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17 Amazing Slopes for Snowboarding and Skiing in Korea

What if we told you that there are 17 amazing slopes for snowboarding and skiing in Korea? Korea may not be that large, but it has mountains everywhere making it a winter wonderland for winter sport enthusiasts! No need to spend this winter in Korea hibernating like a grumpy grizzly bear, get out and enjoy the snow!

Here’s a list of all the snowboarding and ski resorts in Korea.

Alpensia Ski Resort

Skiing at Alpensia

Located in Daegwallyeong, a mountain pass in the Taebaek mountains, and the location of the 2018 Winter Olympics makes this resort a must see if you want to test out the slopes before the games. There are 6 slopes and 3 lifts from beginner to advanced levels.

Yongpyong Ski Resort

Nicknamed the Alps of Korea, Yongpyong is one of Korea’s biggest ski resorts including 28 slopes and 15 lifts. Due to it’s location in Pyeongchang, Yongpyong gets more snow throughout the winter meaning this resort has a longer season. You also have a lot of entertainment options here if you need a break from the snow including bowling, screen golf, karaoke, arcade, shopping, billiards, and a sauana.

To learn more check out their website.

Vivaldi Park Ski World

Located in Daemyung and popular for those who enjoy night skiing, Vivaldi offers 14 slopes and 10 lifts from beginner to advanced levels. They also have Ocean World and an equestrian club for those who are wanting to do more than ski. Don’t miss the spa either. They also offer a free shuttle bus for foreigners in Seoul with on online reservation.

Bokwang Phoenix Park

Making Snow in Phoenix park

Located on Taegisan Mountain, Bokwang is the location of the free style ski and the snowboarding competition in the 2018 winter Olympics. Featuring 21 slopes this place is great for snowboard enthusiasts. Phoenix Park is known for it’s extreme snowboarding park including rails, half pipe, and table top. There’s also a spa in the resort to sooth your sore muscles.

Wellihilli Park

Frend ship

Another park popular for snowboarders offering a wall ride for those who want to practice their tricks. If that’s not enough then you can enjoy any of the 19 slopes from beginner bunny hills to black diamond hills. There’s also a mogul ski course here. Wellihilli also has a big recreation center including lots of entertainment options like an indoor pool, badminton room, table tennis hall, gymnasium, karaoke, sauna, arcade, batting cages, screen shooting, billiards, and bowling!

High 1

SKI Abfahrt

Located in Gangwon-do on Baekwon Mountain, High 1 offers 18 different slopes from beginner to advanced to check out. There’s also a revolving restaurant at the top of the mountain! If you want to get wild on your ski trip then make sure you leave time to check out the nearby casino!

O2 Ski Resort

Winter Wonderland

Located in the Taebaek Mountains, O2 Ski Resort gets the first snow of the year and it’s location has the last place where snow melts, leaving them with the longest skiing and snowboarding season in Korea! There are 12 slopes and 5 lifts featuring levels from beginner to advanced. Don’t feel like skiing or snowboarding the while time? Then you can check out the slope soley for sledding.

To learn more check out their website.

Elysian Gangchon

Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort

Located close enough to Seoul to access via the subway is Elysian Gangchon in Gapyeong. There are 10 slopes and 6 lifts ranging from beginner to advanced levels. There’s also a great spot for beginner snowboarders. Another perk would be how close you are to the Garden of the Morning Calm’s lighting festival!

To learn more check out their website.

Star Hill Resort

seoul resort

Another resort not far from Seoul located in Namyangju, Star Hill Resort can easily be done as a day trip. Star Hill offers skiing all year long with two artificial slopes. Star Hill is also only ski friendly since it’s 5 slopes and 7 lifts are all for skiiers only.

Oak Valley Snow Park

Hitting the Slopes

Oak Valley is a much smaller ski resort and known for not having much crowds. There are only 9 slopes ranging from beginner to advanced. There’s also sleigh rides for beginners who need a break. Some other activities include an indoor pool, spa, fitness center, bowling, karaoke, arcade, and billiards.


Sunrise Over Bearstown

Bearstown is another great spot to ski not far from Seoul. There are 11 slopes and 8 lifts. There’s also sledding for those who need a break from skiing! Other entertainment includes a sauna and a table tennis hall.

Jisan Forest

Intermediate/Expert level

Jisan Forest is only a 40 minute commute from Gangnam making it an easy day trip from Seoul and no need to worry about staying the night. There are 10 slopes and 5 lifts. Jisan is pretty small and great to take kids or beginners, you may want to skip if you’re advanced or an avid skier or snow boarder.

Yangji Pine Resort

Yangji Pine Resort is also located near Seoul, and better yet, near Everland! Make your weekend in Yongin special by checking out the amusement park one day and skiing the next! Yangji has 10 slopes and 6 lifts from beginner to advanced. There’s also a mogul ski course for the pros! For those who love skiing at night, Yangji Pine Resort is another hot spot for night skiing.

To learn more check out their website.

Konjiam Resort


Located in Gwangju, Konjiam Resort prides itself that they have 7,000 visitors at a given time. With only 11 slopes and 5 lifts I find this to be a drawback since it sounds so crowded. Konjiam also claims there’s no more than a 15 minute wait at a time. If you want to go where the crowd is, then Konjiam is for you! If you have enough of the slopes be sure to check out the spa, arboretum, and river nearby.

To learn more check out their website.


Ski Muju Resort

Located in Deogyusan National Park is Muju Ski Resort. Muju is divided into two separate sections, Manseon Base and Seolcheon Base. There are 34 slopes total making Muju one of the biggest ski resorts Korea has to offer. They also offer Korea’s longest run at 6.1 kilometers long designed for beginners and intermediate levels called Silk Road Slope! If you want to go sledding you can check out Kids Land! After a long day of skiing you can soothe your tired muscles at the outdoor hot springs.

Eden Valley Resort

Eden Valley

Located at Sinbulsan Mountain in Yangsan, Eden Valley offers 7 different slopes and 3 lifts from beginner to advanced. Eden Valley is known for being a great spot to enjoy without crowds. Their facilities include a sauna to rejuvenate after a long day on the slopes. Eden Valley also offers discount packages on their website.

Sajo Ski Resort

What attracts people to Sajo Ski Resort (aka Eagle Valley) would be the hot spring complex nearby. Sore muscles after long days of skiing go hand in hand with the Suanbo Hot Springs. Sajo Ski Resort is located in Chungju and is known for it’s small size with little crowds. You can enjoy 6 different slopes with 3 lifts for levels beginner to advanced.

Korea has an overwhelming amount of places to choose your next skiing or snowboarding adventure. After doing alot of research we decided to make our first trip to Muju two winters ago. Muju is easily one of the largest resorts to hit the slopes in Korea for all levels. We liked Muju so much that we are planning another trip back there this winter! We hope this list helps you decide your next skiing adventure!

Have you been to any of these places? Share your experience in the comments below!

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