10 Best Tours in Salem MA (Witch Tours, Ghost Tours, Family-Friendly Tours & MORE)

Looking for all the best tours in Salem, Massachusetts? You’ve come to the right place. Without a doubt, Salem is one of the most popular destinations in the fall thanks to being one of the best Halloween destinations that exist, and in addition, this time of year serves as a sort of spiritual pilgrimage for those who identify with the accused from the famous Salem witch trials that took place in the 17th century.

With that being said, this is a very historic destination so beyond the history tours you can take in Salem, you can also enjoy Salem witch tours and haunted tours for those wanting to learn about the famous ‘Witch City.’ Plus we recommend a few family-friendly Salem tours too.

Whether you’re looking for ghost stories, the history of the witch trials that took place, historic sites, and more – these Salem tours offer visitors a way to have an immersive educational experience with an experienced guide and storyteller! Better yet, these Salem tours can be enjoyed any time of year, not just the fall season.

From hitting up all the Salem Hocus Pocus filming locations to checking out many of the best things to do in Salem including historic points of interest and landmarks, these are the best Salem tours to check out on your visit!

And if you’re still planning your trip and need to find a place to stay, consider checking out our guide to where to stay in Salem (even if you’re a late planner like us as hotels in Salem book out months in advance – but don’t worry there’s an excellent option in our guide!).

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Salem, Massachusetts Tours to Check Out

History & Hauntings of Salem Guided Walking Tour


The History & Hauntings of Salem Guided Walking Tour is one of the best Salem tours for anyone who wants to learn more about the history of the city and more about what life in Salem was like in 1692 during the witch hysteria. Ran by a local historian with tons of knowledge, this is also one of the best tours in Salem for those who want to admire the old architecture. 

In fact, the guide will teach you all about what’s happened in Salem during the last 400 years, which covers it all. While passing through the McIntire District and learning about Salem’s history, you’ll also get to see and learn about many of Salem’s haunted mansions. 

This 2-hour tour comes with a day and nighttime option. If you’re looking for Salem witch tours to try out, the nighttime tour is a great pick for you since it includes information about the Salem Witch Trials and is led by lantern light for a spookier vibe! Book the History & Hauntings of Salem Tour on Viator.

The Salem Night Ghost Tour

The witch house in salem at night

If you’re on the hunt for the best Salem haunted tours, The Salem Night Ghost Tour is a great option for you! This 1.5-hour tour takes place in downtown Salem and is run by a local historian and paranormal investigator. 

This is one of the best Salem ghost tours for those who want to learn about the Salem Witch Trials and other events that make up the town’s dark past and history. On top of the Salem Witch Trials, your guides will teach you about the murders that have taken place there.

This tour stops by cemeteries, filming locations from the classic Halloween movie Hocus Pocus, and many other haunted locations. You’ll also get discounts at local shops and restaurants that are nearby! 

Keep in mind that this tour quickly fills up so it’s best to make a reservation online. This tour also takes place rain or shine, so if rain is likely to happen, be sure to bring an umbrella! Book the Salem Night Tour on Viator.

Salem Voodoo, Vampires, and Ghosts Guided Walking Tour

Another one of the best Salem haunted tours is the Salem Voodoo, Vampires, and Ghosts Guided Walking Tour. Known as one of the best tours in Salem, this excursion is centered around the haunted history of the town.

You’ll learn about the 1692 witch trials and hysteria, voodoo, murders, and more. While learning about the haunted history of the town, you’ll also get to know the spirits that allegedly reside at each location! Hearing about these local legends that aren’t super well-known to the public will also give you an insider look on the town’s history and what makes it so iconic.  

The tour guides on this tour are historians and paranormal investigators. In fact, you can have your personal photos examined by the guides to see if any ghosts can be spotted! You also have the option to choose between the afternoon or evening tour. Book the Salem Voodoo, Vampires, and Ghosts Guided Tour on Viator.

Mysteries & Murders of Salem Night Tour

Ropes Mansion at night during Halloween in Salem Massachusetts

If you’re looking beyond the Salem Massachusetts tours that are only centered around the witch trials, the Mysteries & Murders of Salem Night Tour might be a perfect fit for you! This is one of the best Salem tours that is centered around murders and ghost sightings for adults only.

This true crime-themed tour is 90-minutes and is led by a professional guide who is an animated storyteller. As you explore the town and learn about the most terrifying cases, you’ll also be able to explore some of the hidden haunted spots that aren’t well-known to the public. If you’re looking for a historic and entertaining tour, this one is the perfect pick for you! Book the Mysteries & Murders of Salem Night Guided Tour on Viator.

Salem Witch Trials Walking Tour

A rose for Sarah Good at the Salem Witch Memorial

Another one of the great Salem witch tours is the Salem Witch Trials Walking Tour. This 90-minute tour is centered around the two young girls that started the witch trials. 

This is one of the best Salem tours for those who are interested in visiting the historical locations tied to the infamous trials. This tour stops at the witchcraft memorial, courthouse, and many other fascinating spots. As you explore the town, you’ll hear stories about those who are victims and those who are guilty. 

This Salem witch tour is run by a professional guide who knows all of the best spots in town. Since this tour takes place in the late afternoon, you’ll have time to explore the city even more afterward! Book the Salem Witch Trials Walking Tour on Viator or Get Your Guide.

Satanic Salem Walking Tour

Old Town Hall in Salem Massachusetts

Did you know that The Satanic Temple headquarters is here in Salem? That’s right, and if you’re not familiar, the Satanic Temple is not exactly what you might think it is, their mission is actually more about separation from church and state and practicing empathy among ALL people.

Better yet? The Satanic Temple offers one of the best Salem tours on their Satanic Salem Walking Tour. This tour is quite different from the other Salem haunted tours out there and is totally free from ghosts and spirits. 

Founders Lucien Greaves and Malcolm Jerry chose their headquarters to be in Salem on purpose. They were making a statement while being fully self-aware.

Since its founding in 2012, The Satanic Temple as a nontheistic religious group has been publicly involved in human rights campaigns. The Temple works to bring attention to the hypocrisy of religious groups’ involvement in political settings. In just a decade, chapters have been founded on 3 separate continents.

This tour is run by an expert in witchcraft and occultism and is a member of The Satanic Temple. Throughout this guided walking tour, you’ll be able to learn more about the town’s history from the actual temple! 

The tour guides on this tour embrace all of the weirdness that Salem has to offer and work to dispel lots of the myths around the 1692 witch trials. The humorous and knowledgeable tour guides can answer all of your questions about the town and will introduce you to the creepy truth about Salem. Instead of fictional ghost tales, you’ll hear real stories about the town and occultism. Better yet, this tour in Salem, Massachusetts is also a family-friendly one! Book the Satanic Salem Walking Tour on Viator.

If you want to learn more about the Satanic Temple and its mission, you can also watch the documentary Hail Satan, which is REALLY interesting!

Requiem for Salem Ghost Tour

witchy woman walking through the Old Burying Point cemetery in Salem Massachusetts

The Requiem for Salem Ghost Tour is another one of the best tours in Salem. This 90-minute tour takes place throughout the Red Light District, where you’ll visit lots of iconic spots, including the Old Burying Point Cemetary and Wicked Good Books. You’ll also learn about the spirits that made each of these spots haunted. 

If you’re on the hunt for Salem haunted tours that talk about witches and spirits, this one is perfect for you. Suitable for anyone over 16 years old, this Salem ghost tour is run by an expert local guide who knows all about the witches and how they were treated in the 17th century. Book the Requiem for Salem Ghost Tour on Get Your Guide.

Witch City Ghosts Haunted Walking Tour

clown saxaphone man outside of witch city mall in salem massachusetts

If you’re searching for Salem haunted tours that are family-friendly, check out the Witch City Ghost Walking Tour! Throughout this family-friendly tour, you’ll learn about why Salem continues to be one of the most haunted cities in the country. 

You’ll also learn about the city’s rich history as you visit the Salem Witch Trials Memorial, Ropes Mansion, and up to 12 other haunted sites throughout town on this 60-90 minute guided adventure.

This Salem haunted tour is a great combination of history and hauntings while keeping it friendly even for those who might be a little scared since it’s geared to be fit for families. Each tour guide is a great storyteller and knows the town very well, so if you want someone with local recommendations, this is a great pick! Book the Witch City Ghosts Haunted Walking Tour on Get Your Guide.

Salem History & Sightseeing Tour

House of Seven Gables in Salem Massachusetts

If you are more into the history of Salem vs the macabre and paranormal-focused tours, one of the best tours in Salem for you is the Salem History & Sightseeing Tour. This 2.5-hour tour is perfect for anyone who is curious more about the history which covers the infamous trials that took place here along with the people who have occupied and lived where present-day Salem is including indigenous peoples, Puritans, and Revolutionary Era folks.

On this tour, some of the sites you’ll visit include The Pickering House, Ropes Mansion, and many more. You’ll also visit historical houses, cemeteries, and gardens that are quite hidden from the public eye. You’ll learn about the people in the town from the early days and lots of the lesser-known events that make up the city’s fascinating past! Book the Salem History & Sightseeing Tour on Viator.

3 Salem Tours Combo!

The Ropes Mansion in Salem MA a Hocus Pocus filming location

If you want to experience a few of the best tours in Salem, a package of three Salem tours is a great option! This trio of tours includes The Wandering Witches Tour, which includes a real witch who is currently practicing. You’ll also get to experience the Steps Through 1692 Tour, which will help you learn more about the witch trials. Lastly, you’ll get to go on Salem’s Spooky Spectres, which is one of the best Salem haunted tours!

Compared to booking these three tours separately, you’ll save $10 and have peace of mind being able to schedule them all at once. Each tour is run by a certified guide that knows a ton about the town! Book the 3 Salem Tours Combo on Viator.

BONUS: Witch Costume Photo Shoot

Old Town Hall in Salem on Halloween

If you want something truly unique and a great addition to any of the Salem haunted tours or witch tours, check out the Witch Costume Photo Shoot! This witch-themed Salem photo shoot will help you capture your trip and the feel of the town. Each person gets to pick from over 300 witchy costumes to choose one to wear for the photos! 

This photoshoot perfectly encapsulates Olde Salem Village vibes with a 3D backdrop, an in-house stylist, and a professional photographer. They will help you with styling and posing! This is a great pick for families and couples. Book the Salem Village Witch Photoshoot on Viator.

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