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Ultimate Guide for What to Pack for Ireland (Men & Women)

Ireland is a tricky place to pack for, unlike most destinations we’ve been to which are pretty straightforward. One minute its raining and windy, the next it’s cleared up and this cycle repeated every day our entire 25-day trip through the country.

So figuring out what to wear in Ireland and what to pack for Ireland can be tricky with unpredictable weather patterns that are sometimes mild and sometimes cold.

That is why we put together this ultimate men’s and women’s guide for what to pack for Ireland so you can enjoy your trip without the discomfort of being cold or unprepared with the wrong clothing and gear for your trip!

Weather in Ireland

Weather in Ireland is unpredictable, during our trip one minute it was raining with high winds, the next it cleared up then repeat. Even the locals would joke with us about the weather which can make it tricky to figure out what to wear in Ireland and what to pack for Ireland.

The unpredictable weather in Ireland is due to the Atlantic Ocean. In the spring temperatures range from 46 to 54°F, in summer temperatures are between 64 and 68°F, in the fall temperatures are between 64 and 57°F, and in the winter the inland stays at around 46°F and sometimes drop below freezing but snow is rare, which made winter 2018 especially interesting for Irish folks because they experienced some crazy snow!

The average temperature is 50 degrees Fahrenheit which is pretty comfortable but can be really chilly if you throw wind and rain in the mix which is why we’ve put together this post to help you prepare for what to wear in Ireland and what to pack for Ireland.

The summer months, May – July are the most popular time to visit Ireland with spring and fall being the next popular time to visit.

What to Wear in Ireland

Layering is key and crucial for what to wear in Ireland and what to pack for Ireland. We have picked out some great pieces for both men and women that will help you be comfortable during your trip despite the crazy weather patterns.

It would be a shame to not come prepared and you wouldn’t want discomfort to take away from the unrivaled beauty Ireland has to offer.

Windproof Rain Jackets

Windproof jackets that are water resistant are a key item for what to pack for Ireland as chances are you will most likely encounter wind and rain during your trip. It’s important to have a jacket that is wind resistant and waterproof to keep you dry and warm, there’s nothing worse than getting wet from cold rain and dealing with wind, that will chill you to the bone.

That is why we picked these great men’s and women’s options for what to wear in Ireland.


This Carhartt Men’s Rockford rain defender jacket is a great option for what to pack for Ireland for men. The jacket is stylish and comes in a few color choices with an attached hood. The hooded rain jacket has a zip front closure and two snap chest pockets with a media port so you can listen to your headphones during the bad weather! There’s a polyester mesh lining in the body and the nylon material is wind resistant and has a water repelling finish. This jacket is great for what to wear in Ireland because it’s the perfect layering piece to keep you dry. Shop here.


This women’s lightweight hooded waterproof raincoat is an amazing option for what to pack for Ireland and comes in a variety of colors. This long rain jacket is as stylish as it is functional. The durable fabric is quick-drying and great for all seasons. The jacket is unlined making it easy to pack and a great layering piece and an awesome option for what to pack for Ireland. Shop here.

Water Resistant Boots

Another essential for what to pack for Ireland and what to wear in Ireland are water-resistant boots. There’s nothing worse than getting wet feet because they tend to take forever to dry, plus you’ll save yourself from blisters from wearing wet socks and shoes.

We’ve picked out these great options for water-resistant boots for both men and women for Ireland.


These men’s Sorel rain boots are perfect for what to wear in Ireland. This boot is from a reputable and quality brand and made of durable full-grain leather.

The boot has a Thinsulate lining that makes sure feet stay dry and warm during that unpredictable Irish weather.

The boot is made of waterproof construction and is easy to clean mud off of. Bonus points for still by stylish! Shop here.


This women’s option is the perfect stylish rain boot for what to pack for Ireland and what to wear in Ireland to keep your feet dry and warm after a spell of some wind and rain.

These Hunter boots are not only popular and stylish but extremely functional and practical for weather conditions in Ireland. We love the tall boot which is designed for exceptional fit and comfort while being fully waterproof.

The boot comes in tons of different colors for you to style and match it with everything you wear in Ireland. Shop here.

To add on to your Hunter boots for the ladies it is also wise to invest in the stylish and high quality boot sock designed for Hunter boots and the perfect way to keep your feet warm in addition to keeping them dry.

Choose plain or a cute cable knit design for what to wear in Ireland. Shop here.

Sweater for Layering

As we mentioned already, layering is key for what to wear in Ireland with the weather. You will want to come prepared with layers for what to pack for Ireland on your trip.

When the weather is nice, it’s easily sweater weather, but when it starts to get windy or rain starts you’ll want to throw on your wind and rain proof jacket.

We both had a sweater and wore them just about every day on our trip as one of our layers.


This Pendleton men’s crewneck sweater is the perfect piece for what to wear in Ireland as a layer. Made of 100% Shetland wool and tons of great colors to choose from.

This sweater is stylish and what to pack for Ireland as a warm layer that you can easily pop on or pop off during the changing weather. Shop here.


This sweater is a great option for what to pack for Ireland for women. The design is stylish and the perfect casual piece for what to wear in Ireland as a great layering piece.

I love the neutral colors available and the higher neck keeps you even warmer. Shop here.

Fleece Jacket for Layering

Again with the layering for what to wear in Ireland. We highly recommend getting a fleece jacket you can bring along and have for layering when it gets to be a bit chillier. Figuring out what to pack for Ireland can be tricky or easy if you bring tons of layers like one of these fleece jackets it will give you another option and doesn’t take up too much space in your luggage.


This Colombia front zip jacket for men is a great option for what to wear in Ireland. These are also great to layer underneath your rain and windproof jacket.

This style comes with an interior zip pocket as well and is available in different colors.  Shop here.


This Colombia fleece for women is essential for what to pack for Ireland. This is another essential layering piece that is perfect on its own or under the rain jacket picked out earlier during windy or rainy weather.

I have this jacket and love packing it as a light jacket or layering piece. Better yet, it has tons of colors available to choose from. Shop here.

Thermal Undershirt for Layering

Another amazing layering piece and everyday basic that you can mix and match for what to wear in Ireland is a thermal undershirt. On colder days wear this under your sweater and on warmer days leave it at home or wear it by itself. It’s always good to pack one of these in your suitcase.


This men’s long sleeve undershirt is great for what to pack for Ireland. This double layer thermal shirt is designed to control moisture and keep your body insulated.

The cotton blend material is also soft and comfortable and is available in a few different color options. Shop here.


This ColdPruf base layer long sleeve shirt is a great essential to add to your suitcase for what to wear in Ireland. Wear the shirt alone or layer it under your sweater or jacket depending on the weather for the day.

You won’t be sorry that you have many layers to mix and match and choose from for your trip to Ireland. Shop here.

Warm Socks

No matter what kind of shoes or boots you choose to wear in Ireland you will appreciate a nice pair of warm socks. There’s something about the wet air that makes it feel much colder than it is. Do yourself a favor and follow our advice for what to pack for Ireland by making sure you have a few pairs of warm socks.


These comfortable socks are what to pack for Ireland for your feet! This 4 pack of Dickie’s socks are perfect for what to wear in Ireland. The socks are warm and have moisture wicking designed into the fabric to keep your feet from sweating.

The heels and toes are reinforced so the socks will last longer without forming pesky holes that drive you nuts. Shop here.


This pack of thick cotton and wool socks is what to pack for Ireland to take care of comfort and warmth for your feet.

This pack includes 5 pair of soft, breathable, cozy socks. They are stylish and are great quality. Shop here.

What Else to pack for Ireland

We’ve covered what to wear in Ireland now we are going to talk about the rest of the essential items you’ll need and want to pack for Ireland. From cameras to more rain gear we’ve got ya covered.


What better way to remember your Ireland trip than with photos or video. We love the new GoPro options because besides being waterproof with the proper case the camera gets quality photos and shoots 4K video and is small and compact. It’s no wonder why so many travelers love this camera and brand. Shop here.

Waterproof bag

This waterproof dry bag is a great option for what to pack for Ireland especially if you plan on hanging out along the Wild Atlantic Way and taking any ferries weather its to the Aran Islands, Blasket Islands, or off the Skellig Coast.

It’s also great if you go on a hike at all and want to keep your stuff dry in case of some unexpected rain. After folding 3 times and closing this bag will keep your valuables safe and dry even when fully submerged in water.

Ours kept our camera safe on a tour that took us white water rafting even though our boat flipped in a rapid! Shop here.

rainproof backpack cover

Since Ireland has unpredictable weather patterns as mentioned many times in this article you never know when weather will take a turn for the worse.

This backpack cover will keep valuables covered when rain strikes. These waterproof backpack covers fit around just about any size backpack with its elastic design.

The material is durable and easily folds up to a small size and can fit in your backpack at all times without taking up any space at all making it a perfect item to pack for Ireland.  Shop here.

wind resistant umbrella

This is what to pack for Ireland for the inevitable rain. We broke two umbrellas during our trip to Ireland because we had regular old umbrellas. Don’t let the same happen to you by coming prepared with a wind resistant durable umbrella.

This lightweight umbrella is compact and easy to travel with. The double canopy design makes it resistant to flipping in the wind and ruining your umbrella.

There are tons of fun colors available. Shop here.

travel blanket/scarf

I love these pashmina scarves that double as a travel blanket. These are perfect to wear in Ireland as a scarf, shawl, poncho, or just as a lap blanket on the plane or en route to wherever you are going.

They also are neutral so men can also wear as a scarf. This is a great versatile piece to pack for Ireland that will keep you warm. Shop here.

Beanie or Hat

Don’t forget about keeping your head and ears warm! Make sure you have a beanie or hat for what to wear in Ireland for your head.

These also are great or messy or lazy hair days.

These are also great color pops in photos, choose from the many different colors. Shop here.

power adapter

This is what to pack for Ireland to cover all your electronics. The electrical supply in Ireland is 230v 50hz or a funny looking 3 prong that you’ll need an adapter for.

We love this universal adapter that is a power strip with three outlets and 4 USB ports. It’s the only adapter you’ll need since you can plug all of your items into this surge protector power strip. Shop here.

travel insurance

One of the most important things that you can’t pack for Ireland is being prepared with good travel insurance. You’ll be surprised how affordable it is and it can really come in handy when you least expect it.

You never know when the weather will affect or cancel plans when unexpected accidents will occur, or something happens to your gear. Get covered so if some mishap happens it doesn’t ruin your epic trip to Ireland. Check out our guide to the best travel insurance to figure out what’s best for you.

Cool Places to Visit in Ireland

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