their beer and Franconian cuisine at their indoor dining section!

Glodene Gans

Located on the opposite side of the river is the Goldene Gans, or Golden Goose beer garden brewery and Wirtshaus.

You are also rewarded with views of the Main River near the Old Main Bridge!

Würzburg Markets

Megan in front of St. Marys Chapel or Marienkapelle in Würzburg Germany

Green Market

One of the best market experiences and things to see in Würzburg, Germany is the Green Market in Market Square next to Marienkapelle Chapel and the permanent specialty market.

The green markets focus on fresh produce like local vegetables and fruits that are in season and even flowers. During our visit there were also some food stands as well as local crafts and pottery.

This was really fun to explore and the Green Market runs on every day except Sunday, Monday, & Thursday so it’s easy to plan a visit.

Here are the hours:

Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday: 7 am – 6 pm

Saturdays 7 am – 4 pm

The only exception to this location is when the Christmas Markets are in place. The Christmas Markets use this location and the Green Market moves to Grafeneckart Square.



The Specialty Market is another thing to see in Würzburg, Germany. This permanent market is under the glass roof next to Marienkapelle Chapel and can’t be missed if you’re exploring this area.

This market is focused on locally sourced products, you can find everything from local spirits and wine here to some snacks like the local sausage, known as Geknickte.

You can tell which is the most popular spot to get the local sausage snack judging by the lines!

Christmas Markets

One of the most enchanting times of the year to visit Würzburg is during winter where you can attend the Christmas Markets in Market Square!

The tradition of Christmas Markets here date back to the 19th century and there are over 120 vendors and stalls selling unique products from glass to wooden toys and even delicious holiday food like gingerbread.

You’ll want to bring a friend to snack around the food stalls and don’t forget the local version of mulled wine, Glühwein, which is perfect to warm you up on a cold night.

The Christmas Market typically runs from the end of November through Christmas and are open 7 days a week until around 8:30 pm at night.

Würzburg Beer Festivals

Megan and Scott and Würzburg Germany's beer festival the spring volksfest

Easily our favorite thing to see in Würzburg, Germany are the beer festivals! Everyone has seen photos or footage of Munich’s famous Oktoberfest, but what many don’t realize is that there are hundreds of beer festivals around Germany all in different seasons! Some of the best are right here in Würzburg, Germany too!

We are fortunate enough to be able to experience both this year. During this visit we attended the smaller Spring Volksfest which has the typical German beer festival set up, a carnival with an amazing beer tent with live music, men and women decked out in their lederhosen and dirndl, and incredible food and beer!

In July the Kilani Beer Festival takes place in the summer in the month of July named after Saint Kilani. This is one of the oldest beer festivals in Germany and is actually over 800 years older than Oktoberfest in Munich.

Würzburg Wine Festival

Megan enjoying a glass of wine on the old main bridge in Würzburg Germany

When you’re in the historical Franconian wine country that’s been around for over 1000 years you have multiple options for local wine experiences to enjoy like wine tasting mentioned above and one of their many wine festivals that take place throughout the year.

It’s hard to find out when ALL the wine festivities take place here in Würzburg, Germany because there are so many. This website has a list of some of the most significant ones, some of which take place at the same time as the beer festivals where you can double down on your local drinking specialties!

This is easily one of the best experiences and things to see in Würzburg, Germany.

A few additional recommendations for Würzburg

Megan shopping around Centrale Caffè Vino in Wurzburg Germany
Shopping in Centrale Caffè Vino

While exploring all the incredible things to do in Würzburg, there are a few extra places we’d love to mention that we did on this most recent visit!

Be sure to make a visit to Centrale Caffè Vino, a cafe/bar/store full of really great gifts and items for the home and kitchen. This was our afternoon stop everyday where we’d get a pick me up and a cocktail before heading to dinner. It’s such an adorable space and their shop is wonderful, especially if you like to bring home edible gifts!

Megan shopping around s' Fachl Würzburg
s’ Fachl Würzburg

For shopping, check out s’ Fachl Würzburg where you’ll find tons of local vendors and artisans selling their products throughout this shop. This is another great spot for gifts and to pick up something special made by a local.

franconian cuisine from Backöfele in Würzburg Germany
meal at Backöfele

For Franconian cuisine, head to Backöfele. This is an exceptional spot for dinner with a memorable setting, it’s completely indoors but there is a giant tree growing in the courtyard. Definetely a memorable dining experience.

Where to Stay in Würzburg

View of Würzburg germany from G Hotel
The view from our room at G Hotel

GHOTEL & Living

GHOTEL & Living is a great option for where to stay in Würzburg, Germany right next to the Würzburg Hbf train station and where we’ve personally stayed on two visits. The rooms are modern and comfortable with a great breakfast spread. We recommend requesting a room on the higher floors with a view of the city. It was great waking up each morning with a floor-to-ceiling view of Würzburg! Book Now on Booking.com

rooftop view from The Barthels Boutique Hotel in Wurzburg Germany
View from the Rooftop at The Barthels Boutique Hotel

The Barthels Boutique Hotel

If you’re looking to stay in the center of Würzburg near all the historic attractions, you will want to check out The Barthels Boutique Hotel. This boutique property is funky, fun, and offers really cozy rooms, some fit with large soaking tubs. There are also social gathering places in the lobby area surrounded by an eclectic collection of furniture and art pieces along with a gorgeous rooftop terrace that overlooks the city! Book Now on Booking.com

If you’re making your way all the way out here consider checking out the gorgeous, medieval city of Regensburg, Germany as well.

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