A Day Trip to Inisheer in the Aran Islands, Ireland

Inisheer also known as Inis Oírr, is the smallest of the three Aran Islands located off the north-west coast of Ireland.

The 1,400-acre island is a great day trip from Galway, Doolin, and the Cliffs of Moher off Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way coast. Simply just take an Aran islands ferry to get there.

From lovely flora and fauna, the landscape similar to the Burren in County Clare, maze and rows of stone fence pastures, bird watching, and even beautiful beaches, visiting Inisheer is one of the best things to do in Ireland!

Aran Islands Inisheer

Besides being incredible scenic and unique, Inisheer and the Aran Islands are one of the only areas where locals practice and speak the Gaelic language on a day to day basis.

With only 300 inhabitants on the island, you will find Inisheer is a lovely escape or getaway for a day trip or even a few days for the ultimate remote seclusion.

How to Visit Inisheer in the Aran Islands, Ireland

Cow at Aran Islands on Inisheer Ireland

We took a day trip to Inisheer from Doolin Pier and discovered everything one could discover within a 6 hour period. We did everything from walk down narrow roads lined with stone walls to listen to locals speaking Gaelic and buying a hand knit Aran wool sweater from a local woman’s home.

Our day was incredibly rewarding and unforgettable, and it’s why we think you shouldn’t miss a visit to the smallest of the Aran Islands in Ireland.

Check out our guide for the best things to do at Inisheer, the smallest of the Aran Islands.

Rent a Bicycle


The best way to get around the island of Inisheer is by foot or bicycle. There’s actually no other way to get around unless you’re a local with a horse or tractor actually.

While the island is walkable, if you’re only coming for a day we recommend renting a bicycle to ensure that you will hit all the spots to see on the island.

You can rent a bicycle directly across from the pier when you arrive. If you’re visiting offseason, like we did, you can still rent a bike even if the rental shop looks closed.

The owners even ask on their website to come and knock at the door to the house at the rental shop, they will kindly help you out with your bicycle rental and even give you a map.

Check out the Seal Colony

Walking Through Inisheer Aran Islands

One of the best stops on Inisheer, whether you explore the island by bicycle or foot is to head over to the seal colony.

Easily a 10 to 15 minute walk from town or the pier. The easiest way to find the seal colony is to make a right turn from the pier on the road and follow the road past town.

Once you get past town continue walking along the road until you reach the flat rocks that meet the shoreline. You can walk on here to see the seal colony.

The best way to see the seals would be during low tide when the seals are basking on the rocks probably after hunting for salmon or pollock in the ocean.

Check out the White Sand Beach


We were shocked to see that there was a beautiful, pristine white sand beach, and azure waters on Inisheer. The Atlantic Coast of Ireland is known as the Wild Atlantic Way for a reason.

The wind, weather, and waves truly make it wild. So it was very surprising to see this small stretch of a paradise-like beach that looks like it was from some sort of tropical island here in Ireland. Even on a blustery, chilly autumn day, the beach was remarkable to look at.

Beach at Inisheer Aran Islands

While people do swim here, it can really only be enjoyed during the peak summer months. If you do happen to be here on one of those summer days, do pay close attention to the current.

See the Plassey Shipwreck

Photo by Care_SMC via Flickr

Located on the eastern side of the island is the Plassey Shipwreck. The shipwreck was from 1960, the cargo ship was passing through Galway Bay when it hit Finnis Rock during a storm.

Locals from Inisheer went to rescue the entire crew while the ship remained in its spot for weeks until another storm came in and swept it ashore.

The Plassey ship contained items some of the islanders had never seen before such as modern toilets and cookies. Also on the ship was whiskey, stained glass, and yarn. It is said that the locals salvaged parts of the ship as souvenirs to remember this strange and rare event.

Visit the Inisheer Lighthouse

Photo by Giuseppe Milo via Flickr

Located on the far side of the island and used to navigate ships and boats in the Galway Bay, Inisheer Lighthouse is one of the main sites to explore when visiting Inisheer.

We sadly missed this site because we explored Inisheer by foot. The lighthouse is best reached by bicycle but can be reached by walking if you make visiting a priority and schedule it in before your ferry leaves.

While there isn’t much to do here other than enjoy the view and snap a few photos you also get a great view of the Cliffs of Moher off in the distance across the ocean.

Check out O’Briens Castle Ruins


While exploring Inisheer you can’t miss the O’Briens Castle Ruins perched on the hill. The castle dates back to the 14th century and the fortress was a key player in controlling the Galway Bay from the Aran Islands, Ireland.

The O’Brien clan from County Clare controlled Inisheer from as early as the 13th century helping keep Galway Bay free from pirates and a clear shipping route. Eventually, the O’Flattery clan from Connemara took over the castle from the O’Briens in the 1580s.

Today, you can visit the ruins easily by foot. You can walk inside the ruins and from the hilltop vantage point on a cloudy day like the day we visited see as far as the Cliffs of Moher in the distance.

Also Visit the Cill Ghobnait Church Ruins

Inisheer Aran Islands

More ruins on Inisheer island include Cill Ghobnait, the small church ruins. The current structure you see dates back to the 11th century, however, the site dates all the way back to the 6th century.

Ghobnait was a saint of bees and beekeepers who fled to Inisheer from Clare County. She is famous for curing the ill with the honey of the bees thanks to honey’s antibacterial properties.

Find an Aran Wool Sweater

Buying an Aran Wool Sweater on Inisheer Aran Islands Ireland

One thing that made me really excited about visiting the Aran Islands, Ireland would be trying to find an authentic Aran wool sweater. I knew I wanted to get one the moment we landed in Ireland and what better place to get one than at the source!

There aren’t too many shops to choose from on Inisheer. The one shop that carried many sweaters was swarmed with people frantically looking for their perfect sweater. I ended up lucking out by walking next to a home that had a tiny sign that read, “Crafts for Sale, Hand Knitted Aran Sweaters.”

This area of town seemed like a ghost town and I thought my chances were slim. I peeked around the corner of the house to the front door. Low and behold an elderly woman opened the door hoping for a customer.

She invited me into her home where I was escorted to a tiny room right off the entryway with a few hand knitted items including a selection of 3 hand knitted sweaters.

I was nervous about the fit since there was no tag and or a specific size. I tried on the classic white cable sweater and it was a fit! In a store on the mainland, you can easily pay 60-120 Euro for an Aran Sweater made in a factory. I paid 100 euros, which to me is a great value. The sweater was handmade and the money went directly to the creator.

After striking up a conversation I learned that her name was Maura and she had been knitting these traditional fisherman sweaters for so many years she couldn’t even remember.

She told me it takes her about 3-4 weeks to make each sweater. That blew my mind and I couldn’t believe she was selling them for so little considering how much time and care went into making each one.

In the end, we both left happy, I had my Aran fisherman sweater and she had a pleased customer. It was also a pleasure getting to know the actual woman who made my sweater and gave it more of a sentimental travel memory and souvenir that will last for years.

While you may not luck out like I did, I recommend trying to find a handmade sweater at the source if you’re looking for an Aran Sweater while in Ireland.

How to Get to Inisheer

Scott Walking through Inisheer one of the Aran Islands

You can book ferry tickets from either Ros a’ Mhíl in Galway city or from Doolin Pier. Since we were already in Doolin, we took a quick 15 minute ferry from the pier via the Doolin Express, an Aran Islands ferry.

You can just show up 10- 15 minutes before a scheduled ferry departure and buy your ticket on the spot. We were told by our hotel that we could even try to negotiate a price. However, the tickets were already so inexpensive and we were running late. We paid 15 Euro each for round trip tickets.

Make sure you pay for parking before you leave to avoid a ticket.

Inisheer Aran Islands Ireland

Inisheer is really a beautiful place to visit and explore. Don’t come looking for tons of activities to do. Come to explore and just enjoy the quiet island life.

Looking for animals at inisheer Aran Islands Ireland

We found the island to be fascinating. The Irish speaking locals, the endless maze of stone wall pastures… it was a lovely day trip.

A horse getting a lift home on Inisheer Ireland

The locals are friendly and welcoming happy to share their little island they call home with visitors. Be sure not to miss this experience when visiting Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way.

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