25 Most Unique Stays in California For an Unforgettable Getaway

megan at the carin room at the Madonna Inn in California

It’s no secret, that we love a cool place to stay when we visit a destination (especially if you’ve been around our site for awhile now) and there are so many cool unique stays in California that make it a gold mine of memorable stays, escapes, and getaways!

California is home to a variety of awesome, one-of-a-kind destinations that provide an experience you won’t forget anytime soon. You can stay at treehouses, lighthouses, historic hotels and homes, wagons, yurts, and some funky-themed properties! There’s just about something for everyone when it comes to unique places to stay in California, many of which we’ve stayed at or plan to in the near future!

So if you’re planning a trip or weekend getaway in California anytime soon, check out these cool places to stay in California!

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Unique Getaways in California

Madonna Inn

Madonna Inn Pink Room

Starting off this guide to unique getaways in California with one of our all-time favorite places we’ve ever been and where we spent our honeymoon road trip after our wedding. The extravagant and kitschy Madonna Inn. Actually, a fun fact, I’ve stayed here three different times and still chose this as where we wanted to do our honeymoon at!

What can I say, I love a good themed hotel!

If you haven’t heard of the Madonna Inn, no it’s not named after Madonna the musical artist, it’s actually named after the creator of the property, Alex Madonna.

Located in San Luis Obispo, the Madonna Inn opened in 1958 as a roadside inn with a bit of flair and quickly became a popular getaway along the Central California coast and remains so to this day.

The rooms and hotel itself are over-the-top and the absolute polar opposite of minimalist. Starting outside, the exterior is reminiscent of buildings you would see in the Swiss Alps, except the buildings here are accented by a sweet shade of pale pink. Even the trash cans and lamp posts are pink!

Around the property, you’ll notice a Western vibe, along with hammered copper touches and roses incorporated in the decor and design.

When it comes to the rooms, each is outfitted with a different theme and funky design. Madonna Inn’s rooms have names like “jungle rock”, “barrel of fun”, “safari room”, “caveman”, “cloud nine”, “matterhorn”, “swiss chalet”, “floral fantasy”, “fabulous 50s”, “rock bottom”, plus so many more.

The rooms include suites and standard rooms, including two and three room suites. Several of the rooms were built into the surrounding rockbed and have rock showers, and some even have rock waterfall showers!

And why did we love it so much? Well, that would be the over-the-top pink rooms! For anyone new here, Scott’s favorite color is pink and I love themed hotels, so it was no surprise that this unique inn in California would check all those boxes for us! During our honeymoon, we stayed in the Carin Suite, which is covered in pink glittery wallpaper and has accents of pink from floor to ceiling.

The property has dining options that include a cafe, steak house, and cocktail lounge, as well as a bakery, spa, terrace pool, and shops. You can play tennis basketball, and pickleball on Madonna Inn’s athletic courts, which, of course, are pink.

The bakery and their cakes here are legendary, so much so that the Madonna Inn was famously (and hilariously) robbed once, just for cakes. 

Better yet, if this unique California getaway couldn’t get any better, you have to explore all the cool things to do in San Luis Obispo and nearby, like touring Hearst Castle. Book the Madonna Inn here.

Waypoint Ventura

vintage camper hotel in Ventura California waypoint Ventura

Known as “The Vintage Trailer Hotel by the Beach”, at Waypoint Ventura you can stay in fully restored vintage trailers in a spot that looks out over the coastline and pier in Ventura, CA. We stayed here in 2019 and absolutely LOVED it and the entire concept of this unique hotel in California.

The property has a variety of vintage aluminum trailers, including some airstreams, most of which are from the 1940s to the 1970s. You can choose to stay in a fully restored vintage trailer, or a more modern luxury trailer. All of these are set up permanently so that you have a full bathroom and the interiors are all redone and absolutely stunning.

We stayed in a really cool vintage Airstream, it was a fun stay and we were able to walk around to all the best things to do in Ventura from right here.

If you’re traveling with a group, there are king size trailers that hold 4 or more adults. Each trailer includes an individual deck to soak up the sun and chill vibes, as well as complementary bikes to head out and explore the area too.

Waypoint is an easy, brisk walk to the beach, pier, and promenade. A bit further away, but still easy to get to by bike and easy to walk to, is downtown Ventura.

The grounds at Waypoint Ventura include communal fire pits, BBQ, and lawn games. Play a fun game of cornhole, and then make s’mores around the fire pits. Waypoint Ventura is a laid-back, relaxing, and unique stay in California for a calm escape by the ocean. Book Waypoint Ventura here.

Hotel del Coronado

The next unique getaway in California was featured in the Marilyn Monroe film “Some Like It Hot” and is one of the most iconic landmarks of San Diego! In fact, there are so many cool places to stay in San Diego that it could be tough to choose, but this one is special for a reason.

The Hotel del Coronado is a historic (and supposedly haunted) beachfront hotel on Coronado in San Diego. It was constructed in 1888, and almost 100 years later it became a National Historic Landmark.

What makes this property special is that it showcases the design of a wooden Victorian beach resort, and there are very few of these designs still standing today. The hotel was kind of a big deal when it opened, because it was the largest resort hotel in the world at the time.

And today, you can stay at this incredible property. The hotel is broken into a handful of sections that you can choose from. The Victorian is the historic part of the hotel, The Cabanas are more modern, The Views has standard hotel rooms with great scenery, Beach Village has cottages and villas right on the beach, and Shore House is more of a residential experience.

For amenities, there is a pool and beach, spa, fitness classes, and several spots to eat on the hotel’s grounds. For things to check out near this unique hotel in California, it’s very easy to get out and explore all the cool things to do in San Diego, and on Coronado you can take a scenic bike ride, walk, or hit up spots like the brewery here! Book Hotel del Coronado here.

Invisible House Joshua Tree

Photo Credit: Airbnb Listing

This cool place to stay in California is a splurge, but you will have an incredibly lavish property all to yourself and you have easy access to explore all the amazing things to see in Joshua Tree.

Designed by film producer Chris Hanley, the Invisible House Joshua Tree has a completely mirrored, reflective exterior that seamlessly blends into the desert landscape of Joshua Tree. To give you an idea of how this property looks, imagine a 22-story skyscraper, then place it on its side in the desert to reflect the landscape around it on it’s mirrored walls.

Invisible House is 5,500 square feet and has a very stylish modern design. There is an indoor heated swimming pool that’s 100 feet long, and it has a long rectangular design that looks out over the desert.

Other features include floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors, a gourmet kitchen, Arteflame barbecue grill that can be turned into a fire pit, and LED lighting throughout the home that you can control and change to a variety of neon colors. The bedrooms throughout the home include 4 king size beds, with remote-controlled blackout shades in all bedrooms.

Additionally, this property is eco-friendly, and has an extremely low carbon footprint. As far as what’s nearby to Invisible House, it is quite close to Joshua Tree National Park entrance, as well as downtown Joshua Tree. In fact, the property has direct walkable access to the Desert View Conservation Area of the Joshua Tree National Park. A bit further away, at 45 minutes, is Palm Springs.

Yosemite Pines RV Resort

Our Covered Wagon at night at Yosemite Pines RV Resort

If you’re visiting Yosemite National Park, add to your experience by staying in a covered wagon at Yosemite Pines RV Resort. This is the perfect landing spot if you’re spending time exploring Yosemite National Park, which is just a 22-mile drive away from the west entrance of the resort as well as all the cool things to do around Tuolumne County.

And as mentioned, you can stay in a covered wagon here. The Conestoga Wagons provide a pioneer experience, but with a modern twist. The wagons accommodate four to six people, have a king size bed and twin bunk beds, and include a picnic table and barbecue/fire ring.

Better yet, these covered wagons are outfitted for all seasons! We stayed in the winter with two of our closest friends and it was such a memorable and unique getaway in California while exploring Yosemite at winter time!

In addition to the wagons, you can also stay in a cabin, yurt, retro trailer, or the RV and tent site. The cabins start at your standard type of digs, and go up in luxury. And for the yurts, they are somewhere in between a cabin and a tent, and offer a more rustic accommodation. The retro trailers are cute vintage trailers, perfect for a comfortable camping experience.

Please note that most of these options do not have private restrooms, and you will have to use the communal restrooms and showers, which makes it feel a little more like a camping experience!

Amenities at Yosemite Pines RV Resort include a swimming pool, volleyball court, Bocce Ball courts, deli, and nature trails closeby. For a unique getaway in California that puts you in close proximity to one of California’s natural wonders, be sure to check out Yosemite Pines RV Resort.

Treebones Resort Big Sur

Treebones Resort Autonomous Tent in Big Sur California
Photo Credit: Treebones Resort

Combine glamour and camping, and you get glamping, which you can experience at this cool place to stay in California. Treebones Resort Big Sur has luxury camping with glamorous amenities, and there are several options for accommodations.

There are yurts, which are circular tents constructed by a wood lattice frame and outfitted with fabric. If you stay in a yurt, you’ll be treated to a coastal view.

Another option is the autonomous tent collection (pictured above), which is somewhere between a small home and chic tent. And, these are powered by their own solar arrays.

At the campsites, you rent the space, and bring all of your own supplies, including your own tent. Plus, the campsites overlook the Pacific Ocean.

Treebones has a campsite with a Human Nest (or, Twig Hut), and this was created by local artist Jayson Fann. It is very ethereal and naturally stunning, with incredible natural construction and materials.

And last but not least, the Cove Tiny House is 3D printed housing, solar powered, and made from recycled components. All of the accommodations at Treebones are fantastic for stargazing.

For dining options, there is the Lodge Restaurant, which offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There’s also the Wild Coast Sushi Bar, which provides an Omakase experience. Treebones has yoga events offered weekly, seasonal whale watching, pool and hot tub, as well as hiking and beachcombing spots closeby.

With Big Sur being one of the best places to visit in Northern California, there’s no shortage of scenic drives, natural beauty, and places to check out along the California coast!

Should you wish to venture off campus, Big Sur is nearby and a really beautiful location to explore. A few things of note at this unique hotel in California, there is a 13 and older age requirement, as well as strict limits for occupancy to keep a peaceful ambiance. Additionally, the restrooms and showers are shared, and Treebones is more off grid so staying connected may not be easy.

Crystal Cove State Park Beach Cottages

the cute beach cottages at Crystal Cove State Park in Southern California

Okay, so this has been on our radar for YEARS. And when I say years, I mean a better part of a decade if not more. Probably because Crystal Cove State Park is one of our favorite places to visit in Southern California and it has such a cool, nostalgic California beach vibe too it along with historic beach cottages from the early 20th century which serve as time capsules to the old surf days in Southern California where you can stay!

Located along the coastline near Newport Beach, you’ll find the charming and historic Crystal Cove State Park Beach Cottages. This is a collection of coastal cottages, which were part of a seaside colony in the 1930s and 1940s. They’re specifically located in the Crystal Cove State Park Historic District, and spread out over 12 acres.

The properties include individual cottages and dorm-style cottages, all beachside and either on the beach or up on a bluff. Each cottage is unique, and has a different and cozy look and layout. All of the properties have a refrigerator and microwave, and you can head to the nearby Trader Joe’s or Von’s Pavilions to pick up food and drink options.

And while you’re here (even if you don’t stay here) you can dine at the Beachcomber Restaurant, which is located right on the sand and offers an excellent sunset dinner and cocktail spot! Even if you don’t stay here, you can come here for a meal (which validates your parking) and take a scenic stroll along the coastline, tide pools, and trails along the bluffs.

Now, reserving one of these cottages can be a bit cumbersome. Reservations must be made through the Reserve California website, which isn’t the easiest but on the Crystal Cove website they provide detailed instructions and tells you the days and hours that reservations must be made.

While these cottages are tough to reserve, if you’re able to snag one they are surprisingly affordable for being right on the beach (like $200 for a week!). As far as what’s nearby this unique getaway in California, you can check out Crystal Cove State Park and Newport Beach.

Hot tip: we were told by an employee at Crystal Cove that if you didn’t score a reservation, it doesn’t hurt to call up and see if there are any cancellations as these aren’t posted on the site. We haven’t had success with this, but have only tried once and plan on trying next time we go back to Southern California to visit family since we frequent the area and have a bit of flexibility if something were to open up! This might not work for everyone, but who knows maybe you’ll get lucky?

HI Pigeon Point Lighthouse Hostel


If you’ve ever wanted to spend the night at a lighthouse, this unique stay in California is for you. At the HI Pigeon Point Lighthouse Hostel in Pescadero, you can stay at the foot of one the most historic California lighthouses, on a cliff looking out over the ocean.

This lighthouse was constructed in 1871, and it’s tied with another lighthouse for being the tallest lighthouse on the West Coast, standing at 115 feet tall.

So, what can you do here? Gaze at the stars, watch the whales, and enjoy scenic views of the ocean! There are also hiking and coastal trails to traverse and take in your surroundings.

The hostel is comprised of a handful of buildings, and has private rooms and shared rooms. The property has a fire pit, hot tub, and game room.

Also, this is by the Pigeon Point Light Station State Historic Park, which is a great place to spend time and check out. HI Pigeon Point Lighthouse Hostel is 50 miles south of San Francisco, and Santa Cruz is just under 30 miles away.

East Brother Light Station Bed & Breakfast

Another lighthouse that also happens to be a cool place to stay in California is the East Brother Light Station Bed & Breakfast, a true California Victorian Lighthouse Inn. It’s located on an island in between the San Francisco Bay and the San Pablo Bay, and has views of the San Francisco skyline and Mount Tamalpais.

The East Brother Light Station was built in 1873, and it has Victorian architectural features. As far as staying here, there are five rooms that all have a bay view. During your overnight stay, you’ll be treated to a tour, champagne and hors d’oeuvres when you arrive, a multi-course dinner with wine of your choice, and a full gourmet breakfast in the morning.

Additionally, you can feel good that staying here is actually good for the property. The money earned by this unique inn in California helps to pay for the restoration and maintenance of the buildings and equipment.

Before or after your stay, you can head to explore San Francisco, which is about an hour away. Some things to keep in mind are that there is a boat shuttle to the island, and guests will have to climb the ladder from the boat onto the island to access East Brother Light Station Bed & Breakfast.

Sonny & Cher’s Palm Springs Residence

Photo Credit VRBO Listing

Okay, so I am very excited to share this next one because not only do we love visiting and exploring all the cool things to do in Palm Springs but we are obsessed with the mid-century modern homes in Palm Springs (many of which belonged to celebrities) that you can rent and stay in.

This is a cool place to stay in California in general, but it’s especially a treat if you’re a fan of Sonny and Cher and want to have a really unique stay and experience in Palm Springs!

Known as Villa Carmelita, Sonny and Cher’s Palm Springs Residence is actually where the famous couple lived back in their heyday. A fun fact about the property is that it was built for actor Joseph Cotten of Citizen Kane fame.

At this stay, you’ll have the entire home to yourself. It has five bedrooms, which can accommodate up to 10 people. Amenities here include a pool with chaise lounges, hot tub, alfresco dining, and an outdoor living area with fireplace and daybed. And bonus, you’ll have mountain views to enjoy in the indoor and outdoor living areas.

If you want to explore the nearby area, downtown Palm Springs is a mere 11-minute drive away. Or, if you enjoy a walk, both the Moorten Botanical Garden and Cactarium and the Indian Canyons Golf Resort are about a 10-minute walk from the property. You can book Villa Carmelita here.

And if you want to see other options, there are so many cool hotels in Palm Springs too that make for some of the coolest places to stay in California! From more celebrity homes to unique hotels that are design-focused, there are so many incredible options.

Pinecone Tree House

Photo Credit: Airbnb Listing

Make your childhood dream of sleeping in a treehouse surrounded by the forest a reality at the Pinecone Tree House in Boony Doon, California! At this unique stay in California, you are literally in a treehouse shaped like a pinecone surrounded by a forest of Redwoods.

I have personally never seen anything like this and it’s undeniably one of the most unique getaways in California due to the location and design!

The treehouse is 35 feet above the ground on the uphill side, and just about 60 feet above ground on the downhill side. There is a queen-sized bed that can fit two people, and a fun feature of the treehouse is two see-through panels on the floor in the shapes of triangles.

You will have incredible views of the Redwood trees, while floating in the sky. During the day, you can explore the lavender farms and wineries in Boony Doon, or drive 10 miles south to Santa Cruz.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind for this spot. Getting up to the treehouse requires climbing a 30 foot alternating step ladder at a 60-degree angle. So this is definitely a stay for those who have a little grit and aren’t afraid of heights!

Additionally, the bathroom is on the ground, so you will need to descend down the ladder if you need to use the restroom. Also, the toilet is compostable, and the bathroom does have a sink and shower with running water.

Castle House Estate

castle tower at castle house estate in joshua tree california
Photo Credit: Castle House Estate

Ever wanted to stay in a castle in the desert? What if we told you that you could in the Mojave Desert near Joshua Tree! For a unique getaway in California that combines serenity with a dash of (modern) Medieval flair, check out the Castle House Estate. You’ll get the glamping experience out in the soothing surroundings of Joshua Tree. This is the perfect place to get away, relax, and really just immerse yourself in nature.

It’s a very minimalist and simple setup, with one distinct feature. What sets Castle House Estate apart from similar camping locations is the guard towers on site, which have Medieval architectural characteristics.

And bonus, you can actually stay in the guard towers, which is pretty cool! The other room options include tents and bungalows. Amenities at Castle House Estate include a sun terrace, outdoor fireplace, sauna, and tiered hexagonal cowboy pool situated around a wood deck. During the day, you can go hiking and cycling by the property, or venture over to Joshua Tree National Park. Book Castle House Estate here.

Hobbit House

Photo Credit: Airbnb Listing

Are you a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien’s world of wonder? If the answer is yes, this unique place to stay in California is for you! Even if you aren’t a Tolkien fanatic, this is undeniably the coolest house rental in California!

The Hobbit House, located in Ramona, California, is a secluded gem that truly looks like something out of the famous novel or fantastical movies. It has a circular wood door, which leads into the home. Inside, you will find walls made of natural rock, wood beam ceilings, and a wood burning fireplace.

The bedroom has one queen size bed, perfect for hosting two people. Outside, there is a propane BBQ grill and fire pit, as well as garden and mountain views. As a note, there is no electricity in the Hobbit House.

This stay falls more on the side of glamping than a hotel-like accommodation. For exploring your surroundings, there are just over 20 wineries and vineyards closeby. Also, the Hobbit House is close to the San Diego Safari Park.

Old West Temecula

Photo Credit: Old West Temecula

It’s no secret that the Golden State is home to one of the most famous wine countries in the world up in Northern California, but did you know that Southern California also has a great wine scene? That’s where exploring Temecula and it’s wine scene enters the chat. Better yet, there are cool stays around here too included a fun themed stay!

Located in Temecula’s wine country, this next unique stay in California is distinctive in that you don’t just get the accommodation, but an entire town! Old West Temecula is themed like an old western, and the attention to detail is just fantastic.

As far as where you’ll be staying, the main house has 3 bedrooms, and the guest house has 3 bedrooms. But the real fun here is the town, which covers 5 acres and has been used as a western film set. There’s a saloon, bank, sheriff’s office, gold mine, waterfall fish pond, and little chapel.

You will also have access to a spa and BBQ. And you’re just under a 20-minute drive to downtown Temecula, which makes for a great afternoon excursion.

The Post Ranch Inn

Photo Credit: Post Ranch Inn

Another epic stay in Big Sur that’s a modern and sophisticated treehouse experience is the Post Ranch Inn. Stay up in the trees, in gorgeous and sleek freestanding treehouse structures that provide an elevated experience, literally and figuratively.

The treehouses include a king size bed, desk, wood burning fireplace, seat by the window, and skylight over the bed. The Post Ranch Inn offers an array of different rooms with architectural twists. For example, the Butterfly room is shaped like a butterfly stretching its wings. And the Coast House has a circular design, with views of the Pacific Ocean as well as the forest.

Room amenities at the Post Ranch Inn include nightly turndown service and digital music system in treehouse, and resort amenities include infinity and lap pools, a fitness center, and activities like yoga, meditation, and nature walks. This unique inn in California is located by stunning Big Sur, an area you will most definitely want to check out.

Railroad Park Resort

Photo Credit: Railroad Park Resort

Okay, the first time we stayed in a train turned hotel was in Montana and it was SO much fun that we want to seek these out wherever we go, including creating a unique getaway in California around staying at Railroad Park Resort!

At the Railroad Park Resort, you’ll have the opportunity to actually stay in a caboose! And, no two cabooses are the same, so you will have your own unique experience. Some of the cabooses are meant for two people, while others can fit three to five people. All of them have full private bathrooms, and a handful have climb-up cupolas where you can take in the sunset.

Something to keep in mind is that the stairs for the caboose are narrow and steep. Other accommodation options include cabins and RV and tent sites. The cabins are larger than the cabooses, and have one to two bedrooms, kitchen or kitchenette, plus a living room.

Additionally, the cabins all have a front deck with outdoor chairs, perfect for taking in the mountain views. With the RV and tent sites, you will have access to the full bathrooms nearby, as well as BBQ pits, a game room, and a recreational lawn. Amenities here include a pool and spa, gift shop, and dining car.

The Railroad Park Resort is located in northern California, specifically Dunsmuir, and is close to Mt. Shasta and the Pacific Crest Trail in a historic railroad community!

The Queen Mary


Easily one of the most well-known of unique hotels in California is the Queen Mary historic ship in Long Beach. At the Queen Mary, you can stay onboard a retired ocean liner, and spend the night in one of the ship’s 200 rooms!

There are staterooms and suites to choose from, all with an interior that reflects the time that the Queen Mary was active from the 1930s to the 1960s.

A cool feature of the Queen Mary is that it’s a tourist attraction, so since you’re staying onboard it is very easy to visit the museum, check out the exhibits, and go on one of their tours. There are several tours to choose from, including a few about the ghosts and haunting of the ship.

Additionally, there are casual and fine dining options onboard, as well as a fitness center. And once you leave the Queen Mary, you can check out Long Beach, which is one of the coolest coastal cities in California! I mean, how many opportunities do you get to stay on an antique and historic ship? Book your stay on the Queen Mary here.

Castle Wood Cottages

If you’re looking for more romantic unique getaways in California, then Castle Wood Cottages is a great choice! This is a couples-only, themed cottage property in Big Bear, California

Walk back in time, with renaissance decor that evokes a fairytale vibe. The rooms go hard with the theme, so much so that the majority of the cottages have attire to match the theme of the room. Perfect for taking some great pics!

Some of the room names include “Anthony and Cleopatra”, “The Castle Garden”, “The Crystal Cave”, and “King Arthur’s”. All of the rooms have a jacuzzi tub and wood-burning fireplace.

The amenities at Castlewood Cottages include table tennis, a garden, and picnic area. The village of Big Bear Lake is nearby, and if you enjoy skiing, you’re in luck. Snow Summit and Bear Mountain ski resorts aren’t too far away from Castle Wood Cottages. Book Castle Wood Cottages here.

Be sure to check out our full guides to Big Bear in winter and Big Bear in summer, as it’s a beautiful destination to visit any time of the year!

Trixie Motel

interior of the Trixie Motel in Palm Springs California

Iconic drag queen Trixie Mattel opened her very own motel in Palm Springs, the Trixie Motel! The renovation of the property was portrayed on the Discovery+ show “Trixie Motel”, and now you can stay at this dreamy and unique hotel in California in Palm Springs!

The motel has 3 queen rooms, 3 suites, and one Honeymoon room. The queen rooms have a large living space and queen size bed and are all individually designed in a fun, colorful maximalism style. The suites have a large bathroom, full kitchenette, and semi-private outdoor patio. And, the Honeymoon room is a large suite with a king size bed and several sitting areas.

The property itself has vintage touches throughout, and lots of character and personality in the design including the color PINK everywhere, which we absolutely loved. Trixie Motel’s amenities include a very fun pool, cafe and bar, and gift shop. And since you’re in Palm Springs, be sure to plan a fun Palm Springs itinerary during your stay at the Trixie Motel!

Victorian Mansion at Los Alamos

This unique place to stay in California doesn’t just have themed rooms, they have THEMED rooms! The Victorian Mansion is a bed and breakfast, and the property dates back to 1864. There are 6 guestrooms, each with their own distinct theme.

Choose from the 50’s suite, Roman suite, Egyptian suite, French suite, and Pirate suite. And while most places just use decor and construction design for themes, Victorian Mansion takes it several steps further. They incorporate background music, classic films playing in the room, games, bathroom tiles, and hidden bathroom doors.

How cool is that?! You are transported when you stroll into these spaces.

In addition, breakfast is delivered daily to your room, and there are fireplaces and hot tubs in each room. This getaway is on the more romantic side, and great for couples. The Victorian Mansion is in Santa Ynez wine country, and within driving distance there is Hearst Castle, Santa Barbara, and the town of Solvang. Book Victorian Mansion at Los Alamos here.

Pirates of the Caribbean Getaway

Photo Credit: Airbnb Listing

If the Pirates of the Caribbean movies are your jam, then this cool place to stay in California is your spot. Imagine a whimsical stay where you feel like you’ve shipwrecked on a desert island. The Pirates of the Caribbean Getaway has lots of pirate and tropical theming, and feels very immersive from the moment you step foot on the property.

The property and surrounding area are very lush, with a variety of outdoor seating to enjoy the tropical jungle-like environment. Additionally, there are stone and water features incorporated throughout the space, plenty of indoor and outdoor living areas, plus a combination of low lighting and hits of colored lighting which gives the area an intimate and exciting ambiance.

There is a one-bedroom guest house with one queen bed and kitchenette, and a hot tub, outdoor tub, and cedar wood sauna. The property is located in Topanga Canyon, in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Topanga. And honestly, with so much talent and creativity in Los Angeles, this place does feel plucked off a Hollywood set!

The Pirates of the Caribbean Getaway is within a 30-minute drive to Santa Monica and Malibu, excellent places to spend the day. As a note, there is a 2-guest maximum, and no kids are allowed.

Hicksville Trailer Palace

Another awesome and unique stay in California that’s got a great theme! Staying at the Hicksville Trailer Palace means you’ll get to rest and relax in one of their funky, cool themed trailers. This unique getaway in California has over 10 different trailers that have been carefully thought out and designed.

For example, the Integratrailer Trailer is UFO and alien-themed and designed by UFO-logist George Van Tassel. Also, the Pee Wee trailer is, naturally Pee Wee Herman themed. This is because the trailer was used in the movie “Big Top Pee Wee”. Other fun trailers include the Fifi, the Skipper, and the Pioneer.

All trailers except one have a mini fridge, and the bigger trailers have a full kitchen. Property amenities include a rooftop hot tub, games, fire pits, a jukebox, and a saltwater pool that’s open mid-March through mid-November.

Note, not all trailers have showers, so there is a communal shower available to visitors. Also, Hicksville is on the secluded side, meaning the wifi connection may not be the strongest, which means it’s a great place to disconnect!

And, there are some restaurants nearby, but you may also want to bring some food and drink options with you. The Hicksville Trailer Palace is located in Joshua Tree, which gives you plenty of opportunities to explore the great outdoors while you’re staying at this unforgettable spot!

Sequoia Falls Home Rental

Photo Credit: VRBO Listing

The Sequoia Falls Home Rental is a riverfront property by the Kaweah River, which can become a rushing river during certain times of year and a gorgeous stream the rest of the time. So, you basically are staying right on the water at this unique place to stay in California, which is kind of awesome!

Imagine falling to sleep with the sound of rushing water and waking up to being in the center of the forest? Sounds relaxing and almost unreal!

Sequoia Falls Home Rental is spread out over 3 acres, completely fenced, and even has its own private beach. And, it’s perched at 1200 feet in the Sierra Nevada Foothills. The home is updated, with great indoor and outdoor living space.

The property has a main house and detached house which can accommodate 8 to 10 people. The main house has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, and the detached house has one bedroom and one bathroom. Kids are allowed to stay here, making this a fantastic option for a family getaway. Sequoia Falls Home Rental located in Three Rivers, and just 3 miles from the entrance of Sequoia National Park. Book Sequoia Falls here.

Mt Ada Bed and Breakfast

the epic living room view from the Inn at Mt Ada in Catalina

Located on one of our favorite places on earth is one of the most historic unique stays in California that used to be one of the homes of William Wrigley Jr. and his wife Ada. Yes, the same Wrigley behind the chewing gum and Chicago Cubs!

Located off the coast of Southern California, one of our favorite things to do on Catalina Island is head up to Mt. Ada for the sweeping views of this historic island! Better yet, you can stay at the former home of the Wrigleys at Mt. Ada Bed and Breakfast, which is truly a unique and luxury experience.

Situated above Avalon Bay, and has six ensuite guest rooms for a perfectly charming vacation. The rooms have a vintage, antique feel and a fun fact about the rooms is that each one is named after an important woman in William Wrigley’s life.

In the morning, continental breakfast is served, as well as a full breakfast and lunch. In the evening, enjoy wine and cheese by the fireplace or on the wrap-around terrace. In addition, you will have the use of golf carts to check out Catalina Island. At Mt Ada Bed and Breakfast, only kids 14 and older are allowed.

Zane Grey Pueblo Hotel

Photo Credit: Zane Grey Pueblo Hotel

Another one of the most unique hotels can be found on a weekend in Catalina Island. The Zane Grey Pueblo Hotel, also in Avalon on Catalina Island was home to the famous Western novelist Zane Grey. It was constructed in 1926 as his vacation home.

This historic spot was recently renovated, and it’s easily one of the most beautiful stays on the island. There are clean colors and simple lines throughout the hotel’s modern design. As far as the rooms, there are standard rooms and suites to choose from making it one of the best options for where to stay on Catalina Island.

There is an addition to the hotel, so if you want to stay in the original house, be sure to select one of those rooms. Regardless, this is still one of the most beautiful hotels that’s not only tied 

While staying at the Zane Grey Pueblo Hotel, be sure to check out the heated pool and lounge, viewing deck, and rooftop with gorgeous views of Catalina Island. Book Zane Grey Pueblo Hotel here.

There you have it, the most unique places to stay in California! Let us know if we missed any unique inns hor hotels in California that should be included in this round-up (and our travel wishlist!).

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