gorgeous homes of Back Bay in Boston Massachusetts


A must-visit for US history buffs

If there's one state to visit for a ton of US history, it has to be Massachusetts. This state may be one of the smallest in the country, but it has played host to a huge number of events that have formed the United States as we know it today!

Take, for instance, the town of Plymouth, yes that Plymouth where the pilgrims came over on the Mayflower! And, of course, any student has heard the name "Boston" used over and over again in the fight for independence. Not to mention Salem, home to the infamous witch trials, is not to be missed especially if you visit around Halloween.

Beyond US History, Massachusetts boasts some classic New England scenery. Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, and Nantucket are some of the most popular summer destinations while the Berkshires are home to some incredible fall foliage. There's really something for everyone here!

Quick Tips for Visiting Massachusetts

Weather: Like all the New England states, Massachusetts has four very distinct seasons which include a cooler summer and very cold, snowy winters.

Language: English (though good luck with the thicker Boston accents!)

Currency: The dollar (USD). (1 USD = ~.9 EUR or ~.75 GBP OR ~1.25 CAD)

Card-Friendly? Most of Massachusetts is incredibly card-friendly. We always recommend having some cash on hand just in case!

Car-Friendly: You'll need a car to get around most of the state and even in Boston. However, beware of Massholes when driving!

Safety: Over all, Massachusetts is a pretty safe state, though major cities like Boston tend to have similar issues as most metropolitan places around the country. It's always good to practice normal precautions when traveling through.


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