30 Most Epic & Best Waterfalls in New York ( + Waterfall Trails in New York)

A long exposure of the main waterfall at Taughannock Falls State Park

Looking for the best waterfalls in New York? You’ve come to the right place, we’ve put together a guide to the best waterfalls in NY from famous waterfalls like Niagara Falls and Taughannock Falls to hidden gems, state parks full of waterfalls, and trails passing multiple cascading waterfalls!

Honestly, before visiting the Finger Lakes for the first time, we didn’t realize HOW many New York waterfalls there were! In fact, the thousands of waterfalls here are some of the best natural wonders of New York.

So whether you’re planning a road trip, a cabin getaway in upstate New York, a visit to the Finger Lakes, a visit to the Adirondacks, or the Catskills, we have all the waterfalls you’ll want to see in the state of New York covered in this guide!

Some of the best things to do in Upstate New York are visiting the incredible waterfalls! So let’s dive in to our favorites!

Stunning New York Waterfalls

Letchworth State Park

Letchworth State Park waterfall with bridge

One of the best places for checking out some of the most gorgeous and dramatic waterfalls in New York in the Finger Lakes region is at Letchworth State Park which is nicknamed the “Grand Canyon of the East.” 

You could spend a whole weekend getaway exploring the three large impressive waterfalls, the Lower, Middle, and Upper Falls here along with the 50 plus more smaller waterfalls that flow through the Genesee River.

What’s interesting about Letchworth State Park is that this site was actually private land owned by industrialist William Pryor Letchworth and his Glen Iris Estate overlooking the impressive Middle Falls. Letchworth donated the land to the state and now his former estate is used as accommodation for the lucky guests who are able to book and nab a reservation.

Spend your days picnicking, hiking on the 66 miles of trails, swimming, whitewater rafting, fishing, or kayaking within the park. There are endless outdoor activities to enjoy with gorgeous scenery as well as some of the best waterfalls in NY.

High Gorge Falls in Adirondacks


One of the best waterfalls on our list of New York waterfalls is High Gorge Falls. Located a few minutes away from Lake Placid and one mile from Whiteface Mountain Ski Resort, this majestic location has two short trails where one can witness four breathtaking waterfalls cascading over ancient rocks.

The entire route can be covered in 30 minutes, making it one of the most easily accessible waterfalls in New York.

The hiking trail features long, sturdy bridges with wheelchair access and a glass floor walkway that is only open in summer. For a close-up view of the breathtaking falls, follow the half-mile round-trip tail.

Winter is also a great time to visit High Gorge Falls. Guests will enjoy hiking in the snow and experiencing spectacular ice formations. Fire pits are also available on the trails for campers. Just make sure to bring snowshoes or boot grips as the trail is icy.

The easy trails, short hikes, and sturdy steel bridges make this a perfect location for families with small children and elderly ones looking for easy access to a beautiful location.

Also, be sure to check out all the other best things to do in the Adirondacks to help you plan your vacation to this amazing region!

Ausable Chasm

Ausable Chasm rainbow falls in new york in the adirondacks

Another one of the best waterfalls in NY is found in Ausable Chasm, the “Grand Canyon of the Adirondacks,” haha, sound familiar?

This tourist hotspot is a sandstone gorge located near Keeseville, New York. It is the oldest and largest natural attraction in New York because it became open to the public in 1870. This breathtaking gorge is about 2 miles long and is one of the unique upstate New York waterfalls.

Ausable Chasm features a host of summer activities such as rafting and hiking and its sturdy trails and bridges make it safe and suitable for guests of all ages.

In the winter months the waterfalls transform into a frozen winter wonderland, the trails are still open and it’s recommended to rent or bring your own crampons for your shoes if there are snow and ice! Keep in mind in the winter, only the Rim Trail is accessible unless you go on a guided tour.

Located at the southern extreme of Ausable Chasm, the gorgeous Rainbow Falls is a thunderous segmented, 70 foot waterfall that can be viewed from the bridge from the road. This is one of the most photographed waterfalls in New York and the Adirondacks.

Right next to it is a smaller, horseshoe-shaped fall named Horseshoe Falls. Guests who visit during winter will be thrilled to experience the grand views of the frozen waterfalls and bare, glass sculpture trees.

Along the Adventure Trail (which you need to pay a fee to access) you’ll get more vantage points along with more stunning waterfalls in NY to check out!

Be sure to visit our guide on how to plan the perfect Adirondack winter vacation if you do want to explore the region during the colder and beautiful snowy season!

Niagara Falls


One of the most famous waterfalls in New York, and widely recognized in the world, is Niagara Falls which drops 167 feet! Niagara Falls is a collection of three waterfalls that spans the border between Ontario, Canada, and the State of New York.

The three waterfalls that collectively make up Niagara are Horseshoe Falls, American Falls, and Bridal Veil Falls. Popularly known for its beauty, the breathtaking Niagara Falls is also a source of hydroelectric power.

Tourists visiting Niagara Falls can access several vantage points on either side of the border. One of the best ways to enjoy a glorious experience of Niagara Falls is at the foot of the Bridal Veil Falls. Descending 175 feet into the heart of the Niagara Gorge leads you to the Hurricane Deck where you will be immersed in mist from the awe-inspiring Bridal Veil Falls.

Another excellent vantage point is the USA Prospect Point Observation Tower. There, you will be enveloped in the thunderous descent of all three falls.

A trip to Niagara Falls is incomplete without a ride on the Maid of the Mist cruise boat tour. This mist-soaked ride takes you to the feet of the falls where you can feel the power that emanates from this miracle of nature.

Kaaterskill Falls


The enchanting Kaaterskill Falls is one of the most impressive Upstate New York waterfalls in the Catskills region. With a remarkable two-tier drop of 260 feet, it is the highest cascading waterfall in New York State.

Tourists can enjoy great views of the cascading falls from its numerous hiking trails. However, the two major spots to see the falls are from a strategic viewing platform at the top and the foot of the falls.

The walk to the viewing platform is safer and faster and allows you to look down on the falls and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding Catskill Mountains while taking amazing pictures. It is such a magical sight!

The view from the bottom of the falls requires a longer, more strenuous climb down the trail. 

You’ll want to visit from Laurel House Road, there’s a trailhead and parking lot here. See our full guide to the Kaaterskill Falls hike for all our tips for visiting this stunning and popular waterfall in New York!

Also, while you’re here make a Catskills getaway or Catskills winter getaway out of it by booking a cute cabin or house rental, see where to stay in the Catskills for some of the best accommodation recommendations!

Eternal Flame Falls


This is the most unique cascading waterfall in New York. It is located in Shale Creek Preserve in Chestnut Ridge Park.

This 30 feet waterfall also features a cave that houses a gas spring that creates a 4 to 8 inches high flame when ignited. Because the Eternal Flames Fall tends to dry up in summer, it is best to visit in early spring.

The trail around this unique waterfall is quite tricky. The terrain is muddy and unstable, and tourists have to brave steep trails and creek walking. If you are adventurous enough to brave it, be ready to get wet during the hike.

Watkins Glen State Park

Rainbow falls at Watkins Glen

One of the most beautiful places to see waterfalls in New York is at Watkins Glen State Park in the Finger Lakes region just outside of downtown Watkins Glen. Walk along the Gorge Trail where you will pass ethereal scenery and 19 cascading waterfalls on an easy 1.5 mile hike through the gorge. 

Each waterfall is mesmerizing and when you get to Rainbow Falls you’re rewarded with the view in the photo above. Be prepared to get splashed with some of the waterfall mist as some of the bridges and stone walkway that traverses the gorge have waterfalls trickling overhead or along the side.

The lower entrance is located just a 5-minute drive from downtown Watkins Glen making it easily accessible. The upper entrance is also an easy drive, you can start at either end and walk your way through the gorgeous narrow gorge pathway with one stunning long cascading waterfall after another.

We recommend starting at the lower entrance early in the morning to beat the crowds and just slowly climb your way up the gradual path that leads to one cascading waterfall after another surrounded by the forest and lush green foliage and moss if you’re there in the summer.

We recommend making your way all the way up to Rainbow Falls, this is the iconic and most mesmerizing spot on the trail where there’s a bridge, a wispy waterfall the trail leads behind, and one of the waterfalls that’s part of the river that runs through the gorge making the entire gorge one long cascading waterfall.

The Gorge Trail at Watkins Glen State Park is closed in the winter season due to ice, but the Rim Trail which overlooks the gorge is open all year and passes Keyhole Falls.

Chittenango Falls


This breathtaking New York waterfall has several drops and creates a glorious, thick mist. The entire area is home to a couple of endangered plants and animals.

Visitors can enjoy the 2.5-mile hike through damp, forest trails. A viewing area found close to the parking area offers brilliant views of the crest of the Chittenango.

For a more exhilarating experience, it is best to hike to the base of the waterfall. You will find another viewing area halfway down the trail. Ensure to get some cool pictures from this spot. Another seasonal 50 feet waterfall is located a bit further down the path.

At the end of the hike, you will be rewarded with a glorious view of the Chittenango Falls.

She-Qua-Ga Falls

Shequaga Falls Montour Falls near Watkins Glen in Finger Lakes New York

This is one of my personal favorite waterfalls in New York! Located in heart of the charming village of Montour Falls just outside of Watkins Glen. This is not only really close to more stunning waterfalls in New York at Watkins Glen State Park, but where you can find the dramatic 165 foot She-Qua-Ga Falls that overlooks the village below and can be seen from your car driving through Montour Falls or by parking and walking to the viewing area.

The name of the waterfall means “tumbling waters” in the Seneca language as this area has a rich history with Native Americans including the Seneca tribe who lived here.

This is one of the best roadside waterfalls in NY and one of the best things to do in the Finger Lakes as you’re exploring this region.

This waterfall also depends on water flow, if it’s an especially dry season with little rain you may not get to see this New York waterfall in all its glory! We love how quick and easy it is to see this waterfall though!

Fun fact, this waterfall is featured in a sketch by Louis Philippe, who would later go on to be the King of France, hangs in the Louvre from his visit in 1820.

Ok Slip Falls


Located on the south of the Hudson River, it is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Upstate New York in the Adirondack region. Ok Slip Falls is a 250 feet waterfall that can only be seen from a viewing area. A 3-mile hike along a popular, regularly used trail leads to the most rewarding view ever.

You can access this New York waterfall from the parking area on Route 28, and it provides access to Whortleberry Pond, Ross Pond, Big Bad Luck Pond, and the Hudson River.

The trail is easy and well maintained and is suitable for both young and old tourists. At the end of the trail, a viewing area framed by large trees offers a grand view of the Ok Slip Falls. This viewing area is on the cliffside, and we advise that you do not try to walk along the cliff.

Taughannock Falls

Scott at the bottom of the falls at Taughannock Falls

Easily one of the best waterfalls in New York is located just outside of Ithaca is Taughannock Falls at Taughannock Falls State Park. This dramatic New York waterfall is 33 feet taller than Niagara Falls at 215 feet!

This is popular among waterfalls in the Finger Lakes region as it is really accessible and easy to visit, the upper viewing deck and overlook area is located just steps away from the parking lot. 

Visiting the base of this New York waterfall is also an option by trails, there are a few options including an easy 1.5-mile roundtrip hike that takes you past several smaller cascading falls and a nice tree-covered pathway.

The Gorge Trail & Taughannock Falls Overlook is open year-round. The other trails are only open from April – October.

Salmon River Falls


Managed by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, this spectacular Upstate New York waterfall plunges 110 feet over shale and limestone and was created to protect the wide variety of endangered plants and animals found in the area near Lake Ontario.

This glorious New York waterfall has three separate cascades, and each is unique in its way. The cascade at the far right is the primary falls and has the highest volume of water flow. The other two waterfalls on the left and center are closest to tourists and sometimes only offer low trickle.

Tourists can reach the Salmon Falls through an upstream hike on a wide, flat trail. It is best to visit the falls during spring and fall as the flow is higher immediately after heavy rainfall. If you would like to experience the magical frozen falls’ beauty, we recommend visiting during winter. You will also see ice climbers on the cliff’s bellows.

Hector Falls

Hector Falls Finger Lakes Megan dipping her toes

Probably one of my personal favorites for best waterfalls in NY is this gorgeous cascading roadside waterfall located on the east side of Seneca Lake on State Route 414 dropping a whopping 165 feet.

You can witness this beauty from the road but we recommend pulling off at Hector Falls Point and carefully crossing the road to see this waterfall in all its glory.

This is one of those New York waterfalls that can be enjoyed every season of the year. From the road, you will only see the upper falls, what you won’t be able to see below you are a series of more drops and waterfalls that flow into Seneca Lake.

In the summer, we recommend taking a sunset schooner ride or renting a boat to see the lower waterfalls from the lake, it’s truly a stunning sight and you can also see more of the beauty of Seneca Lake too.

When visiting this New York waterfall, use caution as you cross State Route 414 as cars travel at 45-65 mph speeds and you will want to take care and watch after your young ones when you cross.

Cohoes Falls


Located along the Mohawk River is another favorite New York waterfall in Cohoes and Waterford is the second largest waterfall in New York behind Niagara Falls. The raging waters of Cohoes Falls is over 1,000 feet wide and drops up to 90 feet.

This impressive waterfall is at its peak during spring when the flow is high.

For the best views of this glorious waterfall, we recommend the viewing spot at Falls View Park. Falls View Park has a 200 feet bridge set over the water. The bridge ends at a fantastic vista which overlooks the waterfall. For an even closer look at the falls, follow the steep stairwell towards the falls’ base.

Another vista that offers views of the waterfall is at Overlook Park. This is an excellent option because it is only a few steps away from the parking area, and it is open all year round.

Seneca Mills Falls

Seneca Mills Waterfall on the Keuka Outlet Trail in winter in Finger Lakes Wine Country New York

Another Finger Lakes region waterfall in Upstate New York located just outside of the town of Penn Yan near Keuka Lake is Seneca Mills Falls on the Keuka Outlet Trail.

The Keuka Outlet Trail is located along the 7-mile river that connects Keuka Lake to Seneca Lake, the only two lakes in the Finger Lakes that have a connecting body of water and even better, a quiet trail you can enjoy the pretty views and not one, but two waterfalls!

The easiest way to visit the waterfalls is to find the small parking area on Outlet Road about 3 miles outside of Penn Yan on the way to the town of Dresden. After you park, you can walk on the flat trail for about .3 miles until you approach the scenic Seneca Mills Falls cascading over old mill ruins.

If you wish to see Cascade Mills Falls, the second waterfall on the Keuka Outlet Trail, it will require about a mile walk from this parking area unless you have time to do the entire 6.8 mile hike!

Genesee River Falls

High Falls in Rochester New York
High Falls

One of the popular waterfalls in New York is this collection of three huge waterfalls on the Genesee River. Located in Rochester, New York, the High Falls is the Genesee River Falls’ primary source. The other two falls are the Lower Falls and Middle Falls.

The central vantage point to view the High Falls is the Pont De Renne Bridge. This is a pedestrian bridge that covers the entire Genesee River. Although surrounded by factories and high-rise buildings, the Genesee River Falls still has a semblance of calm. Visitors can enjoy taking a walk along the bridge and photographing the majestic waterfalls.

The Lower Falls is a vast 110 feet drop located in a U-shaped gorge while Middle Falls exists as a hydroelectric dam. For quicker access to the Lower Falls, we recommend Driving Park Ridge. A closer look at the Lower Falls will require working your way down to the base of the falls via Maplewood Park.

Ithaca Falls & Fall Creek Waterfalls

Ithaca Falls in downtown Ithaca NY

Ithaca is easily one of the best towns in New York and famous for being GORGES and has over 150 waterfalls in a 10-mile radius! If you’re into seeing as many waterfalls in New York as possible, this is a great place to start, not to mention there are tons of amazing things to do in Ithaca making it one of our favorite getaways in New York State.

Probably the most impressive waterfall of all the waterfalls in downtown Ithaca, is the 150 foot Ithaca Falls in the heart of downtown located on Fall Creek. This is just one of several waterfalls along Fall Creek and the largest and most dramatic, the others can be viewed from a trail from above Ithaca Falls.

Located on Lake Street just north of Downtown Ithaca you can find parking on either side of the street making it one of the easiest waterfalls in Ithaca to visit. 

You will be visiting the base of the falls looking up at the 150-foot drop on this cascading gorgeous waterfall in New York. Visiting is easy and this one is accessible to visit year-round, unlike all other waterfalls in New York and in Ithaca.

Other New York waterfalls that can be enjoyed here on Fall Creek include Forest Falls from the Stewart Avenue Bridge which overlooks the gorge, Cayuga Lake, and you may notice a cool looking Egyptian Revival home on the corner here overlooking this epic view that once belonged to famous planetary scientist Carl Sagan!

Further up Fall Creek along the walking trail is Horseshoe Falls with the picturesque stone hydro plant perched above the falls.

Once you’re on the suspension bridge over Fall Creek, you can see Rocky Falls from the bridge upstream. And the last waterfall to witness on Fall Creek is right at Cornell University’s campus next to the Martin Y. Tang Welcome Center is the 55ft, Triphammer Falls.

Buttermilk Falls State Park


Surprise, surprise more amazing waterfalls in NY that can be found in Ithaca! When I said Ithaca had 150 waterfalls within 10 miles, you better believe we are going to have alot of their waterfalls featured!

Buttermilk Falls cascades down 165 ft of rocks into a pool that is one of the few waterfalls in NY open to the public for swimming in the summer season when a lifeguard is on duty. The name comes from the cascade that foams formed by Buttermilk Creek.

If you want to just look at Buttermilk Falls you can do so steps from the parking area.  The only thing that you should be aware of with Buttermilk Falls is that if it has been a particularly dry season, the falls may be dried out or barely running. This happened on our visit.

But the beauty of this spot, and why its one of the best waterfalls in New York is that its not just one but many waterfalls here! Continue on the 5 trails that go through the state park that pass a few other cascading waterfalls upstream.

The scenic trails circle Lake Treman, just know that the Gorge and Rim Trails are one way only. You will ascend on the Rim Trail and descend on the Gorge Trail.

Cascadilla Gorge Trail

Cascadilla Gorge Trail waterfalls in Ithaca New York

The Cascadilla Gorge is another great spot for waterfalls in New York located in downtown Ithaca in the heart of the Ivy League Cornell University campus. 

This easy .75 mile, paved hike passes 8 gorgeous cacading waterfalls, some of which have an 80 foot drop as well as enchanting stone bridges and steps along this picturesque gorge.

Start at the bottom at Treman Triangle Park in Ithaca, as you progress upwards the falls get more and more beautiful and then going back down is a breeze.

New Croton Dam

New Croton Dam waterfall at Croton Gorge Park in the Hudson Valley New York

Located in Croton Gorge Park in Hudson Valley, this is hands down, one of the best waterfalls in NY. This impressive man-made marvel is 266 feet wide with a 297 feet drop. After being completed in 1906, it was ranked the biggest man-made dam and the third-largest hand-hewn masonry structure in the world.

There are several ways to access the top of the dam, but we recommend using the main trail from the parking area. This trail is wide and slowly inclines to the top of the dam. If you’re interested in a longer, more challenging hike, take the Old Croton Aqueduct Trail. It is a 26-mile trail that leads from the Croton Gorge to the Yonkers-NYC border. This wonder of engineering remains one of the unique waterfalls in New York.

Robert H. Treman State Park

megan and scott walking in front of enfield falls at robert treman state park in ithaca ny
Enfield Falls

Another one of the greatest spots for the best waterfalls in New York is Robert H. Treman State Park in Ithaca. As we mentioned before, if you’re serious about waterfalls in NY, Ithaca is a great place to go to as there are so many amazing cascades and waterfalls here!

This state park has an enchanting trail with stone pathways and bridges passing some of the most impressive waterfalls in upstate New York. There are a few ways to see waterfalls here, you can hike at the lower base of the park all the way up the gorge, or you can park at the top and descend on the Gorge Trail here circling back up on the Rim Trail to your car after the impressive 115 ft Lucifer Falls then visit the pretty Enfield Falls after at the base by car depending on time and fitness levels.

We recommend doing a version of the hike here even if you opt for the shorter version. Lucifer Falls, as mentioned, is 115 ft and the hike here passes as many as 12 waterfalls in the Enfiled Glen along with otherworldly scenes with the charming stones bridges and staircases along turquoise waters with the rich green mossy rocks and flora and fauna.

Another must see waterfall in New York located here is Enfield Falls, one of the few swimmable waterfalls in the state when a lifeguard is on duty! Enfield Falls has a 70 foot drop and a great swimming pool area at the base. 

You can drive to this spot and do a quick, flat walk from the parking area or use this as the starting and ending point of your hike through Robert Treman State Park if you don’t want to cheat with the car like we did!

Last but not least, if you start at the upper entrance you will see an Old Mill, take a peek at the historic working Gristmill and the waterfall behind it before starting your hike! It’s a smaller waterfall, but if you’re here, you might as well look!

And if you’re able to plan a trip around autumn and changing of the leaves, this is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Upstate New York in fall.

Holley Canal Falls


One of the most historic and unique New York waterfalls, Holley Canal Falls is part of the Erie Canal System that stretches from Hudson River to Lake Erie. A lush, wooded landscape surrounds this stunning waterfall on both sides and cascades at 35 feet.

Tumbling down red sandstone into a shallow creek, the Holley Canal Falls is very visible right from the parking area. Like most New York waterfalls, it is best to visit during spring when the flow is at its peak.

You can enjoy glorious views of the man-made waterfall right at the base. There are benches, picnic tables, and a shaded pavilion where guests can relax and enjoy the serene environment. There are hiking trails and offshoots that lead to the Water source just above the falls.

Six Mile Creek

Wells Falls on Six Mile Creek in Ithaca New York

Another famous waterfalls in NY spot in Ithaca, are you surprised? So I could do an individual posting for the Six Mile Creek waterfalls, but instead, I am going to lump them together mentioning the main stars here.

On Six Mile Creek, you’ll want to check out Wells Falls, aka First Dam, aka Businessman’s Lunch Falls. It depends on who you ask. This waterfall has a set of pretty cascading waterfalls ranging from 5 to 30 feet with the ruins of and old mill right here in the scene.

We loved the view and juxtaposition of the old mill being overtaken by nature next to the flowing, cascading falls that total 65 feet of dropping water that supplies Ithaca’s drinking water! 

Visiting Wells Falls can be done quickly after a short 5-minute walk from your starting point, the Mulholland Wildflower Preserve. However, if you wish to see more waterfalls, you can by hiking along the trail here to Second Dam where you will find a man-made waterfall from a dam.

Continuing along you can reach Potters’ Falls, aka Green Trees Falls, a 25ft waterfall, and start circling back for a total 3.3 mile loop.

Kirk Douglas Falls

Located in a small urban park in downtown Amsterdam, New York, the Kirk Douglass Falls features two beautiful waterfalls. The Lower Falls is about 15 to 20 feet tall and consists of several small cascades. On the other hand, Upper Falls features a small upper cascade and a larger, lower cascade that is a 15 feet drop.

It is best to view the Lower Falls from the Guy Park Avenue Bridge. This bridge is set over the creek towards the south of the park and offers a very clear, stunning view of the Kirk Douglas Falls. We recommend accessing the Upper Falls from the main concrete path in the park.

Aunt Sarah Falls

Aunt Sarah Falls near Montour Falls in the Finger Lakes New York

One of the most beautiful, seasonal waterfalls in New York is Aunt Sarah Falls. This uniquely shaped waterfall starts with a thin, free-fall cascade and fans out onto the shallow gorge and drops onto a third tier. This third tier then fans out even more to a broader, free-fall cascade. This gorgeous, noisy waterfall is 90 feet high and is visible from the road.

One of the easiest and most accessible waterfalls in NY, it is perfect for a quick stop and is picture-perfect when the flow is high. Like most waterfalls, it is best visited during spring or after heavy rain. Otherwise, the water dries up, and you might only get to see a trickle of water on the rocks.

We recommend that you cross over to the small grassy area at the base of the waterfall for a better view. There are no trails so no need to pack any hiking gear.

Grimes Glen

first waterfall at grimes glen in naples new york in the fall

Located in Naples, not Italy, but in the Finger Lakes region are the gorgeous waterfalls in NY located in Grimes Glen Park. Although, I will warn you, bring water shoes, tall rain boots, or waders as you will be required to walk through the creek to access these gorgeous waterfalls. Whatever shoes you choose though must have good tread as you will be walking on slippery rocks in the creek bed for part of your journey.

When accessing the trail, you will see a few small cascades at the footbridge but these are nothing compared to the rest of the trail. The other waterfalls are simply known as the first and second falls.

After about a 10-15 minute walk through the trail and eventually, into the creek you will find the first falls to your left feeding into the creek. This cascade pours over mossy shale layers and is a great stop, our visit was in the fall and it was so beautiful to see the contrast between the fall foliage and the flowing cascades.

Continue through the creek for another 8-10 minutes and you’ll reach the second falls which is slightly smaller but has more water flow.

Technically there is a third waterfall here and you can get to it by using the ropes to the left-hand side of second falls.

However, the few accounts I have read of people attempting this ‘adventure’ have turned back because it’s too difficult and dangerous. The rope climb itself is really steep and can be slippery and muddy, but after this section, you will have to scramble across a rock wall tall enough for one wrong move and you could have a seriously injured-if not fatal fall along with a little rock climbing.

Reading about advanced hikers turning away from this trail, we decided not to bother.

Be sure when you’re here that you stop by and enjoy all the best things to do in Naples, New York too!

Havana Glen

Deckertown Falls at Havana Glen in Finger Lakes New York
Deckertown Falls

More amazing waterfalls in NY in the Finger Lakes region near Watkins Glen, one of the best towns in the Finger Lakes, are the waterfalls that can be discovered at Havana Glen. There are a few waterfalls here that are pretty close to one another and are a bit under the radar compared to other New York waterfalls in the area!

Deckertown Falls, photographed above, is a two-tiered waterfall (it’s actually 3 ledges the water tumbles over, but two are more sizable than the third) that can be viewed from a short trail from a small parking area off of East Catharine Street off of NY-224. The short trail takes no more than 5 minutes to get within sight of the falls.

Another waterfall in New York located in Havana Glen is the 40 ft, Eagle Cliff Falls. This is another hidden gem in the area and has a more accessible hiking path than Deckertown Falls.

There is a wooden walkway with one set of stairs that takes less than 5 minutes to reach Eagle Cliff Falls with scenic gorge views along the way!

Auger Falls 


Located in the Adirondacks region near the town of Wells and Speculator, two of the best towns in the Adirondacks to explore, is another great waterfall in NY to hike to. Auger Falls, located on the Sacandaga River, is a rugged waterfall with a 40 ft drop surrounded by untamed wilderness and tucked away off an unmaintained trail.

If you’re traveling to this New York waterfall with young ones or anyone actually, be careful of steep slopes and drop-offs near the river and waterfall. The hike itself is .4 miles, we turned back after seeing the falls but you have the option to finish the complete loop if you’re feeling adventurous and taking in all the fresh forest air which totals out to be 1.25 miles.

You can find the trailhead and parking area off of Route 30.

Beecher Creek Falls


One of the best under the radar waterfalls in New York is Beecher Falls located just outside the town of Edinburg in the Adirondacks region near Great Sacandaga Lake. This 20-foot cascading waterfall isn’t the only attraction here, there’s actually one of the most picturesque covered bridges in New York here too, the Copeland Covered Bridge.

You can see Beecher Creek Falls from the edge of the creek or for a unique peek, walk into the covered bridge and look through the window!

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